Credit Card Balance Check

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How to Know Credit Card Balance

Credit card balance is the sum of money spent on your credit card, which you owe to the bank. Knowing your credit card balance is critical to ensure that you do not fail to pay your dues and hurt your spending capacity and credit score. There are several ways to know your credit card balance- SMS, call, credit card net banking, mobile app, email, ATM and branch visit. Read on to explore more about these methods.

How to Check Credit Card Balance

Having re-defined the payment feature for decades now, credit cards have immense benefits to offer. You need to constantly monitor your credit card actions. 


Checking the credit card balance is the major facet of credit card monitoring. 


Check your credit card balance via -  


  • ATM - Insert your Credit Card at the ATM, enter your PIN and fetch your credit card balance.

  • Monthly Installments - You will receive the statements by the issuer immediately after your billing cycle ends. Upon subscription, you will receive a hard copy, else you will get via email. Enter the password, which is a combination of your DOB or the card number.

  • SMS - Subscribe to SMS alerts to receive updates about the transactions.. You may also be periodically communicated with the credit card balance.

  • Internet Banking - Enter your Internet Banking ID and password to check your balance.

  • Mobile App - Check your credit card balance on the mobile app provided by the issuer.

  • Calling Customer Care - You can obtain the information about your credit card balance by reaching out to the customer service on the numbers they have provided you with. You need to do this authentication through your PIN. You can also obtain the critical information according to your credit card either through IVR or by reaching out to the customer care representative.

  • Branch Visit - You can also visit the closest branch in order to obtain the balance information of your credit card. The representatives or the executives can access your card information on their respective systems and hence, it can be easily retrieved and communicated post verification.

Importance of Checking Credit Card Balance

There are several reasons why it is important to do a credit card balance check periodically.

  • You will be able to clear your outstanding by the due date and avoid interest charges

  • you can plan your future purchases in accordance with your outstanding bill and the available credit limit.

  • You will be in a better place to spot fraudulent or unauthorised transactions which you can then notify to the credit card issuer and block credit card.

  • You can manage your finances better and be careful not to overspend on the card and pay a penalty.

  • Clearing the dues on time would also help in building your creditworthiness and help improve your credit score.

FAQs About Credit Card Balance Check

  • ✔️How to check my credit card balance?

    Online you can check your credit card balance by logging in to the net banking portal or mobile app, checking your credit card statement, or by sending an email to the bank. Offline, you can check your balance by calling the customer care number, sending an SMS, swiping the card at an ATM or visiting your nearest bank branch.

  • ✔️Can we check balance in credit card?

    Yes, you can check credit card balance in a hassle-free way online as well as offline. Top banks offer several ways to keep a track of your credit card expenses such as netbanking, email, mobile app, customer care, ATM, SMS, etc.

  • ✔️How can I check my credit card balance offline?

    You can check your credit card balance offline by calling the customer care number, sending an SMS, swiping the card at an ATM or visiting your nearest bank branch.

  • ✔️Does the bank charge any additional fees if I want to check my credit card balance?

    Most credit card balance check services are free, such as calling on the toll-free number, visiting the bank, checking on the net banking portal or the mobile app, etc. The charges for SMS are levied by the network operator and not the bank.

  • ✔️What is a credit card balance refund?

    The credit card balance refund refers to the money that the bank owes you when you pay more than the outstanding amount on the card. In most cases, the amount is refunded to your credit card account which results in a negative balance on the card. Different banks have different methods to check their balance, like Axis credit card balance check, SBI credit card balance check methods.

  • ✔️Is credit score related to credit card balance?

    Yes, credit balance has a direct impact on credit score. If the credit balance is high or you end up spending more than the available limit, your credit score will be lowered.