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It is often said amongst the Indian culture that children are a gift from God. Once you become a parent, you are not just blessed with a child, but also take on many responsibilities. Parents need to focus on the development of their children to ensure that they turn out to be responsible and contributing members of society. Nurture plays an important part in the development of children.


New parents need to learn parenting skills gradually as their babies grow up. Reading up on some tried and tested parenting skills can be of immense help for prospective as well as new parents. Let’s take a look at some important parenting tips for new parents that can be highly helpful in raising your first child.

Parenting Advice: Some Tips for New Parents

Here is some parenting advice for new parents that can help them give their child the best upbringing and care.

  • Establish Rewards Through Positive Reinforcement

It is common practice for parents to punish their children for their bad behaviour. Constant scolding and punishments lead to kids rebelling against their parents. Children internalise the belief that there is something with them and they will be rebuked for misbehaviours. The incentive to improve their behaviour is often missing and hence they grow up with inappropriate learnings as a part of their personality.

A sound parenting tip here is to reward your child’s positive behaviour. Acknowledging their positive behaviour would incentivise them to act responsibly. Not reprimanding your child for mischievousness may seem difficult, but positive reinforcement to teach kids new things is a good method in the long term.

  • Communicate With Your Kids

Communication is the most important tool you have as a parent to guide and teach the right behaviours to your kids. Many parents often ask their kids to do or not do something without providing legitimate reasons. This can be confusing for kids as they don’t know the motives behind your commands.

If you explain to your kids how certain activities may be harmful to them or others, they may understand the reasoning behind your commands and are much more likely to follow them. Let your kids know that you think they are mature enough to understand problems and their consequences. This will make them feel important.

  • Be a Role Model

Parents are the biggest source of influence on a child’s behaviour. Children tend to learn a lot by just being around their parents. If you want your kids to grow up well-disciplined, avoid doing things that you would not like them to mimic. Children pick up behavioural cues from their parents very quickly. You must act responsibly and be a role model for your children so that they learn correct behaviours through observation and imitation.

  • Spend Time With Your kids

With the number of responsibilities and distractions in today’s life, parents often fail to spend adequate time with their kids. Many times, children tend to misbehave just to gain the attention of their parents. One of the key parenting skills is to manage the schedule in a way to have enough time for children. Make it a habit to have meals together or have a chat before going to sleep. Set aside a portion of the day to spend quality time together as a family.

  • Listen to Their Problems

Make sure your kids know that you are a safe space for them to share their feelings, problems or any issues they may be having. Usually, children hide their problems from their parents for the fear of being scolded and try to deal with issues on their own. This can sometimes lead to bigger problems. However, if you make them feel safe about sharing their issues, they will always look to you for guidance and you can take them on the right path.

  • Set Limits to Discipline Your Kids

While positive reinforcement is a good way to teach kids the right behaviours, you will also need to set some firm limits to discipline them. This does not mean reprimanding or punishing them to correct their behaviour. Teach your kids about the importance of discipline and establish strict boundaries that must not be crossed. For example, if your kid spends too much time watching television, be strict and firm about limiting their time without being too harsh on them. A possible solution can be to let your kids watch TV for a limited time during the day, to teach them moderation.

  • Set Realistic Expectations

Many parents expect their children to be perfect students at school, who take part in many co-curricular activities. However, this is not an ideal approach. Encourage your children and teach them to excel in academics, but do not put undue pressure on them. Let them explore their own interests and hobbies rather than enrolling them into classes of your choice. Don’t force them to take up activities they are not interested in as they may end up resenting you for it.

  • Take Care of Your Kids’ Health

As parents, it is your responsibility to ensure that your kids grow up to be physically fit and strong adults. Providing them with a nutritious diet and instilling a habit of exercising in your kids will help them during their growing years. However, you cannot predict when diseases or accidents may strike.

If you want your kids to be covered against diseases or accidents, a good idea is to get them a health insurance plan early in life. Health insurance will ensure that if they need any serious medical attention, their needs will be taken care of even if you are low on funds.

To Conclude

Parents’ primary duty is to inculcate good habits in their children and ensure that they grow up to be responsible and well-behaved adults. It is also important to make sure that the child has a safe and plentiful life. To guarantee a quality life for your child, it is important that you and the other family members are also medically and financially covered for any uncertainties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualities make a good parent?

If you wish to be a good parent to your children, be patient but firm with them, teach them that actions have consequences and let them have the freedom to explore and make their own choices in life.

What is bad parenting?

Any behaviour from the side of parents that affects their child’s mental or physical health negatively is generally considered a sign of bad parenting. Teach your children through positive reinforcement.

Does yelling at a child cause anxiety?

Yes, repeatedly yelling at a child may cause them to develop anxiety and they will be nervous to be around you. Repeated yelling is a form of emotional abuse and must not be used on children.

Can I buy health insurance for my children?

Yes, you can buy an individual health insurance plan for your children or you can choose to add your kids to a family floater plan.

Can I buy insurance for my child online?

Yes, you can buy insurance for your child online. However, make sure that you only buy insurance from a reputed insurance company.

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