Taking a loan, whether it is for financing a new house, car, bike or even personal needs is easier these days thanks to online availability. This combined with the ease of payments in which you have the convenience of paying in monthly instalments also makes them attractive. However, have you ever thought about what would happen if you are not able to pay that EMI in time in case you are injured in an accident? 

It is keeping this in mind that Finserv MARKETS has partnered with Manipal Cigna Health Insurance for Accident EMI protection- two EMI. The plan can help you pay up to two EMIs even when you are disabled or injured in an accident.

Plan Details:








Sum Insured (Rs.)






Premium incl. GST (Rs.)







Features and Benefits

  • Choice of the sum insured

    Choose your sum insured from Rs.5000 to Rs. 50,000 for the Twin EMI accident insurance as per your monthly liability

  • Coverage for a huge age group

    You can buy Accident EMI protection- two EMI if you are between the age of 18 years to 65 years

  • Duration

    The policy is valid for one from the time of its purchase

What is Covered?

  • Income replacement

    If you are disabled due to an accident and unable to go to work for at least a month, the plan will cover up to 2 EMIs payable by you

  • Disability cover

    Apart from hospitalization, the policyholder is also provided coverage for Coma, total disability( both permanent and temporary as well as Permanent Partial Disability

  • Cash benefit

    The amount of cash that you can claim will be in proportion to the EMI contribution that you are required to make to the existing insurance-linked loan account

What is Not Covered?

  • Sports accidents

    Twin EMI accident insurance does not provide coverage for any injury sustained by you while performing an adventure sports activity

  • Previous medical issues

    The policy will not cover any existing health conditions the insured might be suffering from at the time of purchase

How to Apply for Accident EMI Protection-Two EMI Cover?

Applying for a Accident EMI Protection-Two EMI Cover is fairly simple. You could avail the insurance instantly over a few clicks by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Visit Finserv MARKETS

    Visit our website and go to the Pocket Insurance and VAS products page

  • Select Product

    Select Accident EMI Protection-Two EMI Cover and click on Buy Now

  • Fill Details

    Fill out the full details required in the online application form

  • Make your payment

    Once the application is complete, make the premium payment and you’re good to go now

Claim Process 

You can easily file a claim for Twin EMI accident insurance.

  • Call the toll-free number 1800-102-4462 and talk to a customer executive from Manipal Cigna Health Insurance to know more about the claim filing process, if you are doing so for the first time.
  • Alternatively, you can also send a mail to servicesupport@manipalcigna.com along with the necessary documents for the claim processing. 


  • ✔️What is the premium that I need to pay for a sum insured of Rs. 5000?

    You need to pay just Rs. 29 per year for the plan

  • ✔️I want to insure 2 EMIs and have zeroed upon a sum insured of Rs 25,000. What will be the premium?

    You will have to pay an annual premium of Rs.59

  • ✔️What is the highest sum insured option for the plan?

    It is Rs. 50,000 for which you need to pay a yearly premium of Rs. 99

  • ✔️Apart from the above, do I have other choices of the sum insured?

    Of course, you can choose to pay Rs.39 and Rs. 54 for a sum insured of Rs. 10, 00 and Rs. 20,000 respectively


  • ✔️I am a diabetic. Would any complication at the time of the accident, arising out of my condition be covered?

    Unfortunately, underlying medical conditions are excluded from coverage under the plan