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Chronic Kidney Diseases in India

According to studies done in India in 2018 on ckd (ckd full form - Chronic Kidney Disease), the prevalence of ckd in India ranges from 1-13% based on location. Furthermore, a stage-wise breakdown was provided that showed that those with stage 1 of ckd showed a 7% prevalence of the disease, stages 2 and three had 4.3% each. Those with stage 4 of ckd had a 0.8%, similar to those with stage 5.

While these statistics are not as significant as that of a more commonplace disease, or for something like COVID-19, it definitely indicates a need for treatment and prevention. This article will break down simple measures you can take at home to possibly prevent kidney problems, as well as other remedies etc.

What is CKD?

The ckd full form, chronic kidney disease, is a disease that affects one’s kidneys, leading to a host of problems for the body, and can even lead to severe conditions such as renal failure. The kidneys are responsible for filtering excess fluid and waste from the body. As the kidneys begin to slow down or fail, it leads to a buildup of waste. While some individuals do not display any symptoms and require a lab test to diagnose their illness, others experience symptoms ranging from a cold fatigue and an increase in blood pressure, to kidney damage, abnormal heart rhythms and fluid buildup in the lungs.

Causes of CKD

Chronic Kidney Disease is caused by any disease or illness that causes damage to the kidneys. Put simply, causes of ckd include anything that causes damage to the kidneys, causing them to seize operations at a 100% capacity.

There are a number of diseases that act as  causes of ckd, the primary one being type one of type two diabetes. High blood pressure is also known to be one of the causes of ckd. Furthermore, there are also a number of preexisting conditions that could put an individual at higher risk of developing CKD. High blood pressure is a common culprit here. Various lifestyle habits also are known to be causes of ckd, including smoking and being obese.

CKD Treatment and Diagnosis

There are numerous methods employed to diagnose CKD. As mentioned above, some individuals can only find out they have the disease opon a test because they show no symptoms or causes of ckd. The Estimated Glomerular filtration rate, or eGFR is a good indication of the state that one’s kidneys are in, and if they are healthy or not. Therefore, testing for this might also help detect CKD. A blood test also serves the same purpose and is therefore also employed to test for CKD, as is a urine test. Blood pressure readings also provide insights. 

How to prevent kidney problems

As most would agree, prevention is better than cure. Despite the fact that as mentioned earlier, treatments for ckd stages are in existence that help patients manage the disease. However, one could avoid developing CKD in any ckd stages  but following simple health guidelines. 

  • Sodium

Salt is the infamous aggregator of blood pressure and is one of the leading causes of ckd. Given that blood pressure puts an individual at risk of CKD, avoiding excess salt in one’s meals or better yet, changing the sodium rich seasoning for an alternative version might help prevent CKD in the long run. 

  • Physical activity

As has been previously mentioned above, obesity is a huge risk factor for CKD. Therefore, maintaining a healthy level of physical activity will help prevent this, and improve health levels of an individual across the board. An additional benefit of physical activity (in the correct moderation) is that it also keeps one’s blood pressure down, allowing for prevention of CKD and ckd stages. 

  • Blood sugar levels

Maintaining one’s blood sugar levels can significantly work as a barrier against the development of CKD . Primarily, this will help reduce the chances of developing diabetes, and eliminating this disease will also eliminate a contributing factor to CKD. 

  • Substance consumption

The consumption of alcohol and smoking may not be one of the leading causes of ckd, but they are the perpetrators in the contraction of many other illnesses, that may increase the chances of contracting CKD. Additionally, omitting these substances from your diet will help you maintain a better lifestyle and physical activity, which in turn will also reduce the chances of CKD and other kidney problems.


There are a number of diseases one can contract that could lead to CKD. Similarly, there are also numerous practices that could help reduce the chances of contracting CKD. While it is much agreed that prevention is better than cure, it is also agreed upon that preparing in advance is also key. For this, you need to ensure that your health insurance policy adequately covers ckd and gives you the financial protection needed from any unforeseen emergencies. If you’re in the market for such a policy, Bajaj Markets offers a selection of health insurance policies, ranging from individual to group insurance policies. Customers can browse the Bajaj Markets website to select health insurance policies with no third-party involvement and affordable rates to safeguard them financially against disease including, but certainly not limited to CKD. Getting a policy on Bajaj Markets means a frictionless experience as everything happens online, ensuring that you get the coverage you need when you need it.

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