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Being a doctor and running your own clinic is not an easy task. It's a process that requires patience, hard work, and determination. Moreover, you also need to stay in the present and simultaneously plan for the future to sustain and grow your clinic. If you're wondering how to increase your patient base while providing an exceptional daycare experience to everyone, you'll need to understand their expectations and deliver accordingly.

Here are three essential tactics to help grow and market your clinic

1. Patient Feedback And Reviews

Patient feedback plays an important role in getting the word out about your exceptional services to the world at large. It will not only help you understand your work as well as areas of opportunity and improvement, but will also increase your organic impact on potential patients. 

If a patient has an ameliorating experience at your clinic due to your treatment and consultation, they are sure to provide positive feedback to friends and family.


Here are some ways you can gain the feedback you need to grow:

  • Ask patients for a review: You can ask your patients to give honest feedback after receiving the treatment and tell people whether it worked well for them.

  • Online feedback: You also have the option of sending them a message that links them to a quick survey about the clinic post-treatment/consultation.

  • Suggestion box: The good, old-fashioned suggestion box can always help your patients feel heard. You can take these suggestions and use them to improve the services you offer.

2. Take Networking Seriously

Community engagement is another great way to project a charitable image to your practice. If you have a staff, you can take a collective part in community service or a fundraising event. Look for events that offer opportunities for networking or, better yet, a cause that aligns with your practice. Providing your time and support to the community can get people to notice you and see you in a positive light. Networking will also help you build a rapport with the community while getting exposure.

3. Enhance Your Web Presence

Social media is a powerful tool to get the exposure a business requires. However, some doctors find it difficult to use social media tools effectively. Regardless, you can always learn the basic functions of an application because a strong web presence is essential to help potential patients find you. If you already have a website for your clinic, then you can start with posting patient feedback as well as other engaging articles on health and wellness on the website while making these social media accounts. Doing this will help you get the audience you need to grow your business through online channels. Moreover, you can also use your website to provide online appointments and reduce patient waiting time.

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Feeling overwhelmed? It’s understandable, but don't let this stress get in the way of your clinic’s growth. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can steadily increase your patient base and grow your medical practice. For additional financing, you can even consider applying for a doctor loan with Bajaj Markets, where you can avail a loan amount of up to Rs. 45 Lakhs. 

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