Balance Transfer RBL Credit Card

RBL Credit Card Balance Transfer

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RBL Credit Card Balance Transfer

If you are struggling to pay your credit card dues on time, the RBL Bank allows you to transfer the outstanding balances on credit cards you may have from other banks to an RBL credit card under its “Transfer ‘n’ Pay” programme. You can then pay the outstanding dues using credit card EMI advantage over a convenient period of time at low-interest rates. This considerably reduces the imminent strain on your finances and helps protect your credit score.

RBL Bank Credit Card Balance Transfer Interest Rates

The interest rate on your RBL credit card balance transfer is calculated against a reducing principal balance. The RBL balance transfer interest rate depends on the tenure you have chosen. The interest rate against different tenure durations along with their processing charges are as follows:


Reducing Rate of Interest

Effective Rate of Interest

Processing Fees

3 months



₹750 or 2.99% whichever is higher

6 months




12 months




Eligibility Criteria for RBL Balance Transfer

The eligibility criteria for availing the RBL balance transfer facility is as follows-

  • You must be an Indian resident

  • You must have a current, valid, primary credit card issued by the RBL Bank

  • There should be no overdue amount on your credit card, which is more than 60 days

Note: RBL Transfer ‘n’ Pay comes with “ZERO DOCUMENTATION”. The facility is pre-approved. All you need to submit is:

  • Other bank’s name

  • Other bank’s credit card number

  • Total amount for the balance transfer on the RBL credit card

How to Apply for RBL Credit Card Balance Transfer Facility

If you wish to opt for RBL credit card balance transfer feature, you can apply for the same by any of the methods mentioned below-

1. Missed call

You can leave a missed call after dialling the following numbers:

For RBL Bank Credit Card


For Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Supercard


Once your call has been disconnected, a bank representative would get in touch with you to discuss the RBL credit card balance transfer details.

2. SMS

If not by call, you can send an SMS to initiate your booking for the RBL balance transfer facility:

RBL Bank Credit Card

SMS ‘BTEMI’ to 5607011

Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Supercard

SMS ‘BTEMI’ to 5607033

3. Calling the RBL Bank Credit Card Customer Care

You can also call on the following RBL credit card customer care numbers to initiate balance transfer on your RBL credit card: +91 22 6232 7777.

4. Use the Online Chatbox facility

You can also use the RBL Bank’s virtual assistant facility, ‘RBL Cares’. Submit your query regarding credit card balance transfer, interest rates involved, steps for RBL credit card amount transfer to bank account and more in the chatbox and get your answers.

Features of RBL Credit Card Balance Transfer

The RBL credit card balance transfer online features are as follows-

  • You can transfer the balance instantly

  • No documentation is required as the facility is pre-approved on your RBL credit card

  • You can choose a convenient tenure of either 3,6, or 12 months to repay the balance that is outstanding on your credit card salary slip download

  • The RBL bank credit card balance transfer to other bank feature is entirely paperless, and there are no cash transactions

  • Opting for a balance transfer on RBL credit card does not affect the interest-free period on your future purchases, as long as you are paying your full credit cards bills

  • The minimum payment due on your credit card would include a percentage of the total outstanding balance along with the balance transfer RBL credit card EMI

  • Opting for RBL card balance transfer can help protect your credit score.

FAQs on RBL Credit Card Balance Transfer

  • ✔️Can the RBL Credit Card money be transferred to a Bank Account?

    Yes, money can be transferred to a bank account, using the RBL Bank credit card Transfer ‘n’ Pay feature.

  • ✔️How long does an RBL Credit Card Balance Transfer take to clear?

    The RBL balance transfer is cleared immediately as long as you are eligible for availing the facility.

  • ✔️How much money can I transfer at a time using an RBL Credit Card?

    The total balance that you can transfer on your RBL credit card will be decided on the basis of your credit card limit and is under the sole discretion of the bank.