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A circle rate is the minimum rate at which a property can be sold or transferred in a particular circle or area. This rate is the lowest price of the sale or transfer of a property that can be registered in the applicable circle.

This rate also plays a key role in helping determine your total income tax liability. So, if you plan to sell a property in Kanpur or apply for a home loan, you must know the Kanpur circle rates.

Current Circle Rates in Kanpur for 2024

Here is a list of the latest Kanpur circle rates for different areas of the city.


Kanpur Circle Rates (Per Square Metre)

GT Road


P Road


Nai Sadak


Ashrafabad Road


Sarsaul Village to Kanpur City


Harbansh Mohal Road


Mall Road


Rooma Village to Sarsaul Village


Meston Road


VIP Road, Meghdoot Chauraha to Elgin Mill Chauraha


Disclaimer: The above rates are subject to change at the discretion of the state government. So, check the latest Kanpur circle rates when planning to sell or buy a property in a specific area.

Calculation of Property Value in Kanpur for Stamp Duty Payment

Here is how you can calculate a property’s value in Kanpur using the applicable circle rate for its location.

  • Step 1: Measure the property’s total built-up area in square metres

  • Step 2: Determine the type of the property

  • Step 3: Make a note of essential property details, including its age, the available amenities available, and more

  • Step 4: Calculate the property’s value using the following formula

The value of a property = Total built-up area (square metres) x circle rate for the area (per square metre)

For instance, if the total built-up area of a property located on P Road in Kanpur is 500 square metres, then you can calculate the property’s value as follows:

The value of a property = 500 square metres x ₹66,500 per square metre = ₹3,32,50,000

Note: The Kanpur circle rate for P Road is ₹66,500 per square metre.

You can calculate the stamp duty payable on a property by multiplying the stamp duty rate applicable in the state with the property’s total sale value.

Factors Affecting the Circle Rates in Kanpur

There are several factors that influence the circle rates in Kanpur. Here are some main factors.

  • Location of the Property: A property’s value heavily relies on its location. This also significantly influences the circle rate for a specific area. For instance, the circle rate for one of the centrally located areas in Kanpur is likely to be higher than the corresponding rate for a rural area on the city’s outskirts.

  • Type of the Property: The type of property also has an impact on the circle rate for an area. In this context, properties are usually classified as plots of land, independently built houses, and apartments.

  • Occupancy Purpose of the Property: Whether you use a specific property for commercial or residential purposes also determines the circle rates for a particular area.

  • Amenities in the Property: When fixing the circle rates for a particular area, the amenities available at a property are also considered. If the property has more facilities and amenities, the prices may be higher and vice versa. 

If you plan to sell a property in Kanpur or apply for a home loan to purchase a property in the city, ensure you know the circle rates in Kanpur.

FAQs on Circle Rate in Kanpur

What is the current circle rate in Kanpur?

The circle rate in Kanpur is influenced by numerous factors, including the area your property is located. For example, if your home is on GT Road, the associated circle rate is ₹55,000 per square metre. Conversely, if you live in Meston Road, the circle rate is ₹66,500 per square metre.

Is the circle rate in Kanpur the same for every area?

No, the circle rate varies based on a number of factors, including the location of your property, its type, and many other parameters. Other factors that influence the circle rate include facilities near your property and proximity to the central area of Kanpur, etc.

How can I know the circle rate for my property in Kanpur?

You can know the circle rate for your property in Kanpur by visiting the official website of the Stamp and Registration Department, Uttar Pradesh. Visit the website and add relevant details to access the circle rate.

Does the age of a property affect its valuation?

Yes, the age of the property influences its value. The value of the property diminishes as it ages, while newer properties typically hold a higher value.

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