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What is RERA Uttarakhand?

RERA, which stands for Real Estate Regulatory Authority, was launched in different States and Union Territories of India in the year 2016, by the Government of India. The government aimed to increase investment in the real estate industry and protect the rights of investors.


RERA Uttarakhand collects the details of all the builders of the real estate industry. It also handles all commercial as well as residential property projects in the state. According to the RERA Act, all the investors and buyers must submit essential documents regarding the project, including the project plan, blueprint, documents related to the land, etc., and get it verified by the RERA Uttarakhand committee. Until and unless the documents are verified by the RERA committee, no builder is allowed to commence any construction activity. These documents should also be passed to the buyers of the property mandatorily.

Eligibility Parameters for RERA UK

To get registered with RERA Uttarakhand, one must qualify the eligibility parameters issued by RERA. The terms of criteria are:

  • If the land is under residential property and measures over 500 m or has 8 or more apartments, it must be registered under Uttarakhand RERA registered projects.

  • The agents who promote the trade of real estate properties should register themselves with RERA UK.

  • In case an ongoing project does not have a completion certificate, it must be obtained within 3 months from the commencement date.

Registration Charges in RERA Uttarakhand for Developers

RERA Uttarakhand Project Information


Commercial projects registration fees

₹ 20 s.q.m with a maximum of ₹ 10 lakh 

Housing projects registration fees

₹ 10 s.q.m with a maximum of ₹ 5 lakh 

Mixed construction projects registration fees

₹ 15 s.q.m with a maximum of ₹ 7 lakh 

Plotted construction projects registration fees

₹ 5/ s.q.m with a maximum of ₹ 2 lakh 

RERA Uttrakhand Online Property Registration Procedure

The online process to get any real estate project registered with Uttrakhand  RERA is very simple and easy.  To register your property or land under  Uttarakhand RERA registered projects -

  • Visit the official portal of Uttarakhand RERA.

  • On the homepage of RERA UK, click on the ‘Project Registration’ option.

  • As soon as you select that option, the registration form will be displayed on the next page. You will have to enter all the required details mentioned in the form.

  • Provide the supporting documents required.

  • Tap on the ‘Next’ button to continue the process. It is advisable to carefully read the rules and regulations mentioned.

  • Once the documents and your registration form are verified, your registration will be completed.

RERA Uttarakhand Real Estate Agents Registration Procedure

The steps that one must follow to get registered online as an Agent with RERA UK are mentioned below -

  • Go to the official portal of Uttarakhand RERA.

  • You will find the option of ‘Agent Registration’ on the RERA UK portal.

  • You will see a registration form, on the next page enter all the required information, and click the ‘Next’ option.

  • Read all the instructions mentioned properly and complete the registration.

RERA Uttarakhand Required Documents for Project Registration

There are a few documents mentioned by the RERA UK that have to be compulsorily submitted. 

The list of all required documents is mentioned below -

  • For Promoters

  • Verified PAN Card copy.

  • Balance Sheet of the last fiscal year.

  • Income Tax Returns of last 3 fiscal years.

  • Verified copy of the legal document, which states the rights of the applicant on the project land or property.

  • Details regarding the open parking spaces in the concerned project.

  • Information regarding the encumbrances related to real estate project land includes the details about the title, interest, debts, etc.

  • An undertaking will state that the applicant will not be biased or discriminate towards any allottee during property allotment. 

  •  For Agents

  •  Verified copy of PAN Card.

  • Any document that verifies the address of the agent or partners.

  • In case it is a company or a firm, a registration certificate copy of the firm will also be required.

  • Office Address proof of the business

  • Passport size Photographs of the parties involved

  • Income Tax Returns of last 3 fiscal years.

RERA Uttarakhand Complaint Redressal Procedure

The RERA Act aims to protect the buyers’ rights and bring transparency to the entire system. Still, there are times when people are caught up in situations where authority is required to resolve matters. You can always file a complaint to RERA UK. The process of filing a complaint with RERA Uttarakhand is written below-

  • Visit the official website of the RERA UK and go to the complaint registration section.

  • Now you have to choose whether you want to complain under the adjudicating authority or before RERA UK.

  • Next, you have to fill in the required details in the form regarding the registration of the project with RERA and other important details. Also, enter all the contact details and address details carefully. It is mandatory to fill in all these details correctly.

  •  Then you will have to fill in details about the respondent, including their address and contact details. Also, clearly write about the relief or action you expect from RERA UK.

  • After the forms are duly filled, upload the required documents and proceed to the payment procedure. You can use the bank draft or online payment to pay Rs. 1000/- and complete the process by clicking on submit.

  • RERA UK will issue a complaint reference number for future use. 

Contact Details of RERA Uttarakhand

Phone Number

0135 – 2719500/ 8859901717

Fax Number 

0135 – 2719500

Office Address

Real Estate Regulatory Authority,

Rajeev Gandhi Complex

Near Tehsil, Dispensary Road

Dehradun – 248001 (Uttarakhand) INDIA

Email Address

info@uhuda.org.in, uhudauk@gmail.com


The RERA Act, enacted in 2016, intended to stimulate investment in the real estate business while also protecting investors' rights. This article has discussed the eligibility parameters, registration charges, online registration process, and so on. If you are willing to invest in any property in Uttarakhand, you must be aware of them. 


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RERA Uttarakhand FAQs

How to search for a RERA project in Uttarakhand?

Follow these easy steps to search RERA projects in Uttarakhand.

  • Visit the official RERA Uttarakhand website.
  • From the drop-down menu of ‘Registered to select the ‘Projects’ option.
  • The list of RERA projects in Uttarakhand will be displayed on your screen.

Is RERA applicable in Uttarakhand?

Yes, RERA is applicable in Uttarakhand. The Government of Uttarakhand introduced it to protect the buyers’ rights, bring transparency into the system and uplift the investment in the Real Estate Industry.

How can I complain to RERA Uttarakhand?

To file a complaint to RERA Uttarakhand, visit the RERA UK portal. Fill in all the details required and clearly state the issue you are facing. Once you are done filling in all the details, pay Rs. 1000/- either through online payment or bank draft. Your complaint will be registered, and you will be able to obtain a complaint reference number that will be useful in the future. Note that it is very important to fill in all details correctly and carefully for instant action on your complaint.


How can I register in RERA Uttarakhand?

For online registration in RERA Uttarakhand, visit the official portal and click on ‘Project Registration’. After selecting the option, enter all the required information and click on the Next option. Now you just have to check the list of Real Estate projects registered with RERA UK.

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