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Gold Rate Today in Pune

Check out the Gold Price Today in Pune for different weights below: 


24 Carat Gold Rate Today

24 Carat Gold Rate Yesterday

Daily Price Change

1 Gram ₹ 4,602 ₹ 4,601 - ₹ 1
8 Gram ₹ 36,816 ₹ 36,808 - ₹ 8
10 Gram ₹ 46,020 ₹ 46,010 - ₹ 10
100 Gram ₹ 4,60,200 ₹ 4,60,100 - ₹ 100

22 & 24 Carat Gold Rate in Pune for Last 10 Days




1 Gram

10 Gram

1 Gram

10 Gram

Apr 19, 2021 ₹ 4,502.00 ₹ 45,020.00 ₹ 4,602.00 ₹ 46,020.00
Apr 18, 2021 ₹ 4,501.00 ₹ 45,010.00 ₹ 4,601.00 ₹ 46,010.00
Apr 17, 2021 ₹ 4,500.00 ₹ 45,000.00 ₹ 4,600.00 ₹ 46,000.00
Apr 16, 2021 ₹ 4,495.00 ₹ 44,950.00 ₹ 4,595.00 ₹ 45,950.00
Apr 15, 2021 ₹ 4,486.00 ₹ 44,860.00 ₹ 4,586.00 ₹ 45,860.00
Apr 14, 2021 ₹ 4,485.00 ₹ 44,850.00 ₹ 4.585.00 ₹ 45,850.00
Apr 13, 2021 ₹ 4,476.00 ₹ 44,760.00 ₹ 4,476.00 ₹ 45,760.00
Apr 12, 2021 ₹ 4,475.00 ₹ 44,750.00 ₹ 4,575.00 ₹ 45,750.00
Apr 11, 2021 ₹ 4,471.00 ₹ 44,710.00 ₹ 4,571.00 ₹ 45,710.00
Apr 10, 2021 ₹ 4,470.00 ₹ 44,700.00 ₹ 4,570.00 ₹ 45,700.00

Pune is one of the most developed cities in India where Gold is considered auspicious and is made a part of most festivals. Puneites consider Gold as an important part of their culture, just like most of the cities in India. The Gold rate in India decides the current Gold rate in Pune as well. It depends on a number of factors such as Seasonality, International Prices, Inflation, etc.

Pune being the cultural capital of Maharashtra sees a lot of fascination with the yellow metal. The easy availability of Gold makes trading in it, easy in the city. The current rate of Gold in Pune depends upon a number of factors such as

Why is Gold so Important in Pune?

Puneites buy Gold for a variety of reasons starting with its auspicious sentiment; as an investment (Gold continues to command long term value); hedge against inflation; asset allocation, etc. Gold, in India, also carries a high perceived value and a very high emotional quotient. It reinforces the closeness of relationships. Gold coins in smaller denominations are also considered apt for Corporate gifting and rewards for contests or commemorative giveaways.

Factors Affecting Gold Price in Pune

Today, trading in Gold is a highly-preferred investment mode of investors who are financially savvy and have the risk-appetite required for this market. It requires cautious monitoring of investments as gold prices are liable to change for multiple reasons. Maintaining or closing a position in this market relies upon how well an investor can track and analyze the ever-changing pricing information.

What makes Gold one of the best Investment options in Pune?

If you are looking to invest in Gold in Pune, you’ll get a multitude of investment options as there is extra love for the metal in the city. But before investing in Gold, you need to be clear about certain things such as why you are investing, the tax liability, various other investment options including everything else that you aspire to know about Gold.  Here are various gold options you can avail in India to invest for good returns:

  • Jewellery:

The populace in Pune has a special fascination with Gold and more with Gold jewellery. Buying jewellery at almost all the important festivals is just like a tradition in this cosmopolitan city of Maharashtra.

  • Gold Coins:

Another major alternative is investing in Gold coins and Gold bars in Pune. This has been trending for some time. But you should be careful while buying either of these. You should only prefer buying it from authentic jewellers or authorized banks. The only difference is that banks sell gold coins and bar, but they cannot repurchase it. Jewellers, on the other hand, sell you the Gold and can repurchase it from you as well.

Advantage of checking Gold rate in Pune regularly

It’s extremely important to continuously check today Gold rate in Pune. This acts as an advantage in case you are about to buy Gold in the near future. Checking current Gold rate in Pune will help you check the jewellery price individually at different jewellers across the city and get Gold at the right price. Secondly, staying updated with today’s Gold rate in Pune will help you invest your money wisely.

Difference between 24 Karat and 22 Karat Gold

24 Karat Gold

22 Karat Gold

It has no trace of other metal

Marketable in jewellery or decorative form

Known as 99.95 pure gold

Not 100% pure gold, up to 92% is pure gold and remaining part is preservative metals such as zinc, silver or other metals.

Slightly expensive than the other

It is cheaper than 24 karat gold with less weight

It offers guaranteed resell globally due to liquidity of gold and extreme demand

The colour of gold is changeable by mixing other metals like alloy

Gold colour is pure yellow and untainted

The colour of gold is changeable by mixing other metals like alloy

It cannot be used directly in making ornaments or jewellery

Though it is best for jewellery making but not recommended for diamond or gemstone studded jewellery.

Not bendable in its original and pure form

It can be easily shaped into jewellery.

How is Gold Rate in Pune different from other cities?

Gold rate in Pune slightly vary from gold rates in various other cities. Below are some of the reasons for the fluctuations in the live rate of Gold:

  • Making Charges:

Most big jewellery shops charge extra in the name of making charges of Gold jewellery. At times, the gold price in Pune varies from jeweller to jeweller even for 1 gram of jewellery.

  • Transportation:

Keep in mind that the current Gold rates also fluctuate because of the transportation charges levied on the jewellery that is brought in from various parts of the country.

  • Taxes:

There are certain taxes that are levied on buying Gold in Pune. This also acts as a factor in deciding the Gold rate today in Pune.

Things to remember while buying Gold in Pune:

  • Certification:

Make sure that you always buy certified Gold jewellery as it will be easy to exchange in the future. It also ensures reliability and purity of Gold.

  • Purity:

Purity is one of the most important factors to look into. For jewellery making, usually 22 karat gold is used, which is 92% pure while 24 karat becomes too soft as it is 99.99% pure.  

  • Weight:

Gold is mostly purchased after its weighed. You need to ensure that you get the Gold weighed in front of you and that you’re not charged for anything extra.

  • Labour charges:

This is one of the most common mistakes people make while buying Gold. These are also known as making charges. Make sure you are charged nominally for the making charges.

Gold Rate Pune Weekly Update

August 2020 - Week 4 (24 - 31):

  • Gold price in Pune was Rs.5,370 per gram on 24thAugust. When compared to the closing price of the previous week, there was no change in the rates.

  • The rate of gold slipped to Rs.5,221 per gram on 29thAugust. This was the lowest recorded price of the precious metal for the month in the city.

  • The price of gold climbed over the last two days of the week and closed the week at Rs.5,240 per gram. Gold’s overall performance in Pune witnessed a declining trend.

August 2020 - Week 3 (17 - 23):

  • In Pune, the gold rate opened the third week of the month at Rs.5,378 per gram on 17thAugust and dipped to Rs.5,360 per gram on the following day.

  • On 19 August, gold price in Pune was Rs.5,482 per gram, rising due to global economic uncertainties. However, the metal’s price dipped marginally to Rs.5,458 per gram on 20thAugust.

  • With the value of the dollar rising in the international market, the gold rate dipped further on 21stAugust to below the Rs.5,400 per gram mark to Rs.5,354 per gram and closing the week at Rs.5,370 per gram on 23rdAugust.

August 2020 - Week 2 (10 - 16):

  • Gold price in Pune was Rs.5,717 per gram on 10thAugust. There was no change in the rates when compared to the closing price of the previous week.

  • The rate of the yellow metal slipped to Rs.5,246 per gram on 12thAugust. This was the lowest recorded price of the precious metal for the month till date.

  • While the rates improved in the city over the next few days, it slipped on the last day of the week and closed at Rs.5,378 per gram. The overall performance witnessed a declining trend.

August 2020 - Week 1 (1 - 9):

  • Gold price in Pune was Rs.5,450 per gram on 1stAugust and was steady for the following two days till 3rdAugust due to mixed trends in the international market.

  • The price of gold increased substantially to cross the Rs.5,500 per gram mark at Rs.5,502 per gram and held steady. With the rise in COVID-19 cases all over the world, demand for gold inclined.

  • The gold rate increased to hit its highest price at Rs.5,723 per gram on 8thAugust and closed the week at Rs.5,717 per gram on 9thAugust recording an overall percentage incline.

July 2020 - Week 5 (27 - 31):

  • Gold prices in Pune wereRs.5,208 per gram at the beginning of the last week of the month on 27 July and showed no change compared to the previous week’s closing price.

  • On the following day, the price of gold increased to cross the Rs.5,300 per gram mark and held steady on 29thJuly as well.

  • With the rise in COVID-19 cases, decreased risk appetite and increased safe-haven demand of the metal, gold prices increased and were at its highest on 31stJuly, closing at Rs.5,397 per gram.

July 2020 - Week 4 (20 - 26):

  • At the start of the fourth week,Goldratewas Rs.5,035 per gramin Pune. There was no change in the price when compared to what was charged on the final day of the previous week.

  • The price ofGold witnessed an inclining trend in the city over the week. A gram of the 24-karatGold was retailed for Rs.5,114 on 23rdJuly.

  • Gold price closed the week at Rs.5,208 per gram in Pune. The closing price was the highest for the month of July till date.

July 2020 - Week 3 (13 - 19):

  • Gold price in Pune at the start of the third week of July was Rs.4,946 per gram. The price charged for a gram of the yellow metal was similar to what was charged on the final day of the previous week. 

  • Over the next few days, gold prices increased in the city. The jump in the rates saw a gram of gold being retailed for Rs.5,061. 

  • The rates dropped in Pune the following day and closed the week at Rs.5,035 per gram. The price of gold witnessed an inclining trend in the rates over the week. 

July 2020 - Week 2 (06 - 12):

  • Opening the second week of the month at Rs.4,883 per gram on 6 July, the value of the metal showed an inclining trend throughout the week. With the constant rise in COVID-19 cases all over the world, risk appetite amongst investors dipped and the demand for the safe-haven metal rose. On 7 July, gold prices increased to Rs.4,993 per gram with demand for the metal rising. However, the value of the metal dipped on 8 July following the recovery of the U.S. dollar in the market which prompted investors to shift to equities.

  • On 9 July, the price of the metal increased to cross the Rs.5,009 per gram with the constant rise in fresh cases in the United States of America and India. Investors shifted back to the bullion market due to safe-haven demand. The value of the metal on 10 July increased and hit the highest value in the week at Rs.5,067 per gram.

  • The price of the precious metal dipped marginally to Rs.5,040 per gram on 11 July with investors speculating an economic recovery which increased risk sentiment and shifted away from the bullion market. The value of the metal on the last day of the week dipped further to below the Rs.5,000 per gram mark at Rs.4,946 per gram, closing with an overall inclining trend.

July 2020- Week 1 (01 - 05):

  • In the city of Pune, the value of gold opened the month at Rs.4,904 per gram on 1 July and showed an overall declining trend throughout the week. However, the metal hit its highest price in more than 7 years on 2 July, crossing the Rs.5,000 per gram mark at Rs.5,003 per gram with the surge in COVID-19 cases all over the United States of America along with other countries.

  • However, the value of gold dipped on 3 July with renewed optimism amongst investors after positive data was showcased in the United States of America along with reports of the COVID-19 vaccine which prompted investors to shift to the equities market. The price of the precious metal was Rs.4,887 per gram on 3 July and dipped further to Rs.4,883 per gram on 4 July.

  • On the last day of the week, the value of the precious metal dipped further and closed the week at Rs.4,883 per gram with an overall weekly decline. 

June 2020 - Week 4 (22 - 30):

  • The yellow metal opened the fourth and final week of June at Rs.4,872 per gram. There was no change in the rates of gold when compared to what was charged on the final day of the previous week.

  • While the rates witnessed slight fluctuations over the next two days, the rates shot up to Rs.4,977 per gram on 25th June as mounting virus cases drove the safe-haven demand.

  • Gold rates dipped in the city after staying constant for a day before increasing again and closing the week at Rs.4,988 per gram. The closing price of the metal was the highest for the month with the rates witnessing an inclining trend.

June 2020 - Week 3 (16 - 21):

  • In Pune, gold was priced Rs.4,858 per gram on 16th June. Compared to what was charged on the final day of the previous week, the rates for every gram were up by Rs.91.

  • While the rates slipped the following day, gold recorded its highest price for the month till date on 18th June with a gram costing Rs.4,893. Over the next three days, the rates of the yellow metal fluctuated in the city.

  • Gold closed the third week of June at Rs.4,872 per gram in Pune. The overall performance of the yellow metal witnessed an inclining trend in the rates over the week.

June 2020 - Week 2 (8 - 15): 

  • In Pune, Gold prices showed a steady trend, opening the second week on 9th June at Rs. 4,698 per gram and stood unchanged on 10 June. With various factors affecting gold prices in the international market, the price of the metal showed fluctuations in the first half of the week.  

  • On 11th June, Gold prices inclined and crossed the Rs. 4,800 per gram mark at Rs. 4,825 per gram. With investors awaiting the economic data from the United States Federal Reserve to assess the performance of the U.S. economy, risk appetite went a notch down. However, with the value of the dollar recovering slightly in the market, the price of Gold dropped to Rs. 4,767 per gram on 12th June. 

  • On 13th June, the price of the metal remained the same and held steady with investors awaiting the economic data. However, with a poor economic projection of the United States of America by the United States Federal Reserve, the demand of the metal increased in the global market. The price of the metal, on 14th June was Rs. 4,767 per gram and closed at the same price recording an overall decline.

June 2020 - Week 1 (1 - 7): 

  • In Pune, Gold opened at Rs.4,799 per gram in the month of June. Compared to the closing price of the previous month, the Gold rates stood steady without any incline or decline in the rates. 

  • The rates increased in the city over the next two days due to concerns of an economic setback after violent riots broke out in most major cities of the United States. The increase in the rates saw Gold record its highest price for the month on 3rd June with a gram costing Rs. 4,825. 

  • The rates dropped in Pune following that as equity markets sailed on economic optimism. Gold closed at Rs. 4,685 per gram in the first week of June which is the lowest recorded price for the month till date. In Pune, the overall performance of the precious metal saw a continually declining trend.

May 2020 - Week 4 (24 - 31):

  • Gold prices in Pune fluctuated during the last week of the month, opening at Rs. 4,841 per gram on 24th May and going down to Rs.4,830 per gram on 26th May. The price of the metal remained steady on 27 May at Rs.4,830 per gram with investors eagerly expecting the economy to recover faster. 

  • On 28th May, the price of the precious metal dropped to a great extent to Rs. 4,788 per gram in the city amidst the metal showing evident jump in the international market. Gold was priced the same as on 28th May at Rs. 4,788 per gram on 29th May as well. In the global market, the price of the precious yellow metal had increased due to the rising tensions between the United States of America and China over the imposition of security law in Hong Kong by China. 

  • The metal’s price on 30th May held steady at Rs. 4,788 per gram. However, on 31st May, the price of Gold increased marginally due to the riots happening in the United States and increasing tensions between Washington and Beijing. Gold closed the month at Rs. 4,799 per gram, eventually increasing by Rs. 11 and recording an overall weekly decline at the end of May.

May 2020 - Week 3 (17 - 23):

  • In Pune, Gold was priced at a gram of the 24-karat was priced at Rs. 4,841. The rates remained same as the closing price of the week.

  • Gold recorded its highest price for the month in the city the next day as the rates of the yellow metal jumped to its highest in the international market since October 2012. The increase in the rates was witnessed as the bullion’s safe-haven metal was underpinned due to worries regarding the souring U.S. - China relations and the bleak U.S. economic data.

  • The rates remained unchanged for the next day before slipping as the U.S. dollar strengthened and hopes for a swift economic recovery dented the metal’s safe-haven appeal. Over the next couple of days, the rates remained stagnant in the city before declining by Rs.10 for every gram on the final day of the week. Gold closed at Rs.4,841 in Pune with the overall performance showing an inclining trend.

May 2020 - Week 2 (10-16):

  • However, on 13th May, gold price in Pune increased substantially to Rs. 4,741 per gram, increasing by Rs. 47 per gram with various stimulus packages being released by central banks all over the world, boosting bullion prices in the international market. The metal, on 14 May dipped marginally to Rs. 4,720 per gram with a strong dollar value in the market which prompted investors with higher risk appetite to shift to equities.

  • On 15th May, the price of gold had recovered its marginal losses and increased further to Rs. 4,788 per gram with trade tensions between China and the United States of America increased amongst investors. With uncertainty hovering around the deal yet again, the price of gold in Pune hit its highest of the week at Rs. 4,841 per gram on 16th May, crossing the Rs. 4,800 per gram mark.

May 2020 - Week 1 (1 - 9):

  • Gold rate in Pune opened in the first week of May at Rs.4,699 per gram. There was a steep decline of Rs.62 for every gram of the 24-karat gold when compared to the price charged on the last day of the previous month.

  • While the rate dropped in Pune on 5th May, it recovered and closed the week at Rs.4,646 per gram. Over the week, the overall performance of gold witnessed a declining trend in Pune.

April 2020 - Week 5 (26 - 30):

  • In Pune, the price of Gold in the last week of the month was Rs.4,757 per gram on 26th April and held steady on 27th April as well. The price fluctuated throughout the week due to global factors.

  • On 28th April, Gold prices remained the same at Rs.4,757 per gram but on the next day increased to hit its highest at Rs.4,846 per gram on 29th April. The rise happened as the central banks announced stimulus packages to help the economy recover. At the end of the month, Gold was priced at Rs.4,761 per gram, recording an overall incline.


When is the right time to buy Gold in Pune?

There is no such thing called the right time to buy Gold in Pune all the more because of the constant high demand for the metal! There are times when the demand dips, and so do the Gold rates in Pune. So, to make the most of your investment, try to invest in the metal during the off-season, i.e., when no major festival is around. Buying Gold in an off-season will fetch you better prices whereas festivals bring about a massive influx of buyers which will push gold prices higher.

Where can one buy Gold in Pune?

The city boasts of some of the best shops to buy Gold in Maharashtra. There are a lot of established names like P. N Gadgil & Sons (established in 1882), Kalyan Jewellers, KP Gems World, Krishna Jewellers, VS Waikar and Sons, Sagar Jewellers and Tikhe Saraf, etc. One can just head to a nearby authentic Gold shop and easily buy Gold for themselves in Pune.

How to buy Gold in Pune?

Buying Gold has been made extremely convenient, given the multiple Gold traders available spanned across the city, but there are still a few key points one should keep in mind before spending their hard-earned money.

Research – Gold rates change daily, and one must research before buying Gold. Observing trends and staying abreast of changes can ensure that you get a good deal on the investment, reducing the chances of being cheated.

Gold selection – Gold can be purchased in different forms, with each one offering unique advantages. Choose an investment avenue which matches your needs.

Certification – There are numerous occasions wherein people have been duped into buying Gold of inferior purity, purely on account of blind faith. Gold is generally certified into two categories - KDM Gold and Hallmarked Gold. These are categories based on the metal used for alloying and purity. KDM Gold means Gold mixed with cadmium whereas Hallmarked Gold certifies international level of purity. Before making the investment, it is important to ensure that the gold being purchased has the right certification. Ensure that the jeweller or source you intend to buy from has a good record, and insist on purity certification.

Online purchase – Individuals who wish to purchase gold online need to ensure that the source they choose is trusted, for some sellers on the internet can be fake.

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