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What is Accidental Hospitalisation (Including Adventure Sports) Insurance?

Indulging in adventure sports can cause an adrenaline rush owing to the thrill factor involved in participating in them. That said, they can be incredibly risky and can result in major accidents. Availing treatment for these accidents can be very expensive and coverage for these injuries is generally not offered under regular health insurance plans. In order to be financially protected against the expenses arising from the same, consider getting the FlexiCare Group Insurance Policy - Accidental Hospitalisation (Including Adventure Sports) plan.

Key Features of the Accidental Hospitalisation for Adventure Sports Insurance

Let’s take a look at the main features offered under the Accidental Hospitalisation plan: 

Hospitalisation Expenses

Accidental Hospitalisation Insurance provides coverage for accidental in-patient hospitalisation expenses.

Covers Pre and Post-Hospitalisation Costs

The plan provides coverage for pre and post-hospitalisation expenses.

Covers Diagnostic Costs

The cost of diagnostic expenses is also taken care of under the plan.

Medicinal Expenses

The accidental hospitalisation for adventure sports insurance plan also offers coverage for medicinal expenses during treatment.

How to Apply for the Accidental Hospitalisation (Including Adventure Sports) Insurance Plan?

You can apply for the accidental hospitalisation for adventure sports insurance plan at Bajaj Markets in a matter of minutes by following the simple steps given below:

  • Click on Buy Now

    Go to the page and tap on ‘Buy Now’.

  • Submit details

    Submit the details in the online application form.

  • Pay online

    Once you submit the application form, pay the premium charges online to complete the process. The policy will then be sent to your registered email ID.

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the basic eligibility criteria for accidental hospitalisation for adventure sports insurance:


  • The lower age limit for applying for the plan is 18 years. 

  • The upper age limit for applying for the plan is 65 years. 

Inclusions Under the Accidental Hospitalisation (Including Adventure Sports) Insurance

  • Treatment Charges

    This accidental hospitalisation for adventure sports policy provides insured individuals with coverage for the treatment during accidental hospitalisation. This includes hospital room rent, medicines, tests in addition to ICU, transfusion, and doctors’ fees.

  • Hospitalisation Expenses

    Insured individuals are provided with coverage for accidental hospitalisation amounting to the sum insured, including pre and post-hospitalisation expenses covered for a period of 10 days. This, of course, is dependent on the diagnosis being backed up with a clinical confirmation provided by the consultant and the admission to the hospital and claims for the same are made within the policy year.

  • Doctor’s Fees

    In the event that the insured individual needs to visit a doctor, coverage is provided for the same prior to and during hospitalisation.

  • Diagnostic expenses

    Diagnostic tests conducted during the pre-hospitalisation period or during the hospitalisation period are provided with coverage as per the accidental hospitalisation for adventure sports insurance.

  • Medication

    Expenses incurred as a result of purchasing medicines required during hospitalisation are covered under the accidental hospitalisation for adventure sports insurance.

Accidental Hospitalisation (Including Adventure Sports) Insurance Policy Details 

If you want to understand the specifications of the accidental hospitalisation for adventure sports insurance plan in more detail, you can take a look at the table given below: 

Name of the Plan 

Accidental Hospitalisation Insurance 

Starting rate of premiums 

₹ 384

Maximum sum insured 

₹3 Lakhs

Policy tenure

1 year 


Individuals between the ages of 18-65 can avail this policy

Exclusions Under the Accidental Hospitalisation Insurance Plan 

The following are the items that are not covered under the accidental insurance plan: 

  • Pre-Existing Conditions 

Any illnesses or diseases that the insured has before buying the policy will not be covered under this plan. 

  • Dental Treatments 

Dental treatment, orthodontic treatment, dentures, or surgery of any kind are not included unless necessitated due to an accident and require a minimum of 48 uninterrupted hours of hospitalisation.

  • Diet Supplements 

Dietary supplements and substances which can be purchased without a prescription (unless of course, prescribed by a medical practitioner).

  • Drugs and Alcohol

The treatment of addictions of any kind including but not limited to alcohol and drugs or consequences that arise owing to these addictions.

  • Prosthetics Not Recommended by the Doctor

Prostheses, corrective devices and/or medical appliances, which are not required intra-operatively for the illness/injury.

  • Cosmetic Treatments 

Expenses for cosmetic or plastic surgery or any treatment to change appearance unless for reconstruction following an accident as recommended by a doctor. 

How to Make a Claim under the Accidental Hospitalisation Plan?

In order to apply for a claim, you can connect with the claims team put together to help serve you best. They are available via the following methods.


  • Email –

  • Insurer’s toll-free number provides insured individuals with immediate action - 1800-102-4462.

  • Once you receive the claim form, fill it up accurately and attach the required documents such as medical bills and doctor’s reports before submitting the form.

Customer Care Details

You can connect with us at Bajaj Markets for any queries. Just write to us at:

Accidental Hospitalisation (Including Adventure Sports) Insurance FAQs

Are there any age limits in place pertaining to who can apply for accidental hospitalisation cover?

Yes, there is an age limit allowing only those aged between 18 and 65 years of age to apply for this plan. 

If I pay for this insurance policy online, where will I receive details pertaining to my activated insurance plan?

 The insurance policy details will be sent to your registered email address.

What is the validity of the accidental policy plan?

The time frame this policy is valid for is a single year.

Is claim coverage valid immediately?

Coverage is only provided to insured individuals following 48 uninterrupted hours of being hospitalised.

What is the maximum sum insured under the accidental hospitalisation insurance?

 The maximum sum insured available under the plan is ₹3,00,000.

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