What is an NOC for Bikes

A No Objection Certificate or an NOC for bikes is a document that enables you to transfer the registration of your vehicle from one state to another. Before moving to a different state than the one in which your vehicle is registered, you must get an NOC for your bike from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) belonging to the original area. This certificate must explicitly state that you have paid all charges related to your bike and have repaid any outstanding bike loans (if applicable). Learn more about applying for an NOC for your bike in this article

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What is an NOC for Bikes

A No Objection Certificate is popularly referred to by its acronym - NOC. This certificate enables you to transfer your vehicle – in this case, a bike - from one city to another. Before moving from one city to another, you must avail of a NOC for your bike from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) belonging to the original area. This certificate must explicitly state that you have paid all charges related to your bike and have repaid any outstanding bike loans (if applicable). Essentially, an NOC showcases the fact that you don’t have any obligations toward the current RTO.

Understanding the Importance of an NOC for Two-Wheelers

There are many reasons as to why two-wheeler NOC certificates are important. These have been briefly discussed below.


For starters, the NOC enables you to cancel the hypothecation directed to a bank which is outlined in your vehicle’s certificate of registration. This is particularly important at the time of selling your two-wheeler.


Finally, the Motor Vehicles Act mandates the need for a No Objection Certificate when transferring your two-wheeler from one state to another.

How to Apply for Your Bike’s NOC Online

It is possible to avail of an NOC for your bike online. An online NOC for two-wheelers can be availed from two different platforms:

  • Applying Online - NOC for Two Wheelers via Parivahan website

The steps mentioned below outline the method by which you can submit your bike’s No Objection Certificate form. Once this submission is complete you will be required to visit the concerned Regional Transport Office to complete the process. Listed below are the steps that outline how an NOC application can be made via an RTO online.


Step 1. To initiate an RTO application online, you must begin by visiting the Parivahan website.


Step 2. Proceed by selecting the concerned RTO along with the correct state.


Step 3. Login using your credentials and avail of the website’s services.


Step 4. You will be redirected to a new page with a button titled “Application for NOC”. Click n it.


Step 5. In the new window, select the “chassis number/ validate registration number” button.


Step 6. Your application form will now be generated.


Step 7. Fill out the appropriate details that are asked of you.


Step 8. Key in the information of your bike insurance plan.


Step 9. You will now be asked to enter the new RTO state code.


Step 10. Pay for your application and print out the receipt of your fee.


Step 11. To complete the No Objection Certificate process, visit your RTO and bring your NOC, fee receipt and pertinent documents with you.

  • Applying Online - NOC for Bikes via Banks

You can avail of an NOC for your bike using a bank website fairly easily. Follow the steps mentioned below.


Step 1. Begin by visiting the website of an Indian bank of your choice.


Step 2. Use your login credentials to sign in to your bank account.


Step 3. Use the search bar to find and download the No Objection Certificate (i.e., bike NOC) form.


If your bank does not feature an NOC form online, you will have to visit its nearest bank branch.

How to Get an NOC for Your Two-wheeler Offline

If you wish to avail of a No Objection Certificate offline, follow the steps outlined below.


Step 1. Begin by paying a visit to your local RTO.


Step 2. Here, ask the concerned person to provide you with a CMV 28 form. This form requires you to provide information pertaining to yourself such as your name, address, and contact information.


Step 3. Additionally, fill out the information about your vehicle e.g. registration number.


Step 4. Once you have filled out this form, submit it along with the documents mentioned on the form.


Step 5. You will have to pay a modest fee amounting to INR 100 when you submit your application form.


Now, the RTO will reach out to the local traffic police in order to verify whether your two-wheeler has been involved in any criminal cases in the past or has any traffic law violations. If there are no outstanding dues or any department statutory action cases issued against your vehicle, the RTO will be provided with clearance so that they can issue a No Objection Certificate to you.


It is important to note that while the Regional Transport Office might take three working days to begin working on your No Objection Certificate, the certificate itself can take seven to twenty days to be issued.

Validity & Cost of Obtaining an NOC

In the same manner, in which a certain time frame outlines the validity of your bike’s insurance plan, there is a time frame that outlines the validity of the No Objection Certificate issued to your bike. To be precise, an NOC issued to your bike via an RTO is valid for six months. The price tag tethered to an NOC varies depending on the RTO you applied to.


In contrast, the NOC for a bike applied through a bank is only valid for 90 days and is issued keeping in mind the bank’s terms and conditions. It is worth noting that the price charged by different banks for an NOC varies.

Documents Required to Obtain NOC

If you wish to avail of a No Objection Certificate for your bike, you must ensure that you possess the following documents.


As far as the RTO is concerned, the following documents are needed.


  1. In addition to your NOC application, you need to submit Form 28.

  2. Provide a copy of your two-wheeler’s certificate of registration along with its insurance plan.

  3. Proof of road tax you have paid up to date and the corresponding receipts.

  4. Your Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate.

  5. The engine and chassis number in pencil print.

  6. Your (i.e., bike owner’s) signature.


In case you wish to avail of your No Objection Certificate from a bank, you may need to submit some of the aforementioned documents as well as any other documents the bank requests.


Just like bike purchases must be accompanied by the purchase of legal documents; bike transfers to different locations require an NOC. It is possible to request an NOC via an RTO or a recognised Indian bank. If you don’t possess any of the aforementioned documents you require for your bike – like an insurance plan, you must consider getting one as soon as possible. The Finserv MARKETS website is worth taking a look at for viable insurance plans for two-wheelers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✔️Can I cancel my No Objection Certificate issued by an RTO?

    Yes, you can cancel your No Objection Certificate that has been issued by an RTO.

  • ✔️How do I cancel my no objection certificate issued by an RTO?

    You can cancel your No Objection Certificate by obtaining a non-utilisation certificate (or NUC) from the new RTO which must be submitted to the previous RTO. 

  • ✔️How long does it take to get an NOC from an RTO?

    An NOC can take anywhere between 7 to 20 days to be issued once it has been processed by an RTO. It can take around 3 days for an NOC application to be processed. 

  • ✔️Can you download an NOC application form from any Indian bank?

    An NOC application form can be downloaded from most recognised Indian banks. In case you can’t avail of this form online, you will need to visit your nearest bank branch.

  • ✔️Under what circumstances is an NOC required?

    If you relocate from one state to another for a duration exceeding 12 months (or a year) with your bike, you must obtain a No Objection Certificate from an RTO or bank.

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