How much cash can be withdrawn from ATM?

How to Withdraw Money from ATM Card

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How to Withdraw Money From an ATM?

ATMs can be found at every street corner and you are no longer restricted to the bank’s working hours to get access to cash. In case of an emergency, you can simply walk into an ATM and withdraw the money you need in a safe and secure way. All you need is your ATM card and your security PIN. If you are unsure how to take out money from an ATM, here is a detailed step by step guide to help you with the process.

How to Withdraw Money from an ATM Using an ATM Card?

Once you are at the ATM, here are the steps on how to withdraw money from the ATM using your ATM card.

Step 1: Insert your card in the ATM slot

Insert your ATM card in the card slot provided in the machine. You can use either your debit card or your credit card for this purpose.

Step 2: Select your preferred language

As soon as your card is in the slot, the ATM would prompt you to select your preferred language. The chosen language will be used to communicate the next steps to you. Click on ‘Continue’.

Step 3: Enter the 4-digit PIN

Enter the 4-digit debit card/ credit card PIN. Click on ‘Continue’.

Step 4: Select the service

You will be provided with a list of services provided such as fund transfer, bill payments, deposit cash, etc. Select the cash withdrawal option.

Step 5: Select the account type

You will have to now choose the account type- savings or current, from which you want to withdraw the money.

Step 6: Enter the transaction amount

Enter the amount you want to withdraw from the ATM and click on ‘Confirm’. Note, that the withdrawal amount must not exceed the total available funds in your account.

Step 7: Collect the cash disbursed

The requested amount will be released in the form of cash from the ATM cash disbursal slot. Collect the money and count the notes to avoid any discrepancies.

Step 8: Request to print/print a receipt

You will be asked if you want a printed receipt for the ATM transaction you just made. You can either choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Step 9: Choose to make/ not make another transaction

The ATM will ask you if you want to make another transaction. Select ‘ Yes ‘ or ‘ No’ depending on whether you want to initiate a new transaction.

Step 10: Collect your ATM card

Once the transaction is complete, you can collect your debit/ credit card from the ATM slot.

How to Withdraw Money from an ATM without an ATM card?

If you do not have access to your ATM card, you can use the cardless cash feature to withdraw funds. Cardless cash enables you to get cash using your mobile number at an ATM. You can send and receive funds anytime as the service is available 24x7. It is also completely safe as the transaction is protected with multiple security checks- OTP verification and a secret order ID (valid for 24 hours). Read on to know how to withdraw cash without an ATM card.

  • Log in to the net banking

  • Go to ‘Funds Transfer’ and click on ‘Request’.

  • Select ‘Add a beneficiary’.

  • Click on ‘Cardless Cash Withdrawal’.

  • Enter the beneficiary details for cardless cash withdrawal- beneficiary name, beneficiary mobile number and PAN card/ Voter ID/ Aadhaar number.

  • Click on ‘Add’ to confirm the information.

  • Once the beneficiary details have been added (usually takes about 30 minutes), log in to the net banking account.

  • Go to ‘Funds Transfer’ and click on ‘Cardless Cash Withdrawal’.

  • Select the beneficiary from the list

  • Click on ‘Continue’

  • The beneficiary will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number, an order ID, along with a transaction amount.

  • Now visit the bank ATM.

  • Select the ‘Cardless Cash’ option.

  • Select your preferred language.

  • Enter the OTP you had earlier received on your mobile number which was registered as the beneficiary phone number.

  • Now enter the 10-digit beneficiary mobile number.

  • Type in the order ID generated earlier.

  • Enter the transaction amount.

  • Click on ‘Continue’.

How Much Money Can You Withdraw from an ATM?

Do note that how much money (amount in cash) can be withdrawn from an ATM in a day depends on your card type and issuing bank. It usually ranges between ₹20,000 and ₹1,00,000. You can also manually control how much money can be withdrawn from an ATM per day by raising a service request for setting card limits using your net banking account or mobile app.

In the case of credit cards, the amount of money that can be withdrawn in a day depends on the cash limit. You can find the details of the credit and cash limit on your credit card net banking account.

What to Remember When Withdrawing Money From an ATM?

While cash withdrawal at an ATM is simple, there are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • Ensure that you are alone when withdrawing money from an ATM using your card.

  • Do not disclose your debit card/ credit card PIN to anyone.

  • The amount to be withdrawn must not exceed the available limit on the card.

  • Money withdrawn from an ATM using a credit card is subject to cash advance fee and interest charges from the date of withdrawal.

  • Remember to take your ATM card before you leave the ATM.

  • Register your mobile number for cash withdrawal alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✔️How do you withdraw money from an ATM machine?

    Here is how to draw money from an ATM:

    • Insert your debit card or your credit card in the ATM slot.

    • Select your preferred language and click on ‘Continue’.

    • Enter the 4-digit PIN associated with your credit card or debit card and click on ‘Continue’.

    • Select the cash withdrawal option from the services listed.

    • Select the account type- savings or current.

    • Enter the transaction amount and click on ‘Confirm’.

    • Collect the cash from the ATM.

    • Choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, depending on whether you want a printed receipt.

    • Choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, depending on whether you want to make another transaction

    • Collect your card before leaving the ATM.

  • ✔️What is the limit to withdraw money from an ATM?

    How much money we can withdraw from an ATM depends on the card type and the issuing bank. Usually, it ranges between ₹20,000 and ₹1,00,000. You can also further modify the cash withdrawal limit manually using your net banking account or mobile app. Also, do note that the amount to be withdrawn must not exceed the available limit on the card. In the case of credit cards, the question of ‘how much money can I withdraw from an ATM depends on the cash limit against the card.

  • ✔️How many times can we withdraw money from an ATM in a day?

    There is no limit to the number of times you can withdraw cash from an ATM in a day. As long as you do not exhaust the cash withdrawal limit, you can use your card to draw cash.

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