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As per a study that was published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research, more than 69% of individuals in Delhi who are aged between 38 to 68 years suffer from continuous bone loss and have a potential risk of fractures. These include hip, spinal, forearm, and shoulder fractures. The treatment of such fractures may vary depending on the severity of the fracture. In case the bone is completely deformed or broken, you may be hospitalised and require surgery. This may not only be physically excruciating but can also take a toll on your finances if you are not prepared for it beforehand. This is where the Fracture Cover from Care Health Insurance can help you. With this fracture insurance plan, you can get insurance coverage of up to ₹25,000 for the treatment of broken bones.

Policy Plan and Details

Let’s take a look at the details of this accidental fracture insurance cover:


Premium (including GST)


Plan Validity

Up to ₹25,000


1 Year

Key Features and Benefits of Fracture Cover

Covers Most Kinds of Fractures

 The Fracture Cover allows you to file a claim for fractures of the hip, thigh, heel, elbow, arms, skull, etc.

Death Benefit

 Apart from providing coverage against fracture, the plan also covers the death of the insured due to an accident.

What is covered?

  • Treatment for Fractures

With this plan, you are offered a maximum coverage of up to ₹25,000 against fractures that result in bone injury, with the facility to claim the treatment charges as per the severity of the condition.

  • 100% Cover for Multiple Fractures

If you sustain at least one compound fracture and one complete fracture of the hip, pelvis, thigh, heel, leg, skull, shoulder bone, arm, hand, elbows or ankle, you are entitled to 100% of the Fracture cover.

  • 50% Cover for Other Fractures

Compound fractures of the hip or pelvis, complete fracture of the lower arm (Colles type) and multi fractures with at least one complete fracture of the thigh or heel are covered partially.

  • 30% Cover for Compound Fractures

You can claim 30% of the coverage amount for a compound fracture of the shoulder blade, skull, elbow, upper or lower arm, lower leg or ankle and wrist. However, Colles fractures are excluded.

  • Coverage for Accidental Death 

A cover of ₹10,000 is provided for sudden death due to an accident. The death must occur due to accidental injuries.

What is not covered?

  • Simple fractures

The Fracture Cover does not protect you against hairline fractures or simple bone or joint dislocation.

  • Dental fracture

If your teeth get broken in an accident, you cannot file a claim for fracture as per the policy guidelines.

How to Apply for Fracture Cover

Here is all you need to do to apply for this fracture cover insurance policy:

1. Click on ‘Buy Now’

 Visit the Fracture Cover product page on the Bajaj Markets website and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button.

2. Provide Your Details

 Fill in the online application form with all the necessary details.

3. Pay the Policy Premium

 You can pay the premium for this fracture insurance using any online mode of payment.

How to File a Claim?

In case of an injury that results in a fracture, you can easily reach out to Care Health Insurance Ltd. to file a claim. You can contact them via the following methods:


Information on how to file your claim along with the necessary documents will be provided so that your fracture claim is processed quickly.

Customer Care Details

For any queries related to the Fracture Cover, you can connect with Bajaj Markets at

FAQsFracture Cover FAQs

I recently sustained a hip fracture and spent ₹50,000 on treatment? Can I claim the entire amount?

No, you can only claim a maximum of ₹25,000 as specified by the policy rules.


If I die due to multiple fractures in an accident, is that covered?

Your nominee shall receive a death benefit of ₹10,000 in that case.

I broke my front teeth in a bike accident earlier this year. Can I file a claim?

Any fracture of the dental kind is not covered under the Fracture Cover.


Can I pay in cash?

The policy is available online and hence only digital payment modes are acceptable.


Are my family members also covered under the Fracture Cover?

Only the policyholder is offered coverage against fracture according to the guidelines.

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