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The Uttar Pradesh Government has made it mandatory to pay stamp duty and registration charges to the registrar or sub-registrar while purchasing or selling property.

Therefore, knowing the circle rates is essential for determining the stamp duty on a given property. Read on to know the Agra circle rates, the factors influencing the rates, and more.

Current Circle Rate in Agra 2024

Here are the prevailing circle rates for all the main areas of Agra city:


Agra Circle Rate in Square Metre

Vayu Vihar 100 Road, From Bodla Bichpuri Road Chauraha to Agra Fatehpur Sikri Road

₹15,000 per sq. m.

From Rui Ki Mandi Railway Gate to Ajit Nagar gate, and from Kheria Mod Tiraha to Arjun Nagar Tiraha

₹33,000 per sq. m.

From Doretha 100 Feet to Bodla Chauraha Agra

₹24,000 per sq. m.

From Ram Nagar Tiraha to Awadhpuri Chauraha

₹26,000 per sq. m.

From Hanuman Nagar Chauraha to Awadhpuri Tiraha

₹28,000 per sq. m.

From Bhogipur Tiraha to Sirki mandi Chauraha

₹35,000 per sq. m.

From Kothi Meena Bazar New Shahganj to Hanuman Nagar Chauraha

₹39,000 per sq. m.

From Lohamandi Chauraha to Bodla Chauraha

₹35,000 per sq. m.

From Lohamandi Chauraha to Shahganj Chauraha

₹38,000 per sq. m.

From Madiya Katra Chauraha to Lohamandi Chauraha

₹38,000 per sq. m.

From Mental Hospital Road to Mariyam Tomb

₹33,000 per sq. m.

From Madiya Katra to Mental Hospital

₹38,000 per sq. m

From Bodla Chauraha to Sikandra Akbar Chowk

₹42,000 per sq. m.

From Bhogipura Chauraha to Bodla

₹38,000 per sq. m.

From Shah Nagar Chauraha to Prithvinath Phatak

₹30,000 per sq. m.

From Prithvi Nath Phatak to Vayu Vihar

₹22,000 per sq. m.

From Bhojipura to Prithvi Nath Phatak

₹30,000 per sq. m.

From Rui Mandi Chauraha to Bhogipura

₹45,000 per sq. m.

From Rui Mandi Chauraha to Railway Gate

₹45,000 per sq. m.

From Collectorate to Rui Mandi Chauraha

₹35,000 per sq. m.

From Kamla Nagar B Block Main Road Anjuman Bar to Pani Tanki Road

₹72,000 per sq. m.

From Kamla Nagar B Block Main Road Central Bank to Pani Tanki Road

₹75,000 per sq. m.

From Kamla Nagar Main Road Shree Ram Vatika To F Block Krishna Tower

₹77,000 per sq. m.

From Hanuman Mandir Khandari Road to Home Science Institute

₹82,000 per sq. m.

From Church Road MG Road to Ram Raghu Hospital to Uddeshwar House via Hanuman Mandir Khandari Chauraha

₹83,000 per sq. m.

Disclaimer: The rates can vary at the discretion of the state government. Kindly check the official website for existing rates.

Note that the above list is relevant for the purchase of land. But if you intend to purchase a house in a housing society, the circle rate will include the land cost and construction expenses.

If you are planning to invest in a multi-story housing property, use the following formula to  calculate the circle rate:

Circle rate = (Part of the land to building ratio x land cost) + (flat area x building cost) + (common area x construction cost)

Calculation of Property Value in Agra for Stamp Duty Payment Using Circle Rates

Here are the quick and easy steps to calculate a property’s value in Agra for stamp duty payment:

  • Step 1: Select the built-up area of the concerned land.

  • Step 2: Identify the type of property.

  • Step 3: Select the area of the property.

  • Step 4: Use the following formula to calculate the property’s value on the current circle rate.

Property value = Built-up area (in sq. m.) x circle rate for the locality (In ₹/sq. m.)

Factors Affecting Circle Rates in Agra

The circle rates in Agra depend on a host of factors. Here are some:

  • Property’s Age: As the property's age increases, the circle rates decrease. On the other hand, newer properties attract a higher circle rate.
  • Market Value: The government usually updates the circle rates depending on the current market value of the property. These rates get updated on an annual basis and they reflect the current real estate trends.

  • Available Amenities: Properties offering more amenities and facilities attract a higher circle rate. On the other hand, properties with fewer facilities typically have a lower circle rate.

  • Property’s Location: Another factor that affects the circle rates in Agra is the property’s location. Different areas and regions in Agra have different circle rates.

  • Type of Occupancy: The nature of the property’s occupation also influences the rates. Whether you use your property for residential purposes or as a commercial property, these factors affect the circle rates accordingly.

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Before you make a final decision on purchasing/selling a property, ensure that you know the current circle rates of that area. 

If you plan to purchase a property for residential use, apply for a housing loan through one of the partner lenders on Bajaj Markets.

FAQs on Circle Rate in Agra

What is the current circle rate in Agra?

Determining circle rates in Agra involves several factors, including your property’s locality. For instance, properties located at Ram Nagar Tiraha have a circle rate of ₹26,000 per sq. m. In contrast, properties on Hanuman Mandir Khandari Road carry a higher circle rate of ₹82,000 per sq. m.

Is the circle rate in Agra the same for every area?

No, the circle rates change according to various factors, such as the location of your property. Additionally, factors like the type of property, nearby facilities, and distance from the centre also significantly affect the circle rates.

Does property age affect the valuation?

Yes, the age of the property directly impacts its value. As the property ages, its value decreases. On the other hand, newer properties have a higher value.

How can I know the circle rate for my property in Agra?

You can check the circle rate applicable to your property in Agra by visiting the official website of the Stamp and Registration Department, Uttar Pradesh. You need to input some specific details and a CAPTCHA code to access the circle rate from the website.

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