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The ration card is a very key multi-purpose legal document that allows a state's resident to purchase necessary items such as rice, sugar, pulses at subsidized rates through the Meghalaya Government. The ration card can also be used as proof of identification as well as proof of residency in all private and public sector official operations. The government recommends that the eligible people of the state obtain a Meghalaya ration card since it allows the bearer to receive numerous subsidies.

Meghalaya Ration Card List 2021

You can check the Meghalaya ration card list 2021 on the Food Civil Supplies and Consumers Affairs Department website. Residents can now apply for the ration card online through the website and wait for the list to be updated on the website. Once the administrators prepare the ration card, it is then updated on the official website of the Food Civil Supplies and Consumers Affairs Department (FCS). Generally, all eligible candidates’ names appear on the list, and those not eligible will be eliminated from the list.

Eligibility Criteria for Meghalaya Ration Card

It is advisable for the residents of Meghalaya to apply for a ration card considering its immense benefits and advantages. But before applying, it would be sensible to read up on the eligibility criteria and only then continue to apply for a Meghalaya ration card. Here are some of the key criteria to consider before applying for a ration card:

  1.  The primary criteria is the age of the citizens as they must be at least 18 years of age to apply for a ration card

  2.  The second criteria is that the residents should not have any other state ration card as that would be a violation of rules

How to Apply for a Meghalaya Ration Card?

The Meghalaya ration card application procedure has become exceedingly simple with the state government's provision of the National Food Security Act 2013 (NFSA) for citizens' convenience.

To apply for a Meghalaya ration card online, follow these simple steps –

  • Step 1: Fill in an application form to get a new Meghalaya Ration card under the NFSC
  • Step 2: There are different claim forms for rural and urban areas. Select the one for you and fill in the details in the prescribed format as per the respective area.
  • Step 3: ·The general information required is the name, address, family information, gas connection details, income information, and bank account details.
  • Step 4: Once you have filled in all the details, just submit the form and supporting documents to the local supply office.
  • Step 5: The Clerk will then verify all the documents and provide the applicant with an acknowledgment slip that must be safeguarded for any future use.
  • Step 6: In the next stage, the clerk will forward the application and supporting documents to the supply officer of the respective area.
  • Step 7: The supply officer will then visit the home of the applicant to make sure that all criteria are fulfilled.
  • Step 8: Once the physical verification is done, the ration card will be issued if the applicant comes under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) .
  • Step 9: The ration card will then be finalized with the family name and photo and recorded in the master register.
  • Step 10: In the final step, the applicant will submit the acknowledgment slip and receive the Meghalaya Ration Card.
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Documents Required to Apply for a Meghalaya Ration

The documents required for the Meghalaya ration card online application are:

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Verified Income Certificate

  • An Identity Proof

  • Certificate to prove the age of the applicant

  • A passport size picture of the applicant

  • Verified address proof

  • Verified Mobile Number

Benefits of Meghalaya Ration Card

A citizen is liable to enjoy the Meghalaya ration card benefits like –

  • The below poverty line cardholders can avail the benefit of subsidies provided by the Government of Meghalaya. The list of food commodities and goods can be food grains like rice, pulses, sugar, and petroleum products like gas and kerosene.

  • Meghalaya Ration Card serves as an identity document as it has all the details of the family members included in it. Hence the applicant can buy a property, apply for a bank loan, or even apply for a passport or a PAN card using this one multi-purpose ration card.


Given the simple eligibility criteria and the easy application process, you have no reason to delay getting your ration card in the state of Meghalaya. Once you get your card, you can experience all the benefits it offers, like obtaining rice, pulses, sugar, gas and kerosene at subsidised prices. 


What’s more, your ration card can also be used as a valid proof of your identity or address when you are availing a housing loan. Visit Bajaj Markets today.

FAQs on Meghalaya Ration Card

How can I apply for a ration card in Meghalaya online?

By logging on to the official website of Food Civil Supplies and Consumers Affairs Dept, select the National Food Security Act option and apply for a new ration card.

How can I get a BPL card in Meghalaya?

To get a new Meghalaya Ration Card, fill an application form in a prescribed format under the urban or rural section. After filling in the required details, submit the form.

How can I check my ration card status?

The applicant can check the ration card status on the official website.

How many wholesalers and fair price shops are there in Meghalaya state?

At present, in Meghalaya, there are a total of 280 wholesalers and 4474 fair-price shops.

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