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The Mudra loan online application form is now available on the portals of most banks that are officially authorised to offer the MUDRA loan.

Download Mudra Loan Application Form in PDF

If you're interested in applying for a Mudra Loan, follow these steps. 

  • Visit the official Mudra website and search for “PMMY KIT”

  • Click on the first result that appears, which is “PMMY KIT”

  • Download the application form 

How to Fill the Mudra Loan Application Form

  • Step 1: Apply for the Mudra loan by visiting the preferred financial institution's official website.

  • Step 2: Download the Mudra loan online application form and fill it in with your personal details.

  • Step 3:  Complete the KYC documents section by filling in your Voter ID number, Aadhaar number, and driving licence numbers, among others. Also, specify your identity and address proofs.
  • Step 4: Now, fill in any other relevant details with your email id. If you own a business, mention the line of business, the activity/purpose of the business, the proposed plan, annual sales, and other information, as requested on the PMMY form.
  • Step 5: Specify the loan amount and tenure of your choice. Enter your bank account details and read and understand the mentioned declaration carefully. 

  • Step 6: Once you submit the application form by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button that you will see underneath, the financial institution will review the application. 


After the loan application gets approved, you will receive a MUDRA card. You can use it to withdraw the amount from an ATM to use it as per your business requirements.

Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana Application Form: Important Sections

There are several sections in the MUDRA loan application form, which are as follows:

1. Information Required for Official Use: 

For official use, you will need to provide the complete name of your enterprise, the serial number of your application, the name of your branch, and your Mudra Yojana category, which could be either Shishu, Kishor, or Tarun.

2. Business Information:

In addition to the above, you will also be required to provide business information, such as the type of enterprise you have, your business address proof, contact details, and your email ID. You will also need to mention your existing and proposed business activity, as well as your approximate date of commencement of business.

3. For Registered Business, the Following Details are Required

If you have a registered business, you will need to provide: 

  • Your registration number,

  • The act under which it is registered

  • Your registered office address 

  • Caste certificate if you belong to a Scheduled Caste or Tribe, Other backward classes or any other Minority Community.

4. Background Information of the Proprietor/Partners/Directors

You will also need to provide background information about yourself. For this, you must submit a copy of your PAN card, valid ID and address proofs, Director Identity Number information, and contact information

5. Details of the Associate Concerns and the Nature of Their Association

When providing details of associate concerns and the nature of their association, you will need to mention the names and addresses of the associate concerns, current bank details, the nature of the association concerns, and the extent of interest as a proprietor or partner, director, or as an investor in associate concern.

6. Banking/Credit-related facilities availed (₹)

Regarding banking or credit-related facilities availed, you will need to provide information about the types of facilities you have. You will also need to mention: 

  • Your current bank account details

  • The total loan amount which has already been availed,

  • The total outstanding as of the date

  • The security that has been pledged

  • The asset classification status

7. Total Credit Facilities Proposed

For total credit facilities proposed, you will need to mention: 

  • The types of facilities in terms of cash or credit or term loan or even Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee

  • The total loan amount

  • The purpose of the loan

  • The details of the primary security offered with an approximate value

8. For Working Capital: On the Basis of Cash Credit Limit Applied:

You will also need to mention your past performance/future estimates, such as net sales, net profit, and capital (net worth in the case of companies). 

9. For Term Loans, the Following Details Need to be Provided:

  • Types of machine or equipment

  • Name of the supplier

  • Total cost of the machine

  • Contribution that is being made by the promoters, in (₹) terms

  • Total loan amount required

  • The period of repayment along with the granted moratorium period

10. Past Performance/Future Estimates

You will need to provide your net profit and net sales figures, along with details about the existing capital or net worth. 

11. Status Regarding Statutory Obligations

You will need to mention your status regarding statutory obligations, such as registration under the Shops and Establishment Act of 1948, registration with the relevant government bodies that are at the helm of MSME matters (Provisional/ Final), drug licence, latest returns for sales.

12. Declaration

Finally, you need to submit a declaration with the following details. 

  • Declaration with passport-size photographs and signature(s) of the Proprietor/Partners/Director

  • Mention of date and place

  • Acknowledgement slip for loan application under PMMY

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How can I get a MUDRA loan application form?

There are three key steps you need to follow. Firstly, ensure that you have all the documents ready, including identity proof, address proof, business proof, and financial statements. 

Secondly, approach a financial institution that offers Mudra loans, such as a bank or other lending institution. Finally, fill in the Mudra loan application form and submit it with all the necessary documents.

Where to submit the Mudra loan application form?

You can submit your Mudra loan application form at any participating financial institution or bank listed on the Mudra website. Additionally, some banks may allow you to apply online through their website or mobile app. It's important to check with your preferred institution for their specific application submission process.

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