Most people in Kannur consider gold to be one of the important parts of their traditions. It plays a significant role in religious ceremonies and is used extensively for daily adornment purposes. The precious metal is purchased in the city as an investment as well as for its sentimental value.

If you live in Kannur, staying up-to-date with the latest gold rates in the city empowers you to make informed financial decisions.

Gold Price in Kannur

The current price of gold in Kannur is as follows:


24 Karat Gold Rate Today

24 Karat Gold Rate Yesterday

Price Difference

1 g



- ₹10

10 g



- ₹100

100 g



- ₹1,000

*Disclaimer: Rates are subject to change based on market conditions.

22 & 24 Karat Gold Rate in Kannur in the Last 10 Days

The following table illustrates the fluctuations in gold prices in Kannur over the last 10 days:


Standard 22 Karat Gold

Pure 24 Karat Gold

1 g

10 g

1 g

10 g

Feb 22, 2024





Feb 21, 2024





Feb 20, 2024





Feb 19, 2024





Feb 18, 2024





Feb 17, 2024





Feb 16, 2024





Feb 15, 2024





Feb 14, 2024





Feb 13, 2024





*Disclaimer: Rates are subject to change based on market conditions.

Points to Remember When Buying Gold in Kannur

Here are key considerations to keep in mind when purchasing gold in Kannur:

  • Check the current gold price in Kannur

  • Take the making charges into account when planning a purchase

  • Know more about the purity of the gold (the karats and fineness) 

  • Check for BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) hallmarks 

  • Ensure you receive a physical receipt for the transaction

  • Confirm the accuracy of the purchased gold's weight

  • Make sure that you get a certificate of authenticity

Gold Investment in Kannur

In Kannur, people prefer to purchase gold due to its easy liquidity and potential for growth in value over the long term. You can opt for gold deposit schemes, ETFs, bonds, or simply purchase physical gold in Kannur to start investing in this advantageous asset. Take your monetary requirements and obligations into account before deciding on an avenue. 


How do you find out the gold rate in Kannur?

With a simple web search, you can find the current gold rates in Kannur, online. You can also approach your nearest gold retailers and ask them about the price of gold as well as the associated making charges, if any.

Does the price of gold change daily in Kannur?

The gold price in Kannur can fluctuate daily, as it is influenced by various domestic and international economic factors.

How do you know about the purity of gold?

To decide on the authenticity of gold, you must see that gold articles are subjected to checks through digital machines. Ensure that the gold you purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity and the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) hallmark. These denote the purity of the gold you purchase.

What contributes to changes in Kannur’s gold rates?

Several factors influence gold prices in Kannur. Some of these are as follows:

  • Demand and supply of gold in the city

  • Hoarding practices 

  • Government policies, including taxes like GST

  • No capping on making charges can lead to varying rates 

  • Gold imports and the associated taxes

  • International gold trade in US dollars

  • Changes in currency value

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