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Gold Price Per Gram in Pune

Gold has always been part of festivities and celebrations in Pune and across the country. Investors have also seen it as a lucrative investment. However, the gold rate in Pune fluctuates daily. As such, you must be aware of the gold rate today in Pune if you wish to purchase or invest in it. 


So, check out the gold price today in Pune for different weights below.


24 Carat Gold Rate Today

24 Carat Gold Rate Yesterday

Daily Price Change

1 Gram

₹ 7,434

₹ 7,380

     ₹ 54

10 Gram

₹ 74,340

₹ 73,800

     ₹ 540

100 Gram

₹ 7,43,400

₹ 7,38,000

     ₹ 5,400

22 & 24 Carat Gold Rate in Pune for the Last 10 Days

Gold price in pune with fluctuations in the last few days, is shown below:




1 Gram

10 Gram

1 Gram

10 Gram

April 19, 2024

₹ 6,815.00

₹ 68,150.00

₹ 7,434.00

 ₹ 74,340.00

April 18, 2024

₹ 6,765.00

₹ 67,650.00

₹ 7,380.00

 ₹ 73,800.00

April 17, 2024

₹ 6,795.00

₹ 67,950.00

₹ 7,413.00

 ₹ 74,130.00

April 16, 2024

₹ 6,795.00

₹ 67,950.00

₹ 7,413.00

 ₹ 74,130.00

April 15, 2024

₹ 6,705.00

₹ 67,050.00

₹ 7,315.00

₹ 73,150.00

April 14, 2024

₹ 6,650.00

₹ 66,500.00

₹ 7,255.00

₹ 72,550.00

April 13, 2024

₹ 6,650.00

₹ 66,500.00

₹ 7,255.00

₹ 72,550.00

April 12, 2024

₹ 6,620.00

₹ 66,200.00

₹ 7,331.00

₹ 73,310.00

April 11, 2024

₹ 6,620.00

₹ 66,200.00

₹ 7,222.00

₹ 72,220.00

April 10, 2024

₹ 6,610.00

₹ 66,100.00

₹ 7,211.00

₹ 72,110.00

Gold Rate Calculator

As gold is an important commodity, you must know the gold price today in Pune before making a purchase. You can use the gold rate calculator on Bajaj Markets to get these prices in your city online. This digital tool is easy to use and simplifies the process greatly. 

Gold Investment in Pune

If you are looking to invest in Gold in Pune, you’ll get a multitude of investment options. But before investing in Gold, you need to be clear about certain things, such as 

  • Reason behind investing

  • Tax liability

  • Gold price in Pune

  • Other investment options 


Here are various gold options you can avail in India to invest for good returns:

1. Physical Gold:

The populace in Pune has a special fascination with Gold, particularly gold jewellery. Another major alternative is investing in gold coins and bars in Pune. But you should be careful while buying either of these. 

2. Digital Gold:

It is certified and insured pure gold that can be purchased digitally at the same gold rate in Pune through


  • Financial institutions

  • E-wallets

  • Broking firms


Moreover, you can even opt for its delivery in a physical form whenever you wish. 

3. Gold ETFs and Mutual Funds:

Holding gold in physical form at home can be risky, so you can choose to invest in Gold ETFs. These ETFs reflect the gold prices in the domestic market without price fluctuations due to demand and supply dynamics.  

4. Sovereign Gold Bonds:

The central bank issues government bonds against the value of physical gold for a limited time in a year. These can be purchased from:

  • Post Offices

  • Banks

  • Stock exchanges

  • Stock Holding Corporation of India

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Points to Remember When Buying Gold in Pune

  • Certification

Make sure you always buy certified gold jewellery with BIS hallmarking, as it will be easy to exchange in the future. It also ensures the reliability and purity of gold.

  • Purity

Purity is one of the most important factors to look into. Usually, 22-carat gold is used for jewellery making, which is 92% pure. But, on the other hand, the 24-carat gold becomes too soft as it is 99.99% pure. Also, note that the gold price today in Pune for 22-carat and 24-carat will differ.  

  • Weight

Gold is mostly purchased based on its weight. Therefore, you need to ensure that you get the gold weighed in front of you and that you’re not charged for anything extra.

  • Labour charges

Labour charges, also known as making charges, are levied on gold ornaments. Overlooking this charge can lead to pay a much higher premium, and you should negotiate to get the best deal. 

Factors that Affect Gold Prices in Pune

Today, trading in gold is a highly-preferred investment mode for investors who are financially stable and have the risk-appetite required for this market. It requires cautious monitoring of investments as gold prices are liable to change for multiple reasons. 


The following are some factors that affect the gold price in Pune:

  • Inflation: 

Gold functions as an effective hedge against inflation, which is why investors tend to hold gold when the inflation rate shoots up. In contrast, gold prices fall when inflation goes down.

  • Interest Rate:

Interest rate and price of gold have an inversely proportional relationship. It means that people sell their gold to earn higher profits when the interest rates are higher, taking down the price of this precious metal.

  • Government Reserves:

Every central bank (including the RBI) holds gold in the form of reserves. Therefore, when RBI buys more gold than it sells, it results in a price hike of this metal.

  • Geo-political Situations

Certain geo-political factors, such as the Indian Rupee's value against the US Dollar, political crises or wars in a particular part of the world, can make gold expensive.

How is the Purity of Gold Evaluated in Pune?

When purchasing gold jewellery or investing in gold coins or bars, you must look at some certifications to ensure its purity. These are:

  • BIS Hallmark

When buying gold, look for the BIS hallmark stamp. This stamp certifies that the Bureau of Indian Standards has checked its purity. 

  • Fineness Grade

The fineness grade also is another sign of gold's purity. As mentioned above, while 24-carat gold is 99.99% pure, 22-carat gold is 92% pure. 

  • HUID Alphanumeric Code

The Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID) number is a six-digit unique alphanumeric code that is etched on gold jewellery. It also showcases that purity standards have been maintained. 

GST Impact on Gold Rate in Pune

A 3% of goods and services tax (GST) is levied on the total value of the gold jewellery, coins and bars. In addition, a 5% GST is also applied to the making charges.

FAQs on Gold Rate in Pune

When is the right time to buy Gold in Pune?

There are times when the demand dips, and so does the gold rate in Pune. So, invest in the metal during the off-season to make the most of your investment. So, the best time would be when no major festival is around.

Where can one buy Gold in Pune?

The city boasts of some of the best shops to buy Gold in Maharashtra. There are a lot of established names like P. N Gadgil & Sons (established in 1882), Kalyan Jewellers, KP Gems World. Others include Krishna Jewellers, VS Waikar and Sons, Sagar Jewellers and Tikhe Saraf, etc.

How to buy Gold in Pune?

Buying Gold has been made extremely convenient, given the multiple gold traders available across the city. However, there are still a few key points one should keep in mind before spending their hard-earned money.


Research is the most important as gold rates change daily. Observing trends and staying abreast of changes can ensure that you get a good deal on the investment. Gold can also be purchased in different forms, with each one offering unique advantages. Choose an investment avenue which matches your needs. 


Lastly, gold is generally certified into two categories - KDM Gold and Hallmarked Gold. These are categories based on the metal used for alloying and purity. KDM Gold means gold mixed with cadmium whereas Hallmarked Gold certifies international level of purity. 

How is the price of gold in Pune determined?

The Indian Bullion Association determines the price of gold in Pune. However, the rate of this precious metal depends on various factors that are mentioned above. 

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