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The Shriram Finance FD calculator serves as a valuable tool for investors seeking clarity and precision in their financial planning. This calculator helps investors make informed decisions by accurately estimating the potential returns on their fixed deposit investments with Shriram Finance.


By inputting key parameters such as investment amount, tenor, and interest rate, users can swiftly calculate the expected returns on their FD investments. With its user-friendly interface, the Shriram Finance FD calculator is a useful tool for investors looking to optimise their investment portfolio and maximise their returns.  

How to Use a Shriram Finance FD Calculator

The online Shriram Finance FD calculator is a user-friendly tool that’s easy to use. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to estimate the maturity amount of your fixed deposit:

  1. Enter the principal amount

  2. Fill in the interest rate that has been offered by the issuer

  3. Select your preferred investment duration


Once these terms have been entered, the tool will automatically calculate and display your total interest earnings and the maturity amount on the screen. You can use an FD calculator to try different variations of the investment amount, tenor, and interest rate to determine which terms best meet your financial needs.  

Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit Calculation for 5 years

Take advantage of the Shriram Finance FD calculator to forecast how much interest you could earn across different tenors. Here’s a table to help you understand how your savings can grow over time in an FD.


In this case, the assumed interest rate for non-senior citizens is 8.50% p.a. and for senior citizens is 9.00% p.a. The deposit amount is ₹1 Lakh for a period of five years.  

Tenor in Years

Interest Earned - Non-senior Citizens

Maturity Amount

Interest Earned - Senior Citizens

Maturity Amount





















Disclaimer: The above maturity amount is only indicative. The maturity value may vary depending on the interest rate, tenor, and the TDS rate applicable.

How Can a Shriram Finance FD Calculator Help You

By using the Shriram Finance FD calculator, you can enjoy a number of advantages that make your investing experience convenient. Here are some of the top benefits:

  • Helps in Investment Planning

The Shriram Finance FD calculator allows you to explore the potential returns across different tenors, interest rates, and deposit amounts to help you find the best offer.

  • Faster Than Manual Calculations

The Shriram Finance FD calculator is an online tool that instantly displays the estimated returns once the necessary fields have been filled.

  • Helps Choose a Suitable Tenor

With an FD calculator, you can easily experiment with different tenors to find out which works best and aligns with your financial needs.

  • Error-free Results

You can avoid complex manual calculations with an FD calculator and get results that are error-free.


In addition to these benefits, the Shriram Finance FD calculator is accessible free of cost and without any restrictions. This means that you can freely use the calculator multiple times and find the ideal investment.


You can easily compare the various FDs available on Bajaj Markets. Once you choose a scheme, you can book your FD using an easy process and with minimal paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay any fees to use the Shriram Finance fixed deposit calculator?

No. The Shriram Finance FD calculator is available online for free-of-cost.

How does the Shriram Finance FD calculator estimate the interest earned?

The Shriram Finance fixed deposit calculator uses the simple and compound interest formulas based on the FD selected. It estimates the results based on the information provided, i.e. the deposit amount, interest rate, and tenor.

Can a Shriram Finance FD calculator be used on any device?

Yes. You can use the Shriram Finance fixed deposit calculator on any device, such as smartphones, laptops, etc.

Is there a limit on the number of times I can use the Shriram Finance FD calculator?

No. Since this is an online calculator, you can use it as many times as required.

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