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What is RERA Act in Tamil Nadu

As a component of the RERA strategy, the RERA Tamil Nadu Act was enacted in March 2016. The TNRERA act executes all the legislation responsibilities associated with the state’s real estate industry to increase transparency. 

  • Tamil Nadu RERA Website

To provide a platform to residents of Tamil Nadu and Andaman & Nicobar Islands, the state authority has launched the TNRERA website. By visiting the official website https://www.rera.tn.gov.in/, buyers and real estate developers can access all the details about TNRERA registered projects. 

  • Objectives of TNRERA

RERA Act Tamil Nadu was introduced with a few objectives that are listed below:

  • Promoting both the rights of developers and buyers

  • Transparency development in the real estate market in Tamil Nadu

  • Enhance accountability of the real estate sector

  • Rapid conflict resolution

  • Encouraging the project's prompt and effective completion

  • Uniformity of the procedures used in building and developing real estate

TNRERA Rules and Regulation

The TNRERA rules and regulations are subdivided into 9 and 20 chapters, respectively, in order to ensure that its requirements are implemented uniformly across the state.

Here are the details about the responsibilities. 

  • Examining the paperwork provided by the promoter in order to register a real estate project with TNRERA.

  • Acknowledging the promoters' declaration of any current projects (if any) is required.

  • Acceptance or denial of the certification of particular provisions related to property bases.

  • Monitoring the agent registration renewal and application procedure.

  • Methodically addressing the subject of complaint resolution.


To register a project or file a complaint with RERA, you must fill out a specific form, which can be obtained from the official TNRERA website. Below are the details about the different types of forms available for different individuals: 

1. RERA Forms (For Buyers)

  • Form of appellate tribunal appeal

  • Complaint to the authorities (Form-M)

  • Complaint to a regulatory body (Form-N)

  • Purchase Agreement (Annexure-A)

2. RERA Forms (For Developers)

  • Application for project registration (Form-A)

  • Declaration Form-B

  • Petition for a project registration certificate (Form-C)

  • Notification of project processing methods rejection, project registration application rejection for an extension, and project registration cancellation (Form-D)

  • Application for extending project registration (Form-E)

  • Extension of the project registration certificate (Form-F)

  • Complaint to the authorities (Form-M)

  • Complaint to a regulatory body (Form-N)

3. RERA Forms (For Agents)

  • Real estate agent registration application (Form-G)

  • Real estate agent identification card (Form-H)

  • Notification of denial of real estate agent registration application, denial of real estate agent registration renewal application, or cancellation of real estate agent registration (Form-I)

  • Application for real estate agent registration renewal (Form-J)

  • Real estate agent registration renewal (Form-K)

  • Appellate tribunal appeal (Form-l)

  • Complaint to the authorities (Form-M)

  • Complaint to a regulatory body (Form-N)

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How to Check RERA Registered Projects in Tamil Nadu

Here’s a step-by-step guide to check TNRERA registered projects.

  • Step 1: To begin, visit the official website of TNRERA.

  • Step 2: After browsing the homepage, navigate to the ‘Registration’ tab and click on it.

  • Step 3: Choose ‘Projects > Registered Projects-Tamil Nadu’ from the drop-down menu.

  • Step 4: Now, you will view three options, ‘Building, Normal Layout, and Regularisation Layout.’ 

  • Step 5: Select the option as per your requirement.

  • Step 6: The result will appear on the screen.

How to Register on TNRERA

Following are the steps to follow to register on TNRERA: 

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of TNRERA.

  • Step 2: Scroll down the page. You will see two options for registration: Online Registration for Projects and Online Registration for Agents on your right side.

  • Step 3: Choose as per your requirements.

  • Step 4: Fill out the application form and provide the supporting documents (if necessary).

Important Documents to be uploaded by Promoters

Here’s a list of essential documents that must be submitted by the promoters. 

  • Aadhaar card

  • PAN card

  • Form B

  • Audited balance sheet

  • Letter of approval for a planning permit

  • Construction licence letter

  • Local body stamp on an approved plan

  • Certified structural stability

  • Development works schedule

  • Encumbrance certificate acquired within 30 days after the application registration

  • Private label rights

  • Bank certificate in the prescribed format, as specified on the TNRERA website

  • Letter of proforma allotment

  • Photographs of the chairman or governing body/director/partner

TNRERA Fees and Charges

Here’s a table containing the details about fees and charges.

Type of Project

Fees and Charges

Residential buildings 

  • ₹10 per square metre of FSI, floor space index area (below 60 square metres)

  • ₹20 per square metre of FSI area (above 60 square metres)

Commercial properties

₹50 per square metre of FSI area

Building layouts, site approvals, and sub-divisions

₹5 per square metre of plottable area excluding roads, EWS, economically weaker section plots, and OSR, open space ratio plots

Other projects

₹25 per square metre of FSI area

For Agents

Individual agent


Other agents


Tamil Nadu RERA Services

TNRERA provides multiple services for homebuyers, promoters, and agents. Here are the details about the same.

1. Services for Homebuyers

  • If developers violate the rules outlined in the Tamil Nadu RERA Act, you can lodge complaints against them online.

  • On the TNRERA website, you may access the data and information for all the properties that have registered under RERA and that have been either filed by agents or promoters.

2. Services for Promoters

  • Individuals can file an online complaint.

  • Register a real estate project in accordance with the statute.

  • Request an extension of the RERA project registration.

  • On a quarterly basis, update the specifics of a registered project.

3. Services for Agents

  • They may file their grievances online.

  • Individuals can also renew the project registration.


Over the course of the article, several aspects of TNRERA have been discussed including the registration process, fees & charges, and so on. Whether you are a homebuyer or developer, the TNRERA website will assist you in several ways. Now that you are aware of TNRERA benefits and other elements, you can easily invest in the real estate sector of the state. If purchasing a plot or property is on your mind, you can visit the Bajaj Markets website. Bajaj Markets has now partnered with a range of housing loan providers, through whom you can opt for loans at attractive interest rates. Additionally, you can make use of the Home Loan Calculator to ascertain the EMI amount that you will need to pay when opting for Home Loan.


Is RERA mandatory in Tamil Nadu?

Yes. RERA has mandated registration for all real estate developments and agents. Real estate projects must be registered with RERA before any sales may take place.

Where is the TNRERA office?

The TNRERA office is located at: Door No.1A, 1st Floor, Gandhi Irwin Bridge Road, Egmore, Chennai - Tamil Nadu 600008. The office is operational from 10.00 AM to 5.45 PM (Except Saturday and Sunday).

When were the TNRERA rules notified?

On June 22, 2017, the Tamil Nadu Real Estate (Regulation & Development) rules were adopted and notified.

What if a promoter or agent does not register with Tamil Nadu RERA?

Failure to register with TNRERA by a promoter or real estate agent will undoubtedly result in a severe fine or imprisonment.

Do property portals need to be registered under TNRERA?

Yes. TNRERA IDs are required for brokers, dealers, intermediaries, and property websites. The same has to be renewed on time as well.

What is the Vision of RERA Tamil Nadu?

RERA Tamil Nadu aims to make the state and Andaman & Nicobar Islands a premier location for Real Estate investments across the globe. To accomplish this, Tamil Nadu's RERA administration has implemented innovative customer-centric solutions, notable communication techniques with partners, and contract management methodologies by employing trained and knowledgeable individuals.

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