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To generate an E-Way bill, you need to be registered on the E-Way bill portal. In addition, here are the documents you need to generate the bill:

  • Tax invoice, delivery challan, or bill of sale

  • Transporter ID or vehicle number if the transport is by road

  • Transporter ID, transport document number, and date if the transport is by air, rail, or ship


It is crucial to note that you cannot combine multiple invoices into a single e-Way bill. Instead, you can create a single consolidated e-Way bill if all the goods are being transported by a single vehicle.

Ways to Generate an E-Way Bill

There are multiple ways through which you can generate an E-Way bill easily and conveniently. However, you cannot generate a backdated e-Way bill. Here is an overview of the process you need to follow depending on the mode:


Through the E-Way bill portal (E - Waybill System)

  1. Login your username, password, and captcha

  2. Navigate to the ‘Generate New’ option under the ‘E-Way Bill’ tab

  3. Enter the required details, such as

    • Transaction type and subtype
    • Document type, number, and date

    • To / From section details (Supplier or recipient)

    • Item and transporter details

  4. Submit the request and wait for the bill to be generated


In case of any errors, the screen will display the same. Once the bill is successfully generated, you can keep the E-Way bill number for future use.


Follow these steps:

  1. Login to the E-Way Bill portal

  2. Go to the ‘Registration’ tab and choose ‘For SMS’

  3. Check your registered mobile number and click on ‘Send OTP’

  4. Enter the code and verify your number


Once you register, do the following to generate the bill:

  1. Enter 7738299899 as the recipient

  2. Type the message as per the format and send

  • For suppliers: EWBG TranType RecGSTIN DelPinCode InvNo InvDate TotalValue HSNCode ApprDist Vehicle

  • For transporters: EWBT TranType SuppGSTIN RecGSTIN DelPinCode InvNo InvDate TotalValue HSNCode ApprDist Vehicle


You will receive an SMS with the bill number and date once the bill is generated. Save it for future use. You can also find the SMS codes for generation on the official website.

How to Generate Bulk E-Way Bills

The E-Way bill portal allows you to generate bills in bulk, which can be a convenient option. This process is different from generating a single bill as you will need to upload a JSON file. 


You can get this file by downloading the ‘Vehicle No Updation JSON Preparation’ template. It is available on the portal under the ‘Bulk Generation Tools’ tab. Once you have the file ready, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the portal with your credentials

  2. Go to the ‘E-Way Bill’ tab 

  3. Click on the ‘Generate Bulk’ option

  4. Choose the JSON file you have created

  5. Click on the ‘Upload & Generate’ option

  6. Check and save the bill numbers displayed on the screen

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