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Investments in gold are considered fail-safe ways of growing wealth. You may think of several means of investing in gold assets today if you are living in Haryana. There are many options for investors who might wish to distribute assets in financial portfolios, from gold bonds to physical gold. For whatever reason you are buying gold in Haryana, you need information about the gold rate. Haryana has plenty of ways to invest in gold, and you should be aware of all aspects related to the metal.

Gold Rate in Haryana

Whenever you wish to buy gold in Haryana, the first thing to be armed with is the rate of gold. The gold price today in Haryana today is important, and this is the rate


  • 24 carat gold price today in Haryana - Rs. 48,660 for 10 grams

  • 22 carat gold price today in Haryana - Rs. 46,340 for 10 grams

Today 24 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Haryana

Do you know that 24 carat gold is the purest form of gold? It contains 99.9% of pure gold metal. When you wish to invest in gold coins or gold bars in Haryana, the 24 carat gold rate today in Haryana must be found out. Here are the rates for 24 carat gold


  • 24 carat gold for 1 gram - Rs. 4,866

  • 24 carat gold for 8 grams - Rs. 38,928

Today 22 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Haryana

Traditional use of gold in Haryana is by way of jewellery, and typically, people buy ornaments made of 22 carat gold. Jewellery is usually made of this caratage of gold as intricate designs adhere to the adaptability of 22 carat gold. If you are buying gold in Haryana, you must know the gold rate today. Haryana jewellers will display the rate for 1 gram, 8 grams and 10 grams. Here are the rates of importance


  • 22 carat gold for 1 gram - Rs. 4,634

  • 22 carat gold for 8 grams - Rs. 37,072

GST on Gold in Haryana

While budgeting for gold shopping, the gold price in Haryana is integral. Nonetheless, besides this, there are certain taxes applied. The Goods and Services Tax or GST is a tax attached to products purchased, including gold. On a gold purchase, you will have to pay 3% GST on the value of the gold, plus 5% GST on the charges for making gold ornaments.

Gold and its Investment in Haryana

Haryana residents buy gold for both its value as ornamentation and an instrument of investment. Primarily, people invest in gold to secure against possible hard times like inflation or any personal emergencies that may crop up. Therefore, the gold price in Haryana today is an essential factor when people plan to buy gold. Although the people of Haryana venture into alternative avenues of investment like real estate and securities, with a goal to diversify their portfolios, gold offers a stable asset form. Conventionally, people like to collect gold as bars and coins, but gold has been purchased as paper in recent years.

How to Invest in Gold ETFs in Haryana

Today, the gold rate in Haryana is vital to invest in any kind of gold asset, whether its bars or gold ETFs. Gold ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds are a recent type of gold investment route. Much like a gold security, each unit of an ETF is equal to the value of 1 gram of gold. Gaining popularity in Haryana, these are the features of ETFs in gold


  • ETFs are traded on stock exchanges, and you can buy and sell these online easily. Hence, liquidity is convenient, and trading is transparent.

  • If you hold your gold ETFs past a year, you may avail particular tax advantages.

  • Gold ETFs remain safe as they are held in a demat account like other securities.

How to Invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds in Haryana

Another very safe way to invest in a gold asset is by means of Gold Sovereign Bonds. Issued by the Reserve Bank of India, if you want to avail of these, you should know the current gold rate in Haryana. This is gold that is owned by individuals in paper form. Furthermore, you get an interest rate of 2.50% and a payout of this on a 6-monthly basis. Sovereign Gold Bonds have a tenure of 8 years, but you have the option to exit from the fifth year. On redemption of these bonds, there is no capital gains tax applied, and this is a boon. Nonetheless, Sovereign Gold Bonds cannot be availed of as and when you wish to invest. Announcements for the same are made periodically by the Reserve Bank of India.

How to Check the Purity of Gold in Haryana

The main concern when you purchase gold is related to the authenticity of gold articles. Although you should know the gold price today in Haryana, 22 carat gold purity standards should also be understood. The purity of gold is evaluated on the basis of whether pure gold is blended with other metals/alloys expressed by carats. 24 carat is the purest form. A common type of gold is 22 carat, from which all gold jewellery is crafted. Purity may be checked in the following ways


  • Magnet Assessment - Gold constitutes components that are not ferrous. Hence, gold does not get attracted to magnets. If the gold is attracted to magnets, it is fake.

  • Purity Machines - Many sellers of gold jewellery display the price of gold today in Haryana but also have purity digital machines to test purity. These machines are accurate and also tell you the weight of an article.

  • Hallmark/Certification - It is integral that gold bears a hallmark. A hallmark is a stamp on the metal to prove its purity. The BIS, or Bureau of Indian Standards, is responsible for issuing hallmark gold jewellery. This hallmark comes with a certification.

What is the demand for gold in Haryana?

The residents of Haryana respect gold as it is a symbol of religious importance and something to be worn on any joyous festive occasion. The demand for gold is high here, but not as much as in other cities in India. The local market in Haryana is filled with small-scale traders and large showrooms. When people wish to check the gold rate today, Haryana residents would rather rely on a branded showroom. The demand for gold in Haryana may be affected by price fluctuations, and when prices rise, people don’t tend to be compelled to buy much. However, most people will always invest in gold from time to time, investing it as an asset for any future requirements.

How is the gold rate determined in Haryana?

Several factors decide the gold price today in Haryana. The main determinator of the gold rate in Haryana is the supply and demand of the metal. As basic economics go, when supply is high, prices fall, and vice versa. However, as more people rush to buy gold, prices automatically swell, as demand does this. Besides this affecting gold rates, the following variables also have key roles to play:


  • Currency fluctuations - As the world’s economy revolves around the US dollar when the value of the dollar gets stronger, people are prone to invest in currency rather than gold. Thus, the value of gold, whether it is the 23 carat gold price today in Haryana or the price of 24 carat, will drop. Contrastingly, with a depreciating dollar, people will invest in gold more, which is true for banks. As more people and entities invest in the metal, the price of gold rises due to increasing demand.

  • Gold import - Like the rest of India, Haryana depends on its gold supply from imported gold. This means that import costs related to tariffs and prices at which India buys gold affect India’s prices.

  • Interest rates of other instruments - People in India invest in fixed deposits as a way to grow wealth. When interest rates on fixed deposits fall, a better asset to invest in is gold. This increases its demand and, consequently, its cost.

  • Taxation - Different taxes apply to different states, and this may make a difference in determining gold rates.

  • Transport costs - If you find the current gold rate in Haryana is high, it may be due to the cost of transport. Gold is largely imported from abroad and reaches major port cities like Mumbai and Chennai when it comes into India. States that are located far away from these entry points have to bear transport costs of gold cargo.

What is the mandatory checklist for buying gold in Haryana?

Are you interested in buying gold in Haryana? If your answer is ‘yes’, you should have a must-check list before purchasing any gold. The most important thing to do is to find out the 22 carat gold price today in Haryana and the rate for 24 carat gold. One thing that you must be sure of is the rate, but the following things should be mandatory for you to know too:


  • Know the gold rate.

  • Know the charges for making if you are buying gold jewellery. These charges have no cap, and jewellers are free to charge what they want.

  • Find out about the purity of the gold you wish to buy. Any gold you buy must bear a BIS hallmark to validate its purity standard.

  • Know about certification and that you should get a certificate with your hallmark gold. Rate today in Haryana is displayed at jewellery stores for gold that comes with a certification of authenticity.

Things to Consider Before Buying Gold in Haryana

While it isn’t a challenge to buy gold over the counter in Haryana, you must be sure of the genuineness of the seller. If you buy gold ornaments at retailers, there are certain things to keep in mind before your final purchase. If you buy coins or bars through a bank, you are assured of purity and price, and you get a hallmark on the metal and certification ascertaining the purity of gold. However, you must pay attention to the following before making gold purchases:


  • Pay attention to the making charges that are levied on the articles you are interested in.

  • Be sure of the purity of the gold you buy and see that it goes under the scrutiny of a purity machine.

  • Make sure of the gold price in Haryana before you buy your gold. Prices are displayed online and outside reputable gold shops.

  • It is imperative that you are issued a certificate of purity with the article you buy.

  • Insist that your retailer gives you an invoice containing details of gold articles and the information about the purity, and the retailer’s contact. Invoices are important for tax purposes and in the event you want to resell your gold.

What are the factors that influence the gold rate in Haryana?

The gold rate today, Haryana-wise, is impacted by various factors and these cause it to fluctuate. The factors mentioned below influence the gold rate:


  • Inflation - Gold is a metal that represents a hedge against inflation. When inflation strikes, people clamour to buy gold as it is a stable asset and useful in emergencies. As more people buy the metal, its demand goes up, and so does its rate.

  • International factors - The gold price today in Haryana may see changes since a while ago due to global factors. As gold is largely imported into India from outside, any increase in the international cost of gold results in a subsequent cost within India. When the global cost rises, India is forced to buy less gold for more. This creates a shortage of supply and an increase in demand.

  • Supply and demand - When gold is in short supply due to various reasons, its price goes up. During festive times, for instance, there is more demand within India, and supply is less. Additionally, more populated states have more demand for the metal as more people wish to purchase it.

  • Taxes levied by states - Different states in India levy varied taxes and this creates differences in gold rates.

What are the different places where one can buy gold in Haryana?

You can buy gold at the counter of many small traders across the state of Haryana. Furthermore, there are large branded showrooms that sell hallmark gold. Rate today in Haryana will be displayed outside stores so you get an idea about the price of gold. Large branded showrooms will guarantee that you are sold genuine gold with certification. 


Typically, jewellery is made from 22 carat gold and not 24 carat gold in India. This is because 24 carat gold is too soft for the intricacy of jewellery manufacture.

 ‘916’ represents a hallmark or stamp that authenticates the purity of 22 carat gold. It essentially means that gold articles have 91.6% pure gold, meaning 22 carat gold.

Designated banks and dedicated post offices issue sovereign Gold Bonds. You can check when these are available for issue, as they are offered at certain times only. 

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