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Gold is a perennial metal, withstanding economic instability, acting as a steady investment. Particularly helpful in emergencies as it is an easily liquefiable asset, in Karnataka, people worship gold for its asset value and its beauty. If you want to buy some of the most beautiful gold jewellery this side of the south, you have to know the gold rate today.

Gold Rate in Karnataka

Check out the Gold Price Today in karnataka for different weights below


24 Carat Gold Rate Today

24 Carat Gold Rate Yesterday

Daily Price Change

1 Gram

₹ 7,434

₹ 7,380

   ₹ 54

10 Gram

₹ 74,340

₹ 73,800

   ₹ 540

100 Gram

₹ 7,43,400

₹ 7,38,000

   ₹ 5,400

22 & 24 Carat Gold Rate in karnataka for Last 10 Days




1 Gram

10 Gram

1 Gram

10 Gram

April 19,2024

   ₹ 6,815.00

 ₹ 68,150.00

₹ 7,434.00

 ₹ 74,340.00

April 18,2024

   ₹ 6,765.00

 ₹ 67,650.00

₹ 7,380.00

 ₹ 73,800.00

April 17,2024

   ₹ 6,795.00

 ₹ 67,950.00

₹ 7,413.00

 ₹ 74,130.00

April 16,2024

   ₹ 6,795.00

 ₹ 67,950.00

₹ 7,413.00

 ₹ 74,130.00

April 15,2024

   ₹ 6,705.00

 ₹ 67,050.00

₹ 7,315.00

₹ 73,150.00

April 14,2024

   ₹ 6,650.00

 ₹ 66,500.00

₹ 7,255.00

₹ 72,550.00

April 13,2024

   ₹ 6,650.00

 ₹ 66,500.00

₹ 7,255.00

₹ 72,550.00

April 12,2024

   ₹ 6,720.00

 ₹ 67,200.00

₹ 7,331.00

₹ 73,310.00

April 11,2024

   ₹ 6,620.00

 ₹ 66,200.00

₹ 7,222.00

₹ 72,220.00

April 10,2024

   ₹ 6,610.00

 ₹ 66,100.00

₹ 7,211.00

₹ 72,110.00

GST on Gold in Karnataka

The present gold rate in Karnataka will be affected by factors that will ultimately result in its final cost to the buyer. While buying gold in Karnataka, you should factor in these charges, especially the GST or the Goods and Services Tax levied by the Indian government on gold value. The GST is imposed at 3% of the value of the gold. Furthermore, GST may be imposed on making charges, to the tune of 5% of those charges.

Gold and its Investment in Karnataka

For you to know of the gold price today in Karnataka is essential. This affects your planning of the purchase of gold. Moreover, you should note that the few gold reserves of India, the Kolar Mines, are located in Karnataka. For centuries, gold in Karnataka has been respected as a metal that has royal standards. Karnataka has a host of traders and jewellers selling gold at various stores across the state. The majority of people living in Karnataka only think of buying gold jewellery. As a state in India, Karnataka is a leader in education, and you will discover a lot of the younger population aspiring towards lucrative careers. This is the segment of the population that realises the benefit of gold investment channels like and gold ETFs.

How to Invest in Gold ETFs in Karnataka

Simply put, Gold ETFs are exchange-traded funds that have their investment in gold. Traded on the stock market, you can make direct gold investments via these. This is one of the easiest and safest ways to invest in gold, as transactions are transparent. Here are the features and benefits of availing Gold ETFs:

  • Risk like theft, purity, etc., is eliminated.

  • The liquidity of Gold ETFs is high.

  • You can trade in Gold ETFs conveniently online, much like you trade in stocks.

  • These are regulated, so the interests of investors remain protected at all times.


In order to invest in Gold ETFs, you should know today’s gold rate. Karnataka has gold rates displayed outside showrooms, but you can always find this conveniently online.

How to Invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds in Karnataka

Introduced by the Indian government in 2015, Sovereign Gold Bonds are issued periodically. Announcements for the same are made, and designated banks and post offices can issue these. A Reserve Bank of India initiative, issues are made open for subscription with the following features:

  • This gold investment scheme is issued for a tenure of 8 years, with exit possibility in the fifth, sixth and seventh years.

  • The minimum amount you can invest is worth a gram of gold and the maximum up to the value of 4 kg gold. This is why, today, the gold rate in Karnataka, per gram, may be prudent to take note of.

  • You may pay for your bonds via cash, upto a value of Rs.20,000, but more than this value must be paid with a DD, cheque, or online payment.

  • Bonds are released for issue on the basis of the value of 24 carat gold.

How to Check the Purity of Gold in Karnataka

Being aware of the gold price in Karnataka is important for buying gold in the state, but once you know this, you should be very sure of the authenticity of the gold you are buying. The following ways are useful checks of gold purity:

  • Purity machines - Most retailers have purity machines, digital in nature, to test gold. With purity standards of 24 carat for coins and bricks and 22 carat for jewellery in mind, machines can accurately tell you the purity level in the metal tested.

  • Magnet testing - Gold is non-ferrous in its components. Thus, it doesn’t get attracted to magnets. This is often used as a basic check to evaluate the genuineness of gold.

  • Hallmarks - Jewellery and other gold articles are hallmarked or stamped to validate purity. These stamps are authorised by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). Usually, such hallmarks should be displayed on the jewellery you buy.

What is the demand for Gold in Karnataka?

At the time of Indian festivals and weddings, gold sees its peak demand in Karnataka. However, gold is always a sought-after metal in Karnataka. The most appropriate time when gold is bought in Karnataka is Diwali. The second most important times are at Akshaya Tritiya and Dussehra. Furthermore, besides just wearing jewellery, people in this state love to give it as gifts. This is why it is integral to know the gold rate. 916 Bangalore price is important to be aware of, additionally because this represents 22 carat hallmark gold, which is commonly available.

How is the gold rate in Karnataka determined?

There are various factors that go into determining today’s gold rate. Karnataka is a state that always has a high demand for this metal. The factors that determine the rate are usually similar to those that affect it and cause rate movements. Listed here are the main factors that determine gold prices:

  • Policies of the government - India hardly has any natural reserves of gold, forcing the import of gold. When gold prices rise internationally, the government is compelled to curb the amount of imported gold. This causes demand in the country and prices go up.

  • Inflation causes - When inflation hits India, gold is seen as a sure way of holding wealth. Hence, people are drawn to buying more gold, and this causes a rise in demand. So, prices go up.

  • Taxes - Government and state taxes on gold can play a large role in determining the gold rate.

What is the mandatory checklist for buying gold in Karnataka?

Buying gold may not be a challenge, and it's easy to get carried away in jewellery stores, especially in Karnataka, where you get some of the best designs in gold jewellery in the country. More than just being aware of the present gold rate in Karnataka, you should mandatorily stress the following while buying gold:

  • Go to a recommended dealer or purchase from a large branded store.

  • Make sure of the gold’s purity.

  • See that your gold has all the necessary hallmarks.

  • Get certification for your gold articles and an invoice for future resale and tax purposes.

  • Make sure that you pay reasonable making charges and taxes on these are charged appropriately.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Gold in Karnataka

Today, Karnataka gold price is very significant for buying gold anywhere in the state. Additionally keep the following in mind while you are buying gold:

  • Know the gold price for 1 gram of gold.

  • Check the authenticity of the retailer.

  • Evaluate the purity of the metal. You can insist that your gold is put through a purity machine or look for hallmark gold.

  • Find out the charges for making the jewellery as this is left open to sellers to charge as they please.

  • Insist on a gold certificate.

  • Make sure you get an invoice for your purchase. This is important, tax-wise and if you wish to resell your gold in future.

What are the factors that influence the gold rate in Karnataka?

When you are buying gold today, the gold rate in Karnataka per gram is vital to know. Nonetheless, do you know how this rate is arrived at? Many factors have roles to play in influencing the rates of gold. Listed below are key factors that influence gold rate, Karnataka-wise:

  • The Indian Bullion and Jewellers Association - This is the association that decides the final rate of gold in a particular state. Based on several factors, like supply and demand, prices may rise or go down.

  • Supply and demand - These variables drive prices of all commodities, and since gold is always in high demand here, Karnataka gold prices remain peaked.

  • Inflation factors - Gold represents an inflation hedge as its price remains fairly steady during times of economic downturn. When the cost of other commodities rises, people see gold as a safety measure. They tend to buy more at this time, but gradually, this creates a demand and rates of gold go up.

  • Currency shifts - Gold is imported from abroad and traded in the US dollar currency. When the rupee value, against the US dollar, falls, the price of gold increases, as India buys gold from abroad at a depreciating rupee value.

  • International gold rates - When the rates of gold on the international market surge, India has to buy less of an amount of gold as far as their planned budget goes. This creates a short supply within India, and prices go up.

  • Tariffs on gold - Gold attracts local tariffs and these may be state tariffs that are imposed on gold in Karnataka. When local taxes rise, so does the gold rate.

  • Rates of Interest - When interest rates in other investment instruments fall, for instance, in fixed deposits, people search for alternate ways to build assets and gold is a ready investment solution. Hence, the demand for the metal rises.

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What are the different places where one can buy gold in Karnataka?

To budget for youar gold buying, you have to be aware of the current gold rate in Karnataka. This will be exhibited outside most large branded showrooms in Karnataka, such as Ganjam and Malabar Gold. Several people prefer to purchase gold from large showrooms as although making charges may be high, these give you certified and hallmark gold. You can also buy gold at small dealers, but you must ensure you are getting purity standards and authentic rates.


What determines today’s price of gold in Karnataka?

There are many factors that are responsible for the current gold rate in Karnataka. Some key factors are supply and demand, inflation, rates of interest, currency fluctuations and taxes.

How do you find the price of 22 carat gold in Karnataka?

You can find out daily gold rates in the state of Karnataka both online and offline. Offline, gold prices are displayed for 22 carat gold at the cost of 10 grams, at leading jewellery retailers and showrooms. 

Is there a demand for gold in Karnataka?

There is a huge demand for gold all over the state of Karnataka, and people indulge in shopping for jewellery the most in this state. Buying gold is usually undertaken at festival times or on special occasions like weddings. 

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