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Gold is a metal for all seasons. As in so many corners of India, gold is a metal that is both favoured for its use as ornamentation and as a viable source of investment. The asset value of gold is high in Uttarakhand, and when you buy gold here, you should know the gold price in Uttarakhand, besides many other aspects of this preferred metal.

Gold Rate In Uttarakhand

For some, shopping for gold, whether to make your portfolio brighter and more varied or to purchase glittering jewellery, is a real challenge. Anyway, challenge or not, the first thing you must do is be aware of gold price today in Uttarakhand. This is displayed outside stores, but there’s no harm in knowing before you venture out, and these are the rates:

  • Gold rate today in Uttarakhand, 24 carat - Rs. 48,660 for 10 grams

  • Gold rate today in Uttarakhand, 22 carat - Rs. 46,340 for 10 grams

Today 24 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Uttarakhand

Although the gold rate in Uttarakhand is exhibited as the cost of the value of 10 grams, ideally, knowing the price for a gram will help you. How? If you know the cost of a gram of gold, you can precisely compute the additional costs. You can see prices of 24 carat gold below:

  • For a gram of 24 carat gold - Rs. 4,866

  • For 8 grams of 24 carat gold - Rs. 38,928

Today 22 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Uttarakhand

The majority of Uttarakhand residents buy gold jewellery, which is sold in 22 carat gold as it is more malleable for jewellery manufacture. Knowing the gold price, Uttarakhand price for a gram is vital when you are purchasing jewellery. Since many charges are added to the actual gold value, such as fees for making, prices of a gram are important, shown here:

  • For a gram of 22 carat gold - Rs. 4,634

  • For 8 grams of 22 carat gold - Rs. 37,072

GST on Gold in Uttarakhand

The final 23 carat gold price in Uttarakhand today, or the 22 carat final price you pay, is an amalgamation of different charges, like those for manufacturing articles and taxes. An essential tax levied on all products is the GST (Goods and Services Tax). An indirect government tax, this works out to 3% of the value of gold. Additionally, you have to pay GST on the charges for making jewellery. This amounts to 5%.

Gold and its Investment in Uttarakhand

To learn about the gold rate, Uttarakhand-conscious gold investors will find out about this online and offline. Before investing in gold, the rate is the primary information to have. In this state, people lavishly adorn themselves with gold, mainly on the occasions of Diwali and weddings. Moreover, during Dhanteras, a lot of gold buying takes place throughout Uttarakhand. Some of the major cities that witness vigorous gold trade are Almora, Nainital, Dehradun and Haridwar. These make up some of the most prosperous areas of the state, and people have the belief that gold has special powers to create more wealth. While traditional folks pass gold down through generations, the younger population has awoken to trade gold as a commodity on exchanges.

How to Invest in Gold ETFs in Uttarakhand

With a more practical view of investment, millennials belonging to Uttarakhand choose gold ETFs or exchange-traded funds as a channel for investment. These are bought and sold like stocks and are traded on exchanges. Learning the gold rate today, Uttarakhand-centric traders put their wealth in gold ETFs, offering security rather than buying physical gold. Check out some key features of gold ETFs below:

  • You can trade in the real value of the gold you buy.

  • 1 unit of gold ETF is the equivalent of a gram of pure gold.

  • ETFs are traded with cash.

  • Offers transparency in gold rate and gold purity (24 carat gold).

How to Invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds in Uttarakhand

No matter what gold investing you undertake, you must be informed of the cost of gold today. Gold price in Uttarakhand differs from other states and must be taken into account. Coming to another alternative for a safe way of gold investment, Sovereign Gold Bonds, issued periodically by the Reserve Bank of India, offer you a good asset channel. These allow you to invest your wealth for an 8-year tenure. You have the choice to exit in the fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth year. These are the advantages of SGBs:

  • Zero risk as there is no gold storage involved.

  • On maturity, you get an amount equal to the market value of gold.

  • The minimum amount you can invest in is a gram of gold, and the maximum is 4 kg.

How to Check the Purity of Gold in Uttarakhand

When you wish to grab your favourite gold jewellery, not only is the gold rate today in Uttarakhand important but knowing about the authentic nature of the metal you are buying is important too. Here are some basic hints to check the purity of gold:

  • Check the hallmark on gold - The role of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is to stamp/hallmark gold articles, thus validating purity. This stamp may be a ‘916’ embedded in the metal on an article that is 22 carat gold, indicating that the gold is 91.6% pure.

  • Do a test with magnets - Gold is a metal without any ferrous content, hence not attracted to magnets. Any gold that is attracted to magnets indicates that it is not authentic gold.

  • Place gold in a purity machine - Most gold retailers have digital machines to assess the purity of gold. These are accurate at telling whether gold is authentic.

What is the demand for gold in Uttarakhand?

The current gold rate in Uttarakhand may be one of the highest of all Indian states as here, gold is always in demand. The residents of Uttarakhand, no matter which city they hail from, be it Dehradun or Nainital, believe in showing off their jewellery at festive occasions and auspicious events like marriages. Hence, whether the gold price is high or low, people buy gold at any time required.

How is the gold rate in Uttarakhand determined?

The Uttarakhand gold rate is something you should keep track of if you plan on considering gold as an investment avenue. However, the rate you are charged for the purchase of gold includes a lot more than just the value of the actual metal. A great deal of factors decide the gold rate in Uttarakhand today, and these are the key ones:

  • Taxes of the government - Taxes are applied by the Government of India. Furthermore, as India has practically no gold reserves and relies heavily on imported gold, there are international tariffs on all the gold that comes into India, affecting the cost.

  • The aspects of supply and demand - In Uttarakhand, demand for gold is hardly ever low, making prices shoot up.

  • Gold Bullion Association - This is a national association that determines gold rates in different parts of the country.

  • Global gold price - Since India imports gold, the international price of the metal determines the value within India. If the price goes up globally, India has to buy less gold for more of a price. This, in turn, creates a shortage within India, pushing the prices up.

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What is the mandatory checklist for buying gold in Uttarakhand?

The most important thing to note when you are buying gold is the gold price. Uttarakhand, today, has many jewellers, large and small-scale, that display prices in stores. Although the rate is of prime significance, you should keep the following checklist in mind:

  • Purity standards - Customers must check whether gold being bought is of the purity quality they are paying for. Noticing hallmarks on the metal and insisting on certification from sellers is a must-do.

  • Fees for making - Gold rate in Uttarakhand is meaningless unless you account for charges on the manufacture of gold jewellery.

  • Invoices are necessary - Paying attention to the rate and purity isn’t enough. You should insist that your jeweller hands over an invoice for the items purchased. This has information about the items of gold bought, such as purity, weight, value, etc. It can come into use in future when you wish to resell your gold and for tax purposes.

  • Visit a genuine dealer - Uttarakhand boasts of a history of the gold trade, and there are many small dealers in the state. However, if you shop from a small dealer, you may be at risk regarding the purity of the articles you buy. People prefer to shop at showrooms as they offer you certified gold and a brand’s quality.

Things to Consider Before Buying Gold in Uttarakhand

Before you consider a gold investment in Uttarakhand, gold price today, in Uttarakhand, must be known. This is vital for you to make a budget for your purchases in the metal. While you shop for gold, here are some more thoughts you should pay attention to:

  • Run-check the purity through a purity machine. Most retailers have this in-house and will be happy to evaluate purity.

  • Look for hallmark gold. If you buy jewellery, it must be 22 carat gold. This has a purity level of 91.6% of gold. There will be a BIS hallmark on articles you are buying, and you should get a certificate too.

  • Get a grip on extra fees charged, like charges for making jewellery and taxes. Make sure your jeweller isn’t charging you too high a rate for these.

  • Browse for gold at a range of stores, evaluating prices.

What are the factors that influence the gold rate in Uttarakhand?

Have you ever wondered why gold rates shift? Sometimes they tend to remain constant over days, yet at other times, you may see daily movements. Several factors influence the Uttarakhand gold rate, and you should make it a point to pay heed to these:

  • Global prices - Gold is imported and traded in the US dollar currency. When global prices rise, India is forced to buy a lower amount of gold at a high price. Consequently, gold prices rise within India.

  • Currency shifts - When the US dollar rises in value, people tend to trade in the currency rather than in gold. This brings the value of gold down. A US depreciating dollar leads to more gold buying as people see this as an avenue for investment.

  • International taxes and local taxes - International and local taxes are levied on the value of gold. Both affect the price that you ultimately buy gold at.

  • Internal demand and supply - Within India, gold is very much in demand during festival times and when weddings are frequent. Hence, say, if it is Diwali today, the gold rate in Uttarakhand today will be quite high.

  • Inflation - The beauty of gold isn’t just represented by its shine but because it is a stable asset. When inflation hits, the value of gold tends to skyrocket as more people rush to buy it as a safeguard against rising prices of other commodities.

  • Bank interest rates - Bank fixed deposits are a sound way to invest wealth in India. However, when interest rates fall, people opt to invest in areas other than fixed deposits. This is when they seek gold as it yields more returns.

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What are the different places where one can buy gold in Uttarakhand?

If you want to buy gold today and want to know the gold rate today, Uttarakhand has huge showrooms where gold prices are displayed. There are several small retailers in the state as well, and these jewellers have been trading in Uttarakhand for years. While shopping for gold at an unbranded small-scale store, you should be careful to buy genuine gold. Some people have trustworthy small gold sellers from whom their families have bought gold throughout generations. However, it's essential to be sure about gold weight and purity standards. When you make gold purchases from a large branded showroom, you are sure of getting proper certification as well as an invoice for your gold. 


This is not possible as minors cannot invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds. However, an adult can do so on a child’s behalf. 

Gold is considered a liquid asset as it can be sold quickly, and its value can be turned into cash. This is one of the main reasons that people desire investments in gold. 

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