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A Corporate Identification Number (CIN) refers to an alpha-numeric 21-digit identification code that is provided by the ROC (Registrar of Companies) of various states under MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs).


This unique number helps track all the details of a company in India right from incorporation. It must be quoted on all transactions with the Registrar of Companies. It includes essential details, like:

  • Listing status (Ex.: L – Listed)

  • Year of Incorporation (Ex.: 1999)

  • Type of Company (Ex.: PLC – Public Limited Company)

  • State code (Ex.: HR- Haryana)

Format of CIN Number

To help you understand the format of CIN number, here is an example:


U 12345 DL 2020 PLC 098765


Take a look at the what the characters represent:


U: Listing Status


12345: Industry Code


DL: State Code


2020: Incorporation Year


PLC: Ownership


098765: Registration Number




Here is the meaning of these terms:


  • Listing Status

The first letter represents if the company is listed or not. If the company is unlisted, it is marked U and if it is listed, it is marked L.

  • Industry Code

The 5-digit number represents the ROC industry code. The code and categorisation is assigned based on the nature of establishment.

  • State Code

The two letters represent the state where the company has been registered.

  • Incorporation Year

The 4 digits represent the year when the company was formed.

  • Ownership

This represents the type of the company - Private or Limited Company, Government of India, Not-for-profit, One Person Company or Company of State Government.

  • Registration Number

The final six digits represent the ROC code of the company.

All these elements combine to form a 21-digit unique Corporate Identification Number.

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Factors That Can Result in CIN Change

Following factors can lead to a change in the Corporate Identification Number:

  • Change in the listing (Listed or Unlisted) status of the company

  • Change in the location or state of the company’s registered office in India

  • Change in the sector/industry of the company

How to Track Your Corporate Identification Number?

You can track the CIN of your company by following these steps:

  • Visit the official website of MCA at https://www.mca.gov.in/content/mca/global/en/home.html

  • Click on ‘MCA Services’ on the home page

  • Under ‘Company Services’, choose ‘Find CIN’ 

  • Select ‘Company’

  • Choose the option ‘Search Based on Existing Company / LLP Name’ option

  • Type the name of the company under ‘Existing Name’ and enter the captcha code 

  • Click on ‘Search’ to view the CIN of the company

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FAQs on the CIN Number

Is a Corporate Identification Number (CIN) allotted to LLPs (Limited Liability Partnership)?

No, a CIN is not allotted to LLPs since it is allotted only to registered companies. The Registrar of Companies allots LLPIN (LLP Identification Number) to LLPs.

Is it compulsory to mention CIN on the invoices and receipts of companies?

Yes, according to section 12(3)(c) of the Companies Act, a company must mention its CIN on all official publications.

Can a company change its Corporate Identification Number (CIN)?

No. The number will only change in case of change in the listing status, industry/sector or registered office location of the company.

Can two companies have the same Corporate Identification Number (CIN)?

No, two companies cannot have the same CIN.

Where to use the CIN Number?

A company needs to mention the unique number/code in the following documents:

  • Receipts & Invoices

  • Annual Reports

  • Memos

  • Letterheads

  • Notice

  • Every e-form on the MCA portal

  • Official publication of the company

  • Other publications

How to get a Corporate Identification Number?

The CIN reveals the identity and basic information of the company and helps determine the authenticity of the business. You will get CIN once you register your company under the Registrar of Companies. It is mentioned in the Certificate of Incorporation.

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