What is the Crisil Rating?

CRISIL rating is an example of a global analytical firm that offers ratings, research, and risk and policy advice. It is India's first credit rating organisation, and it is credited with introducing the notion of credit rating to the country.

How do CRISIL FD Ratings Affect Depositors?

CRISIL ratings are used to evaluate a financial institution's creditworthiness. You can conduct an internal review of several institutions before making a decision about investing in them. For example, if you've opted to invest in fixed deposits, a higher rate of interest combined with excellent returns would be the criteria for selecting a lending institution.


These investment products, on the other hand, are exposed to market risk and are not supported by the government. Before making any decision, it is critical to determine the creditworthiness or CRISIL FD rating of the products and financial institutions. You can also use these CRISIL fixed deposit ratings to learn about the appealing offers made by other market players.

What are the CRISIL FD Ratings for Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits?

CRISIL has given Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits an FAAA/Stable rating, indicating the best safety standards and lowest risk. Another advantage to investing in Bajaj Finance FDs is that they have an ICRA grade of MAAA (stable).

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit on Bajaj Markets

Higher interest rates

Bajaj Finance offers one of the highest interest rates in the industry, making it a popular choice among investors. Senior citizens benefit from greater FD interest rates over and beyond the usual inte Read Morerest rates, allowing them to protect their life savings and earn consistent returns. Read Less

A minimum deposit of ₹15,000 is required

Through Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits, one may begin investing with as little as ₹15,000, allowing you to start building a large corpus without much wait. Thus, by laddering your assets, you can earn la Read Morerger returns even with a lower minimum commitment amount. Read Less

Guaranteed profits

Because your investments are unaffected by market changes, you can expect to make consistent profits. You may also calculate your returns ahead of time by utilising a Fixed Deposit Calculator, which ma Read Morekes it simple to plan your investments. Read Less

Online application process is simple

You may save time and effort by conveniently accessing your FD account online, which allows you to keep track of your assets.

Investing in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits provides the ideal combination of credibility and high returns, allowing you to maximise your profits while avoiding the hassles of traditional investments. Do you still have any questions? Read clear investor feedback on the Bajaj Customer Portal or contact Bajaj Markets Customer Care directly. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CRISIL Rating?

The global agency CRISIL provides CRISIL ratings. The creditworthiness of debt instruments and financial organisations is represented by CRISIL. These credit ratings assist borrowers and investors in finding the most suitable financier with the lowest credit risk of default.

What are the risks of investing in Fixed Deposits?

Returns on FDs are frequently equal to or less than inflation, resulting in wealth erosion for the holder. Fixed deposit investors, particularly those in the highest tax bracket, must pay special attention to their asset allocation in the face of rising inflation and falling interest rates.

What are the benefits of CRISIL ratings?

CRISIL Rating assists issuers and borrowers in enhancing their access to capital by recommending various funding and investment options. The CRISIL rating also aids the financial entity in lowering its cost of funds.

What are the CRISIL FD ratings of Bajaj Finance FDs?

CRISIL has given Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits an FAAA/Stable rating, indicating the best safety and lowest investment risk. Another advantage to invest in Bajaj Finance FDs is that they have an ICRA grade of MAAA (stable).

What are the benefits of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits?

The Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers competitive interest rates of up to 7.45 percent. Aside from the security of investment and set returns, FDs have a number of other advantages. In the event of a financial emergency, you can also take a loan against the FD.

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