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HSBC Credit Card PIN

Each credit card ordinarily comes with a four-digit personal identification number or PIN that is picked keeping in mind the user’s preference and is used to verify their identity. As a credit card cardholder, your HSBC credit card PIN is vital as it serves as a layer of protection preventing your card from being used without your consent.

HSBC Credit Card PIN Generation

HSBC credit card PIN generation has never been easier. In order to abide by safety protocols, HSBC credit cards are delivered to their recipients in a deactivated state.

  • In order to activate your HSBC credit card, you are required to call customer care on the toll-free number mentioned here – 1800 103 4015.

  • Else, you can activate it with the aid of an ATM PIN which activates your HSBC credit card at an HSBC ATM.

  • Should neither of the above methods suit you, you can activate your credit card PIN via any PIN-based transaction.


It is important to note that your PIN is sent to you via an SMS to your registered mobile number within 3 days of your HSBC credit card having been issued to you. Due to this fact, you aren’t required to generate your PIN at the time you receive your HSBC credit card.

How to Change HSBC Credit Card PIN

1. Visit an HSBC Bank ATM

You can change your HSBC credit card PIN by visiting an HSBC ATM located in India as well as one located overseas. The steps involved are as follows.

  • Visit an HSBC ATM machine and slide your card into the slot opening.

  • Select the language via which you’d like instructions to appear.

  • Key out your existing PIN.

  • Under the options on display, select PIN services.

  • Now, you must select the ‘change PIN’ button.

  • You will be sent an OTP to your registered mobile number.

  • You will be asked to key out the OTP on the ATM machine.

  • Key out your new PIN twice and confirm that this is the PIN you want.


Your new PIN will now be activated.

2. Use the HSBC India Mobile Application

You can change your HSBC credit card PIN on the HSBC India mobile application by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Simply log in to your account on the HSBC India mobile application.

  • Select the appropriate card whose PIN you would like to change.

  • Select the ‘manage cards’ button.

  • Now, you must select the ‘reset credit card PIN’ button.

  • Submit your request.

HSBC Credit Card PIN Safety: Things to Keep in Mind

1. Selecting a Credit Card PIN

When selecting your credit card PIN (HSBC), it is important to be conscious of the following.

  • Do not select a PIN that has a straightforward, easy sequence such as 4321 or 6789.

  • Do not repeat the same digits consecutively i.e., 6658 or 5589.

  • Do not use important figures that pertain to your real-life such as your birthday or anniversary as your PIN.

  • Do not use a portion of any form of an identification number (for example - Aadhar, passport, PAN), credit card, or telephone as your PIN.

  • Consider using the word method to select an appropriate PIN for your credit card. Under this method, each letter corresponds to a number based on its location in the alphabet. This implies A = 1, I =11, and so on.

  • Should you choose to use a date for your PIN it should be one that isn’t related to you in any way.

  • Should you choose to use part of a telephone number make sure it’s the telephone number of someone who isn’t directly related to you.

2. Keeping your Credit Card PIN Secure

It is paramount to abide by the following norms such that your credit card is safe at all times.

  • Never leave your credit card unattended and always cut the magnetic strip or chip of your credit card prior to discarding it.

  • Make it a point to never write down your PIN or save it on an electronic device as either of these two measures could be viewed by others.

  • Do not share your PIN with anyone.

  • Always cross-check the safety terms of merchant sites and make sure they are sufficient prior to sharing your PIN online for transactions carried out on the internet.

  • Should you run into any doubts don’t hesitate to reach out to an HSBC branch closest to you.

  • Always pay attention to each of your billing statements such that you can spot any unauthorized transactions on your card should there ever be any. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get HSBC credit card PIN?

Within three days of your HSBC credit card being issued to you, you will receive a PIN via SMS to your registered mobile number. This is because credit cards are sent in a deactivated state.

How to generate a PIN for my HSBC add-on credit card?

Should you be issued an add on credit card for your HSBC credit card, the PIN remains the same as your original HSBC credit card.

How to generate a new PIN for an existing HSBC credit card?

You can generate a new PIN for an existing HSBC credit card via an HSBC ATM or by using the HSBC India mobile application.

How to change HSBC credit card PIN online?

You can change your HSBC credit card PIN online by logging into the HSBC India mobile application and selecting your credit card. Under the ‘manage cards’ banner you can choose the ‘reset credit card PIN’ button and submit your request. HSBC PIN change online is efficient. 

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