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Residents of Haryana buy gold for both its value as ornamentation and as an instrument of investment. From gold bonds to physical gold, there are multiple opportunities available to investors in the state. When buying gold, having information about the gold rate in the state can be beneficial.

Gold Price in Haryana

The current gold rate in Haryana is as follows:


24 Karat Gold Rate Today

24 Karat Gold Rate Yesterday

Price Difference

1 g



- ₹11

10 g



- ₹110

100 g



- ₹1,100

*Disclaimer: The aforementioned rates are subject to change as per market conditions.

22 & 24 Karat Gold Rate in Haryana in the Last 10 Days

The table below shows the changes in gold prices in Haryana over the last 10 days:


Standard 22 Karat Gold

Pure 24 Karat Gold

1 g

10 g

1 g

10 g

Feb 22, 2024





Feb 21, 2024





Feb 20, 2024





Feb 19, 2024





Feb 18, 2024





Feb 17, 2024





Feb 16, 2024





Feb 15, 2024





Feb 14, 2024





Feb 13, 2024





*Disclaimer: The rates are subject to change as per market conditions.

Points to Remember When Buying Gold in Haryana

Here are some aspects to keep in mind when investing in gold in Haryana:

  • Take into account the making charges for gold ornaments

  • Check whether the gold has a certificate of authenticity

  • Ensure that the gold is of the claimed purity using methods like magnet tests, etc.

  • Make sure that the gold has a Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) hallmark

Gold Investment in Haryana

Although the people of Haryana opt for various investment options like real estate and securities to diversify their portfolios, gold’s stable nature makes it a preferred asset. Gold serves as a traditional hedge against inflation and a safety net for unforeseen emergencies. Whether investing in physical gold or opting for paper gold, the current gold price in Haryana is a critical factor influencing investment decisions.


Is jewellery in Haryana made from 24-karat gold?

Typically, jewellery is made from 22-karat gold and not 24-karat gold in India. This is because 24-karat gold is too soft for making ornaments.

What is 916 hallmark gold?

 ‘916’ represents a hallmark or stamp that authenticates gold. It essentially means that gold articles have 91.6% pure gold, that is 22-karat gold.

What are some factors that affect gold prices in Haryana?

Here are factors that affect gold rates in Haryana:

  • Supply and demand of gold in the state

  • International gold prices

  • Fluctuations in currency value

  • Gold imports and transportation costs

How is the purity of gold evaluated in Haryana?

Purity evaluation methods include magnet assessment, the use of purity machines by reputable sellers, and the presence of hallmarks. The BIS hallmark, issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards, certifies the gold's purity and authenticity.

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