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Animal attacks can happen anywhere and at any time – especially in India where there exist a vast number of stray animals that can be seen anywhere. Stray animals can act unpredictably as can pets whom you aren’t necessarily familiar with. Availing treatment for accidents involving animals can be expensive. In order to protect yourself against expenses arising from the same, consider availing of the FlexiCare Group Insurance Policy - Accidental Animal Attack (Domestic / Wild) plan provided by Manipal Cigna Health Insurance. With this plan, insured individuals are entitled to coverage amounting to up to INR 3 Lakhs.

Plan details:

Sum Insured (Rs.)

Premium (Incl. GST)


Rs. 41


Rs. 53

Features & Benefits

  • Budget-friendly Premium

    Policyholders may avail of this plan in one of two formats based on the budget as this plan is extremely pocket-friendly.

  • Annual Cover

    This plan is valid for a timeframe of 1 year

  • Covers a large age group

    This plan may be availed by individuals falling in the range of 18 to 65 years of age.

What's Covered?

  • Treatment Charges

    This policy provides insured individuals with coverage for the treatment of accidents involving animals (domestic or wild) This includes hospital room rent, medicines, and tests in addition to ICU, transfusion, and doctors’ fees. Animals included are mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, and amphibians.

  • Hospitalisation Costs

    Insured individuals are provided with coverage for inadvertent, accidental hospitalization amounting to the sum insured. This, of course, is dependent on the diagnosis being backed up with a clinical confirmation provided by a qualified consultant and the admission to hospital, and claims for the same are made within the policy year.

  • Doctor’s Consultation

    In the event that the insured individual needs to visit a doctor, coverage is provided for the same prior to and during hospitalization.

  • Diagnostic expenses

    Diagnostic tests conducted during the pre-outlined pre-hospitalization period or during the hospitalization period are provided with coverage as per this policy.

  • Medication

    Expenses incurred as a result of purchasing medicine required as a result of hospitalization pertaining to accidental animal attack are provided with coverage.

What is not covered?

  • Pre-existing diseases are not covered by this plan and therefore cannot be used when applying for a claim.

  • Accidents incurred as a result of participation in adventure sports are not included under this plan.

  • Accidents incurred as a result of participation in adventure sports are not included under this plan.

In order to have an understanding of all exclusions and list of non-payable expenses, please peruse the policy wordings.

How to Apply for the Accidental Animal Attack (Domestic / Wild) policy

  • Visit Bajaj Markets

    Visit our website and go to the Pocket Insurance and VAS products page

  • Select Product

    Choose the Accidental Animal Attack (Domestic / Wild) policy from the wide array of products

  • Fill Details

    Fill in your details like name and phone number in the online form.

  • Make your payment

    Pay for your insurance using your preferred mode whether UPI, mobile wallets or debit and credit card.

Claim Process

Applying for a claim is very simple. Just connect with the team put together to help serve you best. They are available via the following methods.


  • Email –
  • Insurer’s Toll-free number provides insured individuals with immediate action - 1800-102-4462


Yes, this plan provides insured individuals with coverage aimed at providing funds for medications linked to hospitalization.

Yes, diagnostic tests conducted prior to or during the period of being hospitalized are covered under this plan. This is conditional on the fact that the same be conducted within the specified pre-hospitalization time frame.

The time frame this policy is valid for is a single year.

Individuals aged between 16 and 65 years of age are entitled to avail of this plan.



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