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Honda Dio insurance offers exciting coverage to its bike owners against any harm to third-party vehicles, third-party assets, or damage to their vehicles, along with an additional personal accident rider’s coverage. You can easily buy a Honda Dio bike insurance and avail the amazing benefits simply log in to the official website, then enter your bike’s registration number and phone number. 


Choose a plan as per your wish. If you opt for a Honda standard or a deluxe model, the ex-showroom price is ₹72,161 & ₹74,219, both these motorbikes run on petrol and the estimated 3rd party premium amount will be around ₹769.

Honda Dio Variants and Bike Insurance Price

Dio Variants

Ex-Showroom Price*

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-party Premium**









The ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change based on the city. Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual premium that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your bike insurance policy.

Buy Honda Dio Bike Insurance Online without a Hitch!

You can opt for Honda Dio bike insurance at amazing prices with Bajaj Markets:

  • Enter your bike registration number and mobile number.

  • Share the necessary information in your bike insurance application form.

  • Pick the bike insurance plan that suits your needs.

  • Make an online payment.

  • Your insurance policy will reach you in no time.

Steps to Renew Honda Dio Bike Insurance Online

Continue with your Honda Dio bike insurance coverage in the following way:

  • Step 1: Enter your previous policy details.

  • Step 2: Input your personal and bike-related details.

  • Step 3: Check your renewal premium.

  • Step 4: Make an instant online payment.

  • Step 5: Your bike insurance will be active soon.

Why is it Important to Insure Your Honda Dio?

The cost of bike repair is often directly proportional to your two-wheeler’s build and quality. It implies that, if your Dio ever meets with an unfortunate accident, the cost of replacing bike parts like indicators, cables, levers, and other components can go up to ₹40,000. During such instances, knowing that someone has you covered can be a great relief. Hence, it is ideal to keep your bike protected against unanticipated threats at all times.

Comprehensive or Third-Party Bike Insurance: Which One to Choose?

1. Third-Party Car Insurance

The Third-party bike insurance plan is made mandatory by law under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1989. This policy protects you against third-party liabilities and damages only, meaning it won’t cover your Dio. Thus, the premium is affordable.

2. Comprehensive Bike Insurance

In case of a comprehensive bike insurance plan, you are covered against third-party liabilities/losses and damages caused to you as well as your motorcycle. Hence, a comprehensive Honda Dio bike insurance price is relatively higher. You can also extend the benefits of your comprehensive bike insurance policy with add-on covers.

What’s Covered Under Bike Insurance?

The third-party bike insurance policy is limited to damages or losses incurred by the third-party, his/her bodily injuries, death of the victim, etc. However, comprehensive insurance offers coverage against own damage, theft, natural/man-made calamities, and other perils.

What’s Not Covered Under Bike Insurance?

The comprehensive bike insurance policy excludes damages caused outside the designated geographical area, mechanical or electrical breakdown, natural wear and tear of the bike, and more.

Add-On Covers for Your Honda Dio Bike

The benefits of Dio bike insurance plans can be enhanced with the following add-on covers:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover:  A zero depreciation bike insurance cover ensures you don’t compromise on your claim amount due to the concept of depreciation. It means that you will receive the full insured value, without taking the depreciation value into consideration.
  • Roadside Assistance Cover: With this cover, you don’t have to worry about being stranded due to sudden breakdown. From tyre change to fuel delivery, the roadside assistance cover shall be at your service 24x7!
  • Personal Accident Cover: The personal accident cover protects you for the treatment expenses incurred due to an accident on your insured bike.
  • Return to Invoice Cover: The return to invoice cover offers complete value of your bike in case of total loss due to an unfortunate event. This amount is basically the purchase price of your motorcycle.

Make a Claim Under Your Honda Dio Bike Insurance

Take a look at the important documents that you need for claiming your Dio bike insurance:

  • Dio two-wheeler insurance policy document

  • Bike details

  • Insurer details

  • Details of the Incident

  • FIR copy, in case of theft/vandalism

  • Original bills and receipts of the vehicle repair

There are two ways of making Dio bike insurance claims:

  • Cashless Claim Under Bike Insurance: With cashless claims, you can repair your bike at the nearest network garage. Once the bike is repaired, the garage will directly settle the bill with your insurance provider.
  • Reimbursement Claim Under Bike Insurance: Under this type of claim, you can take your Dio to any garage, pay for the expenses, and claim reimbursement against your policy.
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Tips to Reduce Dio Bike Insurance Premium

Follow the below tips to reduce the Dio bike insurance premium cost:

  • Use No Claim Bonus: Availing the No Claim Bonus in Bike insurance during renewal is one of the most common ways of reducing your insurance cost. You can earn a reward on your premium by not making any claims during the policy period.
  • Compare Quotes Online: Financial experts recommend individuals to compare multiple bike insurance quotes online before buying one! You can gauge different policies with your insurance needs and then pick the most lucrative plan.
  • Cover Small Claims: Avoid raising claims for small expenses and protect your No Claim Bonus. You can avail this reward only if you go without making any claims during the policy period.
  • Maintain Your Bike: The insurance premium for vehicles in good condition is relatively less. Insurers believe that bikes in poor condition might encounter more losses. Hence, service your bike on a regular basis and ensure it embodies fewer issues, thereby leading to reduced possibilities of you making insurance claims.

Tips to Maintain Your Honda Dio

Here are a few ways to keep your Dio vrooming smoothly:

  • Keep a Tab on the Tyre Pressure: Maintain the tyre pressure of your Honda Dio to avoid putting additional stress on the engine or the internals of the vehicle.
  • Check the Engine: Ensure that your Dio’s engine is in good condition for smoother bike rides. Driving at a steady speed will maintain your engine’s efficacy for a long time.
  • Do Not Overload your Bike: Your bike could feel pressured if you continue adding extra weight on it. This can further damage the engine and other components of your motorcycle.

Honda Dio Maintenance Cost

The estimated maintenance cost for Honda Dio for 2 years is ₹4,772. The servicing cost for the first three services is free, but you will have to pay out of pocket once the free servicing expires. Here’s the Dio service schedule:

Schedule of Servicing

Kilometers / Months

Free or Paid

      Price of Honda
Activa 6G Servicing*





























*Disclaimer: These are indicative prices. The actual cost of maintenance of Honda Dio may vary and change from time to time.

About Honda Dio

Honda Dio embodies an array of stylish and innovative features like Automatic Headlamp On (AHO), four-in-one ignition, LED headlights, front hook, a separate switch to open the seat and retractable rear hook. What’s more? The Dio also has an optional mobile charging point under the seat which adds to its functionality. Overall, it is a powerful and sturdy scooter which offers unmatched fuel efficiency and performance.


This stylish scooter is very dynamic and unisex in nature, which has resulted in its widespread appeal among both the sexes. Moreover, the dimensions of Dio are highly compact, which in turn encourages smooth navigation through jam-packed city roads.

Honda Dio Specifications

Honda Activa 6G Specs


Mileage (ARAI) 

55 kmpl

Engine Capacity

109.2 cc

Max Power

7.92 PS @7,000 rpm

Max Torque

8.91 Nm @5,500 rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity

5.3 litres

Front Brake


Rear Brake


No. of Cylinder


Note: The actual specifications may vary depending on the Honda Dio variant you choose.

Honda Dio Features

Here are a few key features of Honda Dio:

  • Charging point

  • Seat-opening switch

  • Shutter lock

  • Digital odometer, tripmeter, and speedometer

  • Service due indicator

  • Combi brake system

Wrapping it Up!

While Dio assures top performance with due maintenance and care, when on the road, your Dio is vulnerable to damage, regardless. Loss or damage to your bike or scooter due to accidents can burden you financially and emotionally, even if you are an experienced rider. Buying bike insurance from a trusted platform like Bajaj Markets ensures comprehensive protection against risks such as accidents, theft, losses caused due to both natural and man-made disasters etc.

Honda Dio FAQs

Is IDV important in bike insurance?

Since the cost of your bike insurance depends on your bike’s Insured Declared Value (IDV), it helps you make an informed decision. Hence, IDV is important when buying bike insurance.

What is Honda Dio mileage?

The Honda Dio mileage is 55 km/l.

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