HDFC Credit Card Address Change

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Need to Change HDFC Credit Card Address?

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To ensure smooth and regular communication and transfer of information between the Credit card holder and the bank, it is very important to keep all your information updated. There are a few reasons why you should keep your correspondence details updated with the bank.

  • Easy Communication -It would be easy for the bank to get in touch with and keep you informed.

  • Document Delivery - If the address details are correct and updated, the documents like HDFC credit card statements and receipts will be delivered to you on time without any chaos or delay.

  • Revised Policies - In case there is any change in the structure of functioning of the bank or amendments in the terms and conditions, it would be easy for the bank to inform you and keep you updated.

How To Change Address In HDFC Bank Credit Cards Online?

HDFC Bank is known for its smooth functioning and delightful customer experience. Technology has made life easy and simple by making all services available from the comfort of our homes. Similarly, if you want to update the address of the HDFC credit card online, all you have to do is follow these easy steps mentioned below:

Online Banking Method

  • Firstly, you will have to login into your HDFC credit card net banking account with login credentials.

  • Go to the ‘Update Contact Details’ option displayed on the top of your screen.

  • Now, select Change Transaction Address.

  • Scan and attach a verified copy of any document that would work as address proof for your new address.

  • You can go through the list of all acceptable documents that can be used as address proof and keep a scanned, verified copy of any one of those address proofs.

  • When you have the scanned copy of address proof ready, tap on ‘Continue’. Soon you will be redirected to a new page where you will get the option to attach the scanned document.

  • Recheck all the information you filled in before you complete the procedure.

  • The updated information will be reflected on your account in 24-48 hours under contact details.

Correspondence Method

  • Visit the HDFC Bank portal and download the form for address change. You can even fill up the form online first and then download it.

  • Enter all the required details in the form.

  • A self-attested verified copy of address proof for the updated address is also required with the form.

  • You have to send the form and supporting documents to the address mentioned on the form through post or courier.

As soon as the concerned officer receives the form, he/she will verify the details and update the address of the HDFC credit card online on the account.

How To Change Address In HDFC Bank Credit Cards Offline?

The offline procedure for updating your address on an HDFC credit card is also very quick and easy. However, the customers should keep in mind that banks take 5-7 working days to update information in all their databases and reflect it.

Branch Visit

To update the address of the HDFC credit card offline you can visit the nearest HDFC Bank. The bank executive will give you a form to fill in all mandatory information. Attach documents along with the form for HDFC credit card address change.

Customer Care

The HDFC credit cardholder can also contact toll-free numbers and ask to update the address of the HDFC credit card. The support executive will then guide you with the process.

HDFC credit card customer care number - 61606161/6160616

Documents Required To Change Address In HDFC Bank Credit Card

The HDFC credit card users can attach any one of the below-mentioned documents as address proof:

  • Verified copy of passport

  • Verified copy of voter ID card

  • Verified copy of the driving license

  • Verified copy of Aadhar Card

  • Scanned copy of job card obtained through NREGA which is verified by the State Government Officer.

  • A photocopy of the letter that was obtained from the gazette officer along with the cardholder’s photograph.

  • Copy of any utility bill such as landline, postpaid mobile, gas line, water supply, or electricity which should not be old for more than 2 months.

  • Bill receipt regarding municipal or property tax.

  • Verified copy of post office savings accounts financial statements.

  • Verified copy of PPOs(pension or family pension) granted to retired staff members by the departments of public sector companies or government offices. (only applicable if they have the address mentioned )

  • Allotment of accommodation letter from the user’s employer obtained from either central or state government, public sector firms, government bodies, and financial institutions. License and leave grant agreements with any of these employers regarding official accommodation will also work.

**For HDFC joint account holders, it is mandatory for both parties to submit documents


In all, it is very important to keep the address details for your HDFC credit card updated. The bank offers both offline and online methods so that the users can choose as per their convenience and comfort. You can get your address updated within seven working days after the form is submitted. It is important to remember that all details filled should be correct and verified. Any faults in the details can cause delay and inconvenience to the cardholder.

FAQs related to HDFC Credit Card Address Change

  • ✔️How can I change my address in HDFC Bank Online?

    In case you wish to change the address for the HDFC credit card, visit the official website of HDFC Bank and fill the ‘Address Change Request form. Attach the documents required for verification and submit the form. Your address will be updated in some time.

  • ✔️How long does it take to update an HDFC credit card address?

    Generally, it takes about 7 working days to complete the procedure of address change for HDFC credit card after filling the forms and submitting all-important supporting documents.

  • ✔️What documents are required for the change of address in HDFC Bank?

    There is a huge list of documents from which you can choose anyone as an address proof that is needed to be attached with the form. Any recent utility bill like gas, electricity, etc. can be used. Primary level documents like Aadhar Card, Voter ID, passport, or driver’s license can also be used. Other than these, municipal tax bill challans, pension payment receipts, property tax challans, etc can also be used.