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What is PAN Card Form 49A

A preset application form required for the allocation of a Permanent Account Number (PAN) to Indian residents is called Form 49A. If you live in India and want to apply for a PAN, you must fill out Form 49A. Once the application has been correctly filled out, you can pay online and file the application along with the necessary paperwork and photographs.

Structure of PAN Card 49A

To make it simpler for you to file the form, Form 49A is divided into many components. On the upper corners of the form, there are spots specified for you to attach your photographs. The form is made up of 16 sections, each of which has a subsection that must be completed.

1. Components of Form 49A 

A thorough explanation of each component on Pan Card Form 49A is provided below.

  • Assessing officer code: The applicant must include the Area code, Range code, Accounts office type, and Accounts office number in the AO code section.

  • Full name: This section of the form is where you state your marital status as well as your first, last, and surname.

  • Name abbreviation: In this portion of the application, you must abbreviate your name as you would like it to appear on your PAN card.

  • Other name: You must state here if you have ever gone by a name other than the one provided. You must supply information on your other name, including its first, last, and middle names if you had one.

  • Gender: This is the section of the application where you must state your sexual orientation.

  • Date of birth: If the applicant is an individual, you must state your date of birth, and if you are an organisation, you must state the date of your incorporation, partnership, agreement, or trust deed.

  • Father's name: In this section of the application, you must mention the first name, last name, and middle name of your father. Only individual applicants, including married women, are to submit this detail.

  • Address: In this section of the application, you must provide the specifics of both your home and business addresses. When entering the address, the applicant must take care to provide accurate information.

  • Communication address: The candidate must select either a home or workplace address for communication.

  • Contact number and Email address: You must include your phone number, email address, and country, state, and area codes.

  • Applicant Status: You must specify your status here, including whether you are a HUF member, an individual, a company, a partnership entity, etc.

  • Registration number: The registration number works as the identification number for businesses, LLPs, and other entities.

  • Aadhaar Card details: If you have an Aadhaar card, your Aadhaar number should be stated.

  • Source of income: You need to mention your source of income.

  • Representative Assessee: You have to provide the representative assessee's name and address.

  • Documents submitted: You must include all of the documents that have been included with the application in this section of the form.

How to fill PAN Form 49A

While filling in the Pan Card Form 49A, there are a few guidelines that should be followed. A few things to watch out for when filling out the form are listed below.

  • Basic rules and Language: Only English may be used by the applicant to complete PAN Form 49A. There is no option for filling out the form in a language except English. The form must also be filled out in block letters, ideally in black ink. Only one character should be entered into each box supplied, leaving an empty space in between each character.

  • Photographs: Two current colour pictures must be included by the applicant in the spaces provided on the PAN application form's upper corners. It is very crucial to remember that because this photo will be displayed on the PAN card, it cannot be clipped or stapled to the form. It is crucial to supply a photograph with sufficient clarity because the quality of the image on the PAN card depends on it.

  • Signature on the photograph: The photo that is attached to the top left corner of the form should have a signature or left hand thumb impression. You must make sure that both the photograph and the form have your signature or thumbprint. The signature or thumbprint for the photograph on the top right of the form should be placed inside the box given rather than on the image itself, as this photo will be the one that appears on the PAN card.

  • Correct details: It is important for you to take your time while filling out Form 49A and ensure you have the right information. Incorrectly filling out the form could cause problems during processing and even result in the application being turned down.

  • Overwriting: Overwriting must be avoided while submitting Form 49A.

  • Contact information: When entering contact information on Form 49A, there are a few things to keep in mind. It's crucial to include all pertinent information when mentioning an address, including the town, city, and pin number, which must be included. The STD code for the specified phone number should also be mentioned.

Documents Required to fill Form 49A

You must provide certain documents with Form 49A  as you apply for a PAN Card. These consist of the following:

  • Proof of identity 
  1. Pensioner card (with the photo of the applicant) 

  2. Any government-issued photo ID card

  3. Arm’s licence 

  4. Bank certificate 

  5. Driving licence 

  6. Passport 

  7. Aadhaar card 

  • Proof of address 
  1. Electricity bill

  2. Water bill

  3. Landline bill 

  4. Passport 

  5. Bank statement 

  6. Aadhaar card 

  7. Depository account statement 

  8. Consumer gas connection 

  9. Spouse’s passport 

  10. A domicile certificate issued by the government 

  11. Broadband connection bill

  12. Employer certificate 

  13. Post office passbook 

  • Proof of birth 
  1. A certificate of birth 

  2. Matriculation certificate 

  3. Marriage certificate (Registrar of Marriages issued) 

  4. Pension payment order 

  5. Driving licence 

  6. Passport 

  7. Government-issued domicile certificate 

  8. The date of birth must be sworn in an affidavit before a magistrate.

FAQs about Form 49 A

How can I download my PAN card Form 49A?

You can download PAN card Form 49A from the Protean eGov Technologies Limited or UTIITSL websites.

What is 49A and 49AA in a PAN card?

Pan Card Form 49A is intended only for those who live in India. The application form known as Form 49AA, on the other hand, is largely for foreign citizens and non-individual businesses that were incorporated outside of India.

How do I fill out a form 49A address?

The full address, as well as the information for the District/City/Town, Union Territory/State, and PINCODE, are required for all applicant categories.

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