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RBL Credit Card Balance Check

The process to check RBL credit card bank balance has now become very simple. Furthermore, an online RBL bank credit card balance check is also available. For your convenience, RBL bank has taken certain steps so that you can get to know your bank details like RBL credit card balance check by SMS, by USSD, and also by mobile app. Either via RBL credit card limit check by SMS or by making use of the RBL bank balance check number, you can make inquiries regarding your exhausted credit limit. Using these methods you can prevent yourself from going above the limit that is set. The RBL credit card balance check number has made it possible to easily get to know the necessary details of your bank.

Benefits and Features of RBL Bank Credit Card

RBL is considered one of the fastest-growing commercial banks which continues to expand rapidly. RBL Bank provides you various credit cards which are designed to meet your different needs. The features and benefits that are provided by the credit card of RBL are:

  • Enhanced Protection - The bank offers you credit cards that are enclosed using an EMV Microchip, helping enhance safety against duplication and misuse.

  • Specialized Privileges - You can get a few specialized benefits like lounge access, golf lesson, priority pass membership, dining privileges, flight and travel benefits, lounge access, and more on some selected cards.

  • The Flexibility of Credit Limits - RBL bank credit cards provide you an exciting feature that permits you to restrain the spending limit of your card.

  • Add-on Cards - RBL provides you with supplementary cards for other members of your family. For your children, spouse, and parents you can demand a maximum of up to 5 cards.

  • Online Banking - You can access the account of your RBL credit card online anytime and anywhere.

  • Reward Points - You get reward points on your spending using your RBL credit card. You can also get accelerated points, bonus points, and welcome points on the selected credit cards of RBL Bank.

  • Customer Care Service 24/7 - RBL provides customer care services whenever you want. They always try to solve your problems and confusions conveniently and quickly with the credit card customer care service 24/7.

  • Cash Advance - You can avail cash anytime you require using your credit card of RBL. Cash transactions made by you will impose a finance charge or a fee starting the transaction date.

How to Check Balance in RBL Credit Card?

Many of you might not know how to check balance in RBL credit card. The process of RBL credit card balance check has become very easy. RBL bank provides you various options to check your balance and they are as follows:

1. How to Check RBL Credit Card Balance Via Net Banking

To check RBL credit card balance online, you can log in to the online portal of the bank. The process of RBL credit card outstanding balance check online is as follows:

  • You must first log in and go to the section of credit card

  • Select your credit card of which you want to know the balance

  • Now, on the home page, you can see all the details of your card including your account balance

2. How to Check RBL Credit Card Balance Via Mobile

If you're wondering how to know RBL credit card balance using a phone, you can now get your RBL credit card balance check with ease. You can simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you have to install the app RBL MYCard

  • Then, complete the necessary procedures of login

  • Now you can easily check RBL credit card balance on your phone itself

3. How to Know RBL Credit Card Balance Via SMS Service (Using RBL Bank Balance Enquiry No.)

You can also avail the facility of the RBL credit card balance check by SMS. The steps of RBL credit card balance check by SMS are as follows:

  • You have to register your particular mobile number to check RBL credit card balance via SMS

  • You can then avail of an RBL credit card balance check by SMS by sending the message BAL<space>Customer ID to RBL balance check no. (+91)99223366333

  • You'll receive all the information about your bank balance via SMS

4. How to Know RBL Credit Card Balance Via USSD Service (using RBL balance check no.)

To avail your RBL card balance check via USSD service, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • To get your RBL card balance check, you need to first register your mobile number where you want to receive all the details

  • Now, from your registered mobile number dial the RBL balance check number at *99*79*1#

  • Then, enter the number of your credit card's last four digits

  • You'll receive the balance information of your bank account via SMS


There are various ways to have your RBL bank credit card balance check and they are by using RBL bank credit card balance check number, through mobile app, RBL credit card balance check by SMS, or by via USSD service. But you have to keep in mind that you can only avail RBL bank balance check number service if you have already registered your mobile number.

Yes, the RBL credit card balance check by SMS does apply charges for standard SMS also the same amount is applied for the RBL credit card limit check by SMS. But if you want to avail of the service of RBL credit card balance check SMS then you must first register a number where you want to receive the information regarding your bank details. For your convenience, the facility of RBL credit card limit check by SMS is also available to prevent you from exhausting the limit of your account balance.

No, the RBL credit card balance check missed call number service is not available currently. However, instead of using the RBL credit card balance check missed call number you can use RBL bank balance check toll-free number 1800 419 0610 for more information in case you want an RBL bank credit card balance check. You can also use other options available for instance, RBL credit card balance check SMS or you can also use RBL bank credit card balance enquiry no. if you want your RBL card balance check.

No, to avail of all the facilities international connection is not mandatory at all. For instance, the USSD service and SMS service don't require any internet connection.

Yes, the services availed by the bank are all secure. The bank consists of all the mandatory and essential certificates and the website is also secured. However, you need to take all essential precautions to safeguard your account to prevent fraudulent transactions.

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