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A conversion certificate is a document that carries the approval for using agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes. This land can then be used for residential and business requirements. The document is essential, as agricultural land cannot be used for other purposes without permission from specific authorities as per law.

Importance of a Conversion Certificate

If you plan to use your agricultural land for another purpose, you are legally bound to convert the land. Usually, warnings are issued by authorities if you do not have a conversion certificate when required. You are subjected to penalties and the property may have to be demolished if you fail to convert the land after multiple warnings. So, make sure you obtain a land conversion certificate before buying a property or a piece of land.

How Do You Get a Conversion Certificate

The procedure for a conversion certificate can vary from state to state. However, there are a few processes that tend to be common across the board. Here are a few common steps required to procure a conversion certificate:

  • Fill out the Application Form

Send an application for land conversion approval to the concerned authority with the required documents.

  • Verification by the Concerned Authorities

After the submission of the application, the details provided will be verified by an officer who will visit the site. The officer will inspect whether the site is vacant or in dispute. They will also check for any existing structures or high-intensity electricity lines. Based on this, your application may or may not get approved.

  • Approval

Upon the completion of the steps above, the Change of Land Use (CLU) application may be approved. Following this, you are required to pay the applicable charges. Moreover, you will be required to inform the Tehsildar about the land conversion within 30 days. This ensures that the necessary changes are reflected in your land record details.

Documents Required for a Conversion Certificate

In order to get a conversion certificate, there are a few common documents you should keep handy:

  • Title deed of the property

  • Mutation letter of the property

  • Original sale deed of the property

  • Registration certificate of the property

  • No Objection Certificate, or NOC, from the concerned authorities

  • Copies of land map

  • Copies of land records

  • Copies of the building plan and site plan

  • Receipts of latest tax payments

  • Zonal certificate from the Urban Development Authority

  • Certified copy of Form 10 as proof of occupancy rights

  • Certified copy of Survey Map

  • Certified copy of Land Tribunal Order


The conversion certificate enables you to stay compliant with the regulations set by the local authority. It is the first important step to utilising your land as per your needs and requirements. The certificate is crucial for legally starting your construction project, whether for a home or a business. Follow the process discussed above and get started today! 

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