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You must pay stamp duty when you sell or purchase any property in Puducherry as per Section 3 of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899. It is payable at the time of the registration of a property. 

The stamp duty and property registration process is handled by the Department of Registration and Stamp Duty of Puducherry. It is crucial to pay stamp duty on time, as you may face penalties if you fail to do so. 

Read on to know more about the stamp duty charges in Puducherry.

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Puducherry

Here are the details about stamp duty and registration charges in Puducherry.


Stamp Duty

Registration Charges


10% on the sale value or guideline value (whichever is higher)

0.5% on the sale value or guideline value (whichever is higher)


10% on the sale value or guideline value (whichever is higher)

0.5% on the sale value or guideline value (whichever is higher)

Adoption Agreement



Bond of Indemnification


0.5% of the bond amount

Power of Attorney

  • ₹20,000 (non-blood relation)

  • ₹5,000 blood relation) 

  • ₹100 ( non-scheduled power)


Sale Contract


0.5% of the advance value

Loan without Asset

1% on the loan value (maximum ₹25,000)

0.5% on the loan value (maximum ₹5,101)

Loan with Asset

3% on the loan value

0.5% on the loan value (maximum of ₹5,000)




Cancellation of Will




1% of the property’s market price (maximum ₹5,000)

0.5% of the property’s value or guideline value (whichever is higher)

Disclaimer: Aforementioned rates can vary at the discretion of the state government.

How is Stamp Duty in Puducherry Calculated?

Like other places in India, stamp duty in Puducherry is evaluated based on the value, location and type of the property.

Here is the formula to compute the stamp duty charges:

Stamp Duty = Property Value x Stamp Duty Percentage Applicable in Puducherry

Note that this percentage is currently fixed at 10%. Alternatively, you may use the stamp duty and registration fees calculator on the official website to calculate charges instantly.

For instance, assume you purchase a property worth ₹50 Lakhs in Puducherry. In such cases, here are the charges to pay:

  • Stamp duty: 10% of ₹50 Lakhs = ₹5 Lakhs

  • Registration charges: 0.5% of ₹50 Lakhs = ₹25,000

  • Total charges: ₹5 Lakhs + ₹25,000 = ₹5,25,000

Factors Affecting the Stamp Duty in Puducherry

Here are some essential factors influencing stamp duty in Puducherry:

  • Age of Property: Since the market value of old buildings gets devalued, older buildings usually have lower stamp duty charges than newer buildings

  • Type of Property: Commercial properties have higher stamp duty charges compared to residential buildings

  • Owner’s Age: If the property owner is a senior citizen, there are some relaxations in stamp duty fees

Tax Benefits on Stamp Duty in Puducherry

As per Section 80C of the IT Act, certain income tax deductions are applicable for stamp duty and registration fees. However, the total exemption under Section 80C is restricted to ₹1.5 Lakhs.

Process of Property Registration in Puducherry

Follow the process given to register your property without e-appointment in Puducherry:

  • Visit the Sub-registrar office

  • Collect the property registration application form 

  • Fill in each detail carefully and submit it along with the supporting documents

  • Wait for the completion of the verification process by the Sub-registrar 

  • Pay the applicable registration charges and purchase the e-Stamp

  • Provide your biometrics

  • Receive your registration number from the Sub-registrar


The Sub-registrar's signature and seal will then be affixed to the registration deed. Lastly, registered documents will be scanned, and the recorded documents will be issued by the Sub-registrar office's responsible authority.

Here is the process for property registration with e-appointment:

  • Obtain e-appointment after e-filing through http://epathirapathivu.py.gov.in/

  • Visit the Sub-registrar on the specific booked date along with a printout of the appointment slip

  • Present the respective documents for registration 

  • Wait for the verification process to be completed by the Sub-registrar

  • Pay registration fees and purchase e-Stamp

  • Submit your biometrics and receive the registration number

  • Get the signature of the Sub-registrar and scan the registered documents


Finally, your documents will be delivered after locking the e-Stamp.

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Documents Required for Property Registration in Puducherry

Here are the required documents for property registration:

  • Identity proof (Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, Driving licence)

  • PAN card

  • Residential proof (Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, Utility bills)

  • Encumbrance certificate copy

  • Passport-size photographs

  • Stamp duty and registration payment fees details

  • Settlement/Patta copy

If you are planning to invest in a property in Puducherry, you must be aware of these details. 

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FAQs on Stamp Duty and Property Registration Charges in Puducherry

What are the stamp duty and registration charges in Puducherry?

Stamp duty in Puducherry is 10% of the property value, and the registration charge is 0.5%.


Is it mandatory to pay registration fees for a property in Puducherry?

According to the Indian Registration Act of 1908, property registration is mandatory in India. You are required to pay the applicable charges to register any property.

How can I pay stamp duty in Puducherry?

You can pay stamp duty by accessing the portal: gras.py.gov.in. You may also visit the Department of Registration and Stamp Duty office and pay in person.

Is there any penalty levied if I do not pay stamp duty on time?

You need to pay stamp duty in a timely manner, and if you fail to do so, you will have to pay penalties.

Is there any online provision to register property in Puducherry?

You can only get an e-stamp by visiting epathirapathivu.py.gov.in. To complete the property registration process, you must visit the Sub-registrar office.

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