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Cancelling or Deactivating your HDFC Credit Card

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If you’re someone who is having a tough time managing your credit cards or are simply considering to stop a line of credit you barely use, Credit Cards offered by HDFC Bank allow you to deactivate your services any time by filling up a simple form. However, there are a lot of other things one must consider before they decide to part away from their approved line of credit.

When to cancel your HDFC credit card?

While you can cancel credit card anytime you want, one should factor in that closing your credit card can hurt your credit score and is not one of the wisest choices if you are at an age where you might be seeking other forms of credit to pay for your car or your house.

However, there are certain situations wherein it would make sense to cancel your HDFC Credit Card such as:-


  • If the value of the card does not justify the annual fees you pay towards it

  • If the lucrative offers being offered on Credit Cards are making it hard for you to curtail your spending

In such scenarios, it is recommended that one should carefully analyse their spending patterns and try to downgrade their credit card instead of deactivating it completely. One must also make sure that they try to deactivate the most recent credit card purchased by them as it is least likely to impact your credit score.

How to close HDFC credit cards online?

HDFC Bank offers dedicated 24x7 helpline services which will assist you in closing your credit card account and would address any grievances that arise in the process.

You can reach them at 61606161/6160616 and prefix your local area code to connect with the HDFC credit card helpline in your city.

How to close HDFC credit cards offline?

If you are looking to cancel HDFC Credit Cards offline, you need to follow these simple steps:


  • Visit your nearest HDFC bank branch and procure an HDFC Credit card closure form. You can also find the HDFC credit card closure form online here.

  • Fill in the form duly and be cognizant of any excessive charges that you may need to bear such as foreclosure fees, etc.

  • You then need to send this HDFC Credit Card closure form by mail along with an application addressed to:

The Manager,

HDFC Bank Credit Cards,

PO Box 8654, Thiruvanmiyur Chennai - 600041

Things to consider while closing HDFC credit card

Before you send in your closure application to cancel HDFC credit card, there are a few things you must consider ensuring that the cancellation process happens without any hiccups:

1. Clear any pending dues:

The procedure to cancel your HDFC credit card is bound to become a hassle if you have any pending dues or recurring payments on your card. You must ensure that:


  • There are no pending Equated Monthly Installments (EMI’s) on your Credit Card

  • All automatic payments linked to your Credit card are cancelled

  • Any Pending loans on the card must be cleared off with a 3% foreclosure charge

2. Redemption of Reward Points:

It is advised that all cardholders must redeem any accrued reward points before filing for cancellation. You could do so by heading to the MyRewards catalogue and redeem your points based on your redemption eligibility.
In case you have already filed for a cancellation but have pending reward points, you could redeem them by downloading your redemption coupon and sending it to the manager at the HDFC Bank Credit cards office at PO Box 8654, Thiruvanmiyur Chennai - 600041 within 30 days of your cancellation. You would be required to pay an additional processing fee of Rs 99 + taxes for this.

3. Ensuring not to use the credit card after filing for cancellation:

The process of cancelling your credit card can take 7-10 days so you must make sure that you do not use the credit card after you have filed your cancellation. In case you do, your cancellation would not be processed until all dues are paid.

What are the consequences of closing HDFC credit cards?

Closing your HDFC Credit Card could have a negative impact on your credit score, especially if you have been using the card for a long time (2+ years) and have other credit cards to your name also.

This is because it will reduce your Credit Utilisation ratio: A credit utilisation ratio is the percentage of credit that you have available compared to what you borrow from the bank. For example, if you have 2 credit cards with a limit of Rs.20,000 and you usually only use them for expenses worth Rs.10,000. Cancelling one would mean that you would be using half of the credit available to you instead of the one fourth you used earlier which would impact your credit score.

Also, the longer you have used the credit card which you plan to cancel, the more likely it is to impact your credit score since the length of credit tenure is detrimental to your credit health.

With all these factors in mind, one must be very compelled to close their credit card as it is in very rare cases that a credit card does not add value to one’s life considering the various benefits and rewards they offer alongside helping you boost your credit history

How to reactivate a deactivated HDFC credit card?

If at any point you decide that you want to reactivate your deactivated HDFC Credit Card, HDFC has made a provision for this also. All you need to do is visit your nearest HDFC branch or head over the HDFC website and download the Credit card reactivation form available at

After duly filling up this form, you need to mail this to the manager at the HDFC Bank Credit cards office at PO Box 8654, Thiruvanmiyur Chennai - 600041 to reactivate your Credit Card.

FAQ on HDFC Credit Card Closure

  • ✔️Can the deactivated HDFC credit card be activated again?

    Yes, you can easily reactivate your credit card by filling up the Credit Card reactivation form available on the HDFC Bank website and mailing the duly filled form to the manager at the HDFC Bank Credit cards office at PO Box 8654, Thiruvanmiyur Chennai - 600041.

  • ✔️When should I not deactivate my HDFC credit card?

    One should not opt to deactivate their HDFC Card if their usage is able to justify the annual fees because closing your credit card plays a detrimental role in your credit score, especially if you have been using the HDFC Credit Card in question for a long tenure.

  • ✔️Should an unused HDFC credit card be closed?

    It is ideally recommended that any credit card should only be closed only in the most compelling of circumstances as the closure of your credit card could negatively impact your credit score. However, one can drastically reduce the impact if they strategically decide to close their credit card on the basis of their tenure and utilisation.

  • ✔️Will my add-on HDFC credit card is cancelled on closing my HDFC credit card online?

    Yes, if you file an application to cancel your primary HDFC credit card, any add-on credit cards associated with the account will be cancelled as well. However, one must make sure that they properly cut their credit card diagonally after they have been cancelled to avoid misuse.

  • ✔️Does closing the HDFC credit card affect my credit score?

    Yes, closing your HDFC credit card could affect your credit score since it would reduce your credit utilisation ratio, especially if you have other credit cards also. Hence, one must carefully consider all options before cancelling their HDFC Credit Card.