What are Sports Injuries?

You might suffer injuries or mishaps while engaging in a sport or a fitness regime. In other words, injuries you might sustain during a workout or while playing a sport are termed sports injuries. 

Different Types of Injuries

Sports injuries can be acute or chronic. Let’s understand what they mean –

  • Acute injuries

Acute injuries are those that you suffer suddenly, like a sudden fall, a twist or a blow. Common examples include a sprain, fracture, dislocation, etc.

  • Chronic injuries

Chronic injuries develop with time when a particular body area is used continuously. The overuse of the body part ultimately results in chronic injury. Common examples include a stress fracture, tennis elbow, etc.

Who Gets Sports Injuries?

Sportsmen, athletes, and individuals engaged in fitness regimes are prone to sports injuries. Furthermore, individuals associated with manual labour are also susceptible to such injuries. 


The injuries occur or become more probable due to various risk factors which includes–


  • Using the wrong exercising technique or form.

  • Training for too long, too frequently, or too often.

  • Not wearing the correct shoes.

  • Intensifying the physical activity without preparing your body for the same.

  • Not wearing the right gear or avoiding the required safety gear.

  • Prior injuries or accidents.

  • Taking harmful medications.

Some of the common types of sports injuries are as follows –

  • Shoulder-related Injuries

These injuries are common in sports or exercise regimens requiring shoulder use. Some of the common shoulder-related injuries include impingement, rotator-cuff injuries, and instability. 

  • Elbow Injuries

Athletes or fitness enthusiasts that use their hands often can develop elbow injuries with time as the elbow is overused. Some common forms of elbow injuries include little league elbow, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and ulnar collateral ligament injury.

  • Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are common among runners and athletes who perform high-tension and high-strength knee routines. Common examples include fracture, dislocation, runner’s knee, torn ligament or tendon, and meniscal tear.

  • Leg and Ankle Injuries

Leg and ankle injuries are also common among sportsmen, athletes, and fitness experts. Some examples include hamstring strain, groin pull, shin splints, ankle strain, and Achilles tendinitis. 

Symptoms of Sports Injuries

The symptoms of sports injuries depend on the type of injury you suffer. In the case of acute injuries, the symptoms would be as follows –


  • Extreme bruising, reddening, and/or swelling of the affected area.

  • Severe and sudden pain.

  • The incapability of placing weight on the affected area.

  • Severe weakness.

  • Visible dislocation of a bone or a joint.

For chronic injuries that develop over time, symptoms include the following –


  • Swelling of the affected area.

  • Dull pain in the affected area.

  • Major pain when you play or exercise.

Is There any Coverage for Sports Injuries under Health Insurance?

Health insurance plans in India cover injuries that might land you in the hospital. Even if such injuries are attributable to sports or any fitness regime, you will get coverage for them. 

Under a standard health insurance plan, coverage is allowed for the following types of medical expenses that you can incur in a sports injury –


  • Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses.

  • Ambulance costs.

  • Inpatient hospitalisation expenses when you are hospitalised for 24 hours or more following the injury.

  • Daycare treatments if you are hospitalised for a few hours for receiving treatment.

Moreover, critical illness health insurance plans also allow coverage for fractures. If you suffer a fracture, the critical illness policy will pay a lump sum benefit that would help you avail the required medical attention without burning a hole in your pocket.


There are personal accident health insurance plans, too that cover accidental deaths and disablements.  Fractures and a temporary permanent disability due to sports-related injuries would be covered under such plans. You would get a lump sum benefit depending on the injury that would help you meet the medical costs. 


There are specifically-designed sports injury plans too for specific sports injuries. Such plans cover accidental hospitalisations and other types of injuries you might suffer. 


So, you can choose from a range of health insurance plans to cover the injuries that might prove financially challenging in the absence of the coverage.


Indulging in a sport or a fitness regimen is highly recommended to maintain an active lifestyle and stay away from lifestyle illnesses. However, you might suffer injuries when engaging in such activities. Such injuries usually require medical attention and given the rising cost of medicine, a health insurance plan proves beneficial. So, opt for a suitable health plan that covers sports injuries so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle and face the financial repercussions of any injuries you might suffer. 

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FAQs on Sports Injuries

Health insurance plans are usually available for a year. However, you can renew the coverage lifelong for non-stop protection against sports injuries.

Some health plans cover OPD expenses, i.e., medical consultations, diagnostics, and pharmacy expenses when you are not admitted to the hospital. If your plan covers such OPD expenses, you will get covered even when you don’t stay in the hospital.

Yes, most health plans cover advanced medical treatments for sports injuries.


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