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About Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard Limit

The Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard is a unique offering from the DBS Bank in partnership with Bajaj Finserv. It offers a host of features and has some of the best perks for customers. With it, you enjoy the benefit of a generous card limit, based on your profile. 


The DBS credit card limit is assigned based on factors such as your annual income, age, credit utilisation ratio, etc. Simply put, the DBS credit limit is the maximum amount you can utilise using the Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard. 


While the issuer decides the limit when you apply for a new card, there is a possibility of enhancing the limit later on. Read on to know more about how to change the DBS credit card limit and various factors affecting it. 

How to Check Your Current Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard Limit

You can easily check the DBS Bank credit card limit online or offline. While online modes include NetBanking and the dedicated mobile app, the offline process includes calling the DBS Bank customer care team or visiting the nearest Bajaj Finance or DBS Bank branches. 


For a detailed overview of different modes to check the DBS card limit, check out the options listed below:

1. Net banking

  • Step 1: Visit the DBS official Internet banking site.

  • Step 2: Log in to the site using your customer ID and PIN.

  • Step 3: Complete the required authentication process.

  • Step 4: Choose the option of Credit Card Summary under the ‘Cards’ section.

2. Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard Mobile App

  • Step 1: Install the DBS Card+ IN App on your mobile.

  • Step 2: Log in to the app using your User ID and PIN.

  • Step 3: Tap on the ‘Manage Cards’ option and choose the credit card you wish to select.


  • Step 4: View your credit limit within minutes on your mobile screen.



Alternatively, you may also contact the customer care team on the following toll-free numbers:

  • 1860 267 6789 for local customers

  • +91 4469046789 for overseas residents

3. Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard Statement

You can check the Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard statement to know your credit limit. However, while you can access your credit card statement on the DBS Card+ IN app, there’s an alternate way to go about this. 


All you have to do is email the customer care team at supercardcare@dbs.com. You may also contact the team via the toll-free numbers mentioned above. With these easy and simple methods, you can check the DBS card limit instantly.

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Factors That Determine the Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard Limit

There are many factors governing the DBS credit card limit. A few of them have been discussed briefly.

1. Specific Credit Card Eligibility

Your eligibility criteria play a crucial role in deciding the credit limit of the Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard. The income you earn and your age help the bank to fix your maximum credit limit. In case you have multiple income sources, mentioning them in your credit card application can help you get a better limit. 

2. Credit Score

credit card is an unsecured credit instrument, and you don’t have to pledge any collateral. As such, your credit score plays a critical role in determining your eligibility. Before assigning the DBS credit limit, the bank may analyse your credit report and score. Therefore, the higher the credit score, the better the chances of availing a high credit card limit


Maintain a good credit score of 720 or above to avail the Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard. Furthermore, for a first-time credit user, the bank usually sets a lower limit. This may be raised eventually depending on your regularity in payments and credit management. 

3. Income-Debt Ratio

While your income is crucial in deciding the DBS Bank credit card limit, understand that a higher income alone can’t fetch you a high limit. This is because banks also assess your income-debt ratio. This ratio is based on your current debt obligations and your total income. 


The total number of debts you owe also plays an accounting factor in determining the limit of the Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard. Simply put, a high debt-to-income ratio could result in a low credit card limit and vice versa. However, by using your credit limit wisely, you can increase the limit gradually.

4. Other Credit Cards

If you own multiple credit cards, the bank may analyse all your existing card limits before setting up the limit. For instance, if you have a limit of 1,00,000 on your existing card, the new card may not have a much higher limit. 


So, the credit limit of your multiple cards plays a vital role in fixing your credit card limit. 

5. Other Factors

Apart from these, a few other non-income based parameters may also be assessed by the bank before deciding the credit limit. From monitoring your shopping behaviour to  travelling expenses, the bank considers them before determining the credit limit.

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Documents Required to Increase the Limit on the Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard

Here is a list of mandatory documents required for getting quick approval on your DBS credit card limit.

  • Latest copies of computerised salary slips

  • Company letter certifying your annual income and employment if you are a professional employed overseas

  • Latest copies of Income Tax Returns from the past two years in case of self-employed individuals


  • Latest bank statements of the salary account



To change the DBS credit card limit, you need to follow a few simple steps. All you have to do is install the DBS Card+ Mobile app on your phone and follow the steps mentioned below to increase the DBS card limit.

  • Step 1: Log in to the app using your Customer ID and PIN

  • Step 2: Tap the ‘Manage Card’ option under the Card tab

  • Step 3: Select the option ‘Increase Credit Limit’

  • Step 4: Choose the option to increase your credit limit instantly or upload your income proof to proceed with the application


  • Step 5: Enjoy the credit limit increase after the bank scrutinises your application



With these easy and simple ways to increase the DBS credit limit, make the most out of your Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard. For more details on how to get the card, check out the Bajaj Markets platform today!

FAQs on Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard Limit

What are the benefits of increasing the credit limit on your card?

Here are the benefits of increasing the DBS card limit:

  • Lowers your credit utilisation ratio

  • Helps boost the credit score due to minimal credit utilisation

  • Makes it easier to avail credit facilities 

  • Helps manage during unexpected financial emergencies

How can you increase your Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard limit?

To change the DBS credit card limit, you must send an email to the bank at supercardcare@dbs.com. Alternatively, you may upload supporting documents on the mobile application to increase your credit limit. You can also contact the customer care team at the toll-free number 1860 267 6789.

Is there any overlimit penalty applicable on the Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard?

Yes, there is a penalty of ₹600 you have to pay when you exceed the utilisation limit.

What are the late payment fees charged on the Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank SuperCard in case of defaults?

You have to pay an overdue penalty of 15% of the total due amount. This amount is charged at a minimum of ₹50 and a maximum of ₹1,500.

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