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The State Government issued theAP ration cardto the residents with the objective of extending government scheme benefits. Additionally, it reflects the economic status of an individual. However, you must note that this is an optional document and not mandatory for the residents of Andhra


The Andhra Pradesh Ration Cards are a boon to the families struggling to afford food and daily supplies. Residents can also use this as valid government ID Proof. The article mentions the application process, eligibility criteria, advantages and benefits of the card.


The Andhra Pradesh Ration Card gives special allowances and financial assistance to the residents of the state. This is a much needed entity, especially for the families of four or more people. This can only work in your benefits and get you your daily supplies. Know more about the Andhra Pradesh Ration Card here.

Andhra Pradesh Ration Card List

The government of Andhra Pradesh prepares an AP ration card list of all the beneficiaries under the AP ration card system. For those who unfortunately lost their cards in the past, the AP government is now issuing new AP rice cards. To check the ration card list, you must:

  •  Step 1: Visit the AP Food Department’s official website - aepos.ap.gov.in/ePos/



  • Step 2: Now here, select your district and then Mandal.

  • Step 3: A list will be exported to your MS Excel sheet. Open it to view the AP ration card list.


You can also check ration card details in AP through EPDS (Electronic-PDS). On EPDS Andhra Pradesh, you can check the card list, details, price, and even file complaints. This system has been a huge success.

Eligibility for Andhra Pradesh Ration Card

Being an Indian citizen, it is quite easy to fulfil the eligibility criteria to get a ration card issued in your name. The deciding parameter is your monthly income which makes you eligible for a ration card.



Individuals from urban areas

Less than INR 10, 000 a month

Individuals from rural areas

Less than INR 12, 000 a month

So, if you fall under these categories, you can immediately apply for a ration card.

How to Apply for an Andhra Pradesh Ration Card

In today’s time, applying for a ration card is not a difficult task. You can apply for a ration card via the online method. On the other hand, if you are more comfortable with the offline method, you can follow the offline method. Let’s have a look at both methods:

1. How to Apply for an AP Ration Card Online

There is an online portal named Meeseva that you need to visit, you can click on ap.meeseva.gov.in Here, you need to visit the slot of “Nre Registration”. After clicking on this, follow the steps below to apply for the Andhra Pradesh ration card online:

  • Step 1: You will be presented with an application form. Fill out the application form carefully.

  • Step 2: You will also have to create a Login with your unique ID and password to track the AP ration card.

  • Step 3: After you fill the form, you will be asked to upload all the documents listed.

  • Step 4: After this is done, you can review your form to check for any errors.

  • Step 5: If you find everything correct, click on the “Submit” button.

  • Step 6: After submission, the screen will display the reference number that you must save. It helps you in checking the ration card status AP.

2. How to Apply for an AP Ration Card Offline

To apply for an Andhra Pradesh ration card offline, here are the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Go to the ration shop nearest to your residence.

  • Step 2: Get the application form.

  • Step 3: Fill it out correctly and submit back the form to the shop with the required documents


Or you can download the Application Form from Meeseva’s website and print it out. Next, you have to fill and submit it in the ration shop along with documents.

Documents Required for Andhra Pradesh Ration Card

Like every other Identity card and proof, the AP ration card also requires a few of your documents to validate your card. These are the documents that every applicant for an AP ration card must have with them:

  • Address proof

  • Identity proof

  • Income proof

  • Meeseva application form (that needs to be correctly filled and duly signed)

  • A few photographs of the applicant

How to Check AP Ration Card Status

Once the application form for the AP ration card is submitted either via online or offline mode, you have to wait for a few days before you receive your card. Until then, if you wish, you can keep track of the status by following this process:

  • Step 1: Click on spandana.ap.gov.in to reach the website and check the rice card status AP.

  • Step 2: Now you will have to enter either your ration card number or the Aadhaar card number.

  • Step 3: As you enter the Aadhaar or ration card number, your ration card status AP will be shown.

Andhra Pradesh Ration Card Download

By visiting the website, you can easily download your AP ration card without any hassle. The steps for AP ration card download are:

  • Step 1: Andhra Pradesh Public Distribution System, Department of Consumer Affairs Food and Civil Supplies, has an official website that you need to visit.

  • Step 2: Below on the page, there is an option “Print Ration Card”. Click on this option.

  • Step 3: A box will appear asking for the number of your ration card that you need to fill and then proceed by hitting the enter button.

  • Step 4: In the next step, you can download an AP ration card.

How You Can Change the Name in the AP Ration Card?

Changing or updating your name on the AP ration card after being issued is not a tough task. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: There is an application form that you need to download and print from the Andhra Pradesh state government’s official website or the Meeseva web portal.

  • Step 2: Mention the person’s name that you want on the card or the correct spelling of your name and submit it at a ration shop or Seva Kendra.

  • Step 3: Make sure to submit all the required documents along with the ration card.

  • Step 4: Post verification, the organisation will send the updated AP ration card to your address.

How You Can Change the Address in the AP Ration Card

The process for changing or updating your address is the same as that of updating the name. You need to:

  • Step 1: Download and print out the application form for correction from the Andhra Pradesh state government’s official website. You can also get it from the Meeseva website.
  • Step 2: Fill in the current address or the correct order and spelling of your address, and then submit it along with documents and the ration card at a Seva Kendra or at a nearby ration shop.
  • Step 3: After it gets approved, the new AP ration card will be issued and dispatched to your mentioned address.


The eligibility criteria set by the government of Andhra Pradesh to avail a ration card are fairly simple. So is the process of availing an AP ration card. You can choose to get your card via the online process or the offline one. Furthermore, you can even check the card status online and download the card easily. Make sure you do this, so you have your card handy at all times. 

When you apply for any loan or for a utility service, your AP ration card is a valid ID/address proof. And if a home loan is what you need, you can get one on Bajaj Markets at attractive terms and interest rates.

Andhra Pradesh Ration Card FAQs

How much time will it take to receive the Andhra Pradesh ration card after applying for it?

Within 15 days of submitting the application form, you will most likely receive your AP ration card.

How can I know my ration card name in Andhra Pradesh?

You can check it on the official website of the AP government by clicking on the “Ration Card Report” link.

Is the Andhra Pradesh ration card facility available for married couples?

Yes, an AP ration card facility is available for married people. It is mandatory for either of the partners to be a resident of Andhra Pradesh.

Is there any application fee I will have to pay while applying for the Andhra Pradesh Ration Card?

AP ration card requires no fees. It is absolutely free.

What will beneficiaries get under an AP Ration Card?

All the beneficiaries are eligible to get 1 Kg of Toor Dal and Rs.1000 under the AP ration card.

What are the different types of Andhra Pradesh ration cards available?

There are two types of Andhra Pradesh ration cards available:

  1. Blue/Green /Red /Yellow Ration Card: This card is mainly issued to Indian citizens who are below the poverty line. They can buy food items and other goods using this card.

  2. White Ration Card: This card is issued to individuals who are above the poverty line. 

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