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Was your credit card lost or stolen previously? If it was, you can understand how nerve-wracking this experience can be. The immediate opinion here would always be to temporarily deactivate your credit card. 


Gather your account details – like card number and statement date. Don't forget the "why" – closure fees depend on your reason. Once finalised, expect confirmation via email or SMS. Furthermore, once you close your credit card, you can check out other options on Bajaj Markets and explore other credit card benefits.

How to Close Standard Chartered Credit Cards Online

Here’s how you can deactivate your credit card through mobile banking:

  1. Open your Standard Chartered Bank mobile app

  2. Go to ‘Help and Services’

  3. Select ‘Credit Card’ management

  4. Choose your reason for closing the credit card

  5. Single out the card that you wish to cancel

  6. Review all relevant details displayed on your screen

  7. Submit your deactivation request

How to Cancel Your Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Offline

If not online, you can also cancel your Standard Chartered credit card offline by following any of the two methods mentioned below:

1. Cancellation via Customer Care

You can call the 24x7 Standard Chartered credit card customer care number 6601-4444/3940-4444 and request the customer care executive to cancel your credit card. Post authentication, the executive would then process your Standard Chartered credit card termination request.

2. Deactivation via Written Request

You can submit a written request to your nearby Standard Chartered Bank branch stating your desire to close your credit card account. You would need to mention your name and registered mobile number in the letter along with your reason for placing such a request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cancel my Standard Chartered credit card?

To cancel your Standard Chartered Bank credit card, you can either use your netbanking account or your mobile app. Alternatively, you can call the Standard Chartered Bank credit card customer care or submit a written request for account closure at your nearby Standard Chartered Bank branch.

Can I close my Standard Chartered Bank credit card online?

Yes, you can register a credit card cancellation request for your Standard Chartered Bank online. To do so, you will first need to log into your net banking or mobile banking account. Next, navigate to the ‘Help & Services’ tab and click on ‘Card Management’. Under this tab, select the ‘Credit Card Cancellation’ option and specify the reason for the request. Next, select the cards you wish to cancel, check their details, and submit the request.

How can I block my Standard Chartered credit card permanently?

To close your Standard Chartered credit card account permanently you would need to write to the bank. You can also call the Standard Chartered customer care helpline and request assistance with permanently closing your account.

What are the reasons for cancelling a Standard Chartered credit card?

There could be various reasons including:

  • Low usage: If you rarely use your Standard Chartered card and are paying an annual fee, cancelling might be wise.

  • Switching to a different card: Found a card with better rewards or lower fees? Cancellation could be an option.

  • Consolidating debt: Simplifying your finances by merging credit card debt might involve cancelling a card.

What happens to my existing rewards points after cancellation?

Standard Chartered's policy on unused reward points varies depending on the specific card you hold. It's best to check the terms and conditions of your card or contact customer care for clarification.

Will cancelling my Standard Chartered credit card affect my credit score?

Cancelling a credit card generally has a minor impact on your credit score, especially if you have a good credit history and manage your remaining credit lines responsibly.

What should I do with my cancelled Standard Chartered credit card after it's deactivated?

You must cut your cancelled card into pieces and dispose of the same securely to prevent any misuse.

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