✓ Gold Loan up to 2 Cr ✓ Interest Rate Starting @ 8.28% ✓ Highest Gold Loan / Gram

Check Your Gold Loan Eligibility Criteria 

A gold loan is a one-stop solution for all your financial emergencies. Taking a gold loan is a quick and easy process. You can take a gold loan with amounts ranging from ₹5000 to ₹2 Crores, at interest rates starting from 10% per annum against gold ornaments and jewellery. You can check the following eligibility criteria before applying for a gold loan:  

Gold loan age limit

  • Minimum age to apply for gold loan: 21 years
  • Maximum age to apply gold loan: 70 years


You can be a salaried employee, self-employed individual, business person, trader, farmer etc.

Note: Only 18 to 24 karat gold jewellery and ornaments can be pledged for a gold loan. Gold coins that weigh up to 50 grams and are issued by banks are also eligible. Gold bars are not eligible as collateral for gold loans.

Gold Loan Eligibility Calculator

Thanks to the gold loan eligibility calculator you can instantly calculate the funds you would be able to borrow against the gold you plan to pledge. This free online tool will help in making the loan procedure simpler and quicker. You can use the gold loan eligibility calculator to check the gold loan eligibility criteria. You can also check the amount that can be borrowed based on the number of gold ornaments and jewellery, their respective weights and their purity in karats.

Documents Required for Gold Loan

You shall need the following documents while taking a gold loan from Bajaj Markets:

Identity Proof 

Any one of the following:

Aadhaar card/Voter ID card/Driving license/Ration card/Passport copy

Address Proof

Any one of the following:

Aadhaar card/Voter ID card/Driving license/Utility bill/Passport copy/NREGA job card

Gold Loan Eligibility Per Gram

The rate of gold per gram is the maximum sum that you can get in exchange for 1 gram of gold that you’ve pledged. This rate is also known as LTV (Loan to Value) and is evaluated based on the current market value of gold. As per RBI guidelines, this amount is limited to 75% of the value of your gold ornaments or jewellery. Gold loan per gram eligibility is calculated from several factors, such as the nature of your gold articles, the weight of the gold, its purity, and the current market value of gold.

Benefits Of Using Gold Loan Eligibility Calculator

Let's take a quick look at the various benefits that you can enjoy when you use a gold loan eligibility calculator:

1. Quick and Accurate calculations

Say goodbye to tedious calculations. A gold loan calculator is designed to give super-speedy and exact results every time you use it. In a matter of a few seconds, you can calculate the EMI that your gold loan will require.

2. Simple to use

The usage process of a gold loan calculator is very basic and straightforward. You simply need to follow the instructions and get the required results.

3. Plan your finances

When you know the exact amount that you would have to pay as an EMI, you can easily plan your monthly budget and your goals. Using the calculator before taking the loan will allow you to increase or decrease the EMI as per your requirements.

4. Comparing loans becomes easy

With the calculator, you can easily draw a comparison between two or more lenders. As a borrower, you will be able to make a more well-informed decision and choose the best gold loan available. 

FAQs on Gold Loan Eligibility

  • ✔️Do I need to provide any income proof documents for a gold loan?

    No, you do not need to provide any income documents or salary proof for a gold loan. A gold loan requires only your identity and address proof.

  • ✔️Do I need to be an existing customer of a bank/NBFC to avail a gold loan?

    You can get a gold loan from most banks and NBFCs even if you are not an existing customer if you have a good credit score. Sometimes, an existing customer might have to introduce you to the lender before you can apply for a gold loan.

  • ✔️How much gold loan can I get?

    You are eligible for a gold loan amount between ₹5,000 and ₹2 Crores. The value depends on factors like the interest rate, purity and weight of your gold. In general, you can get a loan amount up to 75% of your gold’s value.

  • ✔️What is the minimum weight for a gold loan?

    The minimum weight for a gold loan may differ from company to company, it is best recommended that you confirm the same from your lender.

  • ✔️ Is a PAN card mandatory for a gold loan?

    Generally, a PAN card is not mandatory for getting a gold loan. However, it is recommended that you confirm the same with your lender.

  • ✔️Can we obtain a gold loan without a bill or invoice for the gold jewellery?

    Most lenders would offer you a gold loan even when you do not have the bill or receipt. The gold that you are going to pledge will be accessed for value by the lender.

  • ✔️How can I repay my gold loan?

    The gold loan can be repaid in any of the following ways, depending on your lender and their policies:

    1. You can opt for an EMI option and choose a frequency that you want

    2. You may also be allowed to make partial payments

    3. In case you choose bullet repayments, at the end of the tenure, you would have to pay the principal and the interest together.