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Fraudulent credit card transactions are very common, Your sensitive credit card data could be stolen and used without your knowledge. It is also possible that you may lose your credit card at some point in life or it could be stolen. In such cases, blocking your credit card becomes necessary when you find any suspicious transaction on your card.


It is equally important to report the loss/theft or fraudulent transaction to the respective bank immediately to block the card. Failing to do so, the amount of loss/theft on the credit card will not be the responsibility of the bank or the credit card issuer.

How to Block Your Credit Card Online

You may block your credit card through the various online methods listed below: 

  • Through Mobile Banking App

Use your bank's mobile app to instantly block a lost or stolen credit card. Here is the process:

  1. Open the app on your smartphone

  2. Click on the credit cards option, where all the cards registered will be displayed

  3. Choose the card that needs to be blocked, click on ‘Controls’

  4. Select the option ‘Block & Replace the card’

  • Online Banking Portal

Log in to your bank's credit card net banking portal and navigate to the card management section to block your credit card. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your credit card net banking account on the app or website

  2. Navigate to the ‘Requests’ section and click on ‘Report a lost or a stolen card’

  3. Select the ‘Block your credit card option’ and choose the card you want to block

  4. Check the card number and submit the request

  • Virtual Assistant Chat

Some banks provide virtual assistant services on their websites or apps to help you block your credit card.

  • Customer Service Chat

Many banks offer online chat support where you can communicate with customer service to block your credit card.

  • Email Notification

Check your bank's official email notifications for instructions on blocking a credit card online.

  • Card Management Apps

Certain banks provide standalone card management apps, allowing you to block your credit card through a dedicated application.


Always ensure you follow the bank's recommended and secure methods to promptly block your credit card online.

How to Block Your Credit Card Offline

If you’d like to block your credit card offline, you may use the following methods:

  • Contact Customer Service

Call the credit card customer care hotline provided by the bank to report and block the credit card.

  • Visit Bank Branch

Physically visit the nearest bank branch to inform them and request the card to be blocked.

  • Write a Letter

Some banks accept written requests; send a letter to the bank's official address informing them of the card loss.

  • Contact via Email

Some banks have specific email addresses for reporting lost or stolen cards; send an email with the relevant information.

  • Card Blocking SMS Service

Certain banks offer an SMS service dedicated to blocking cards; follow the instructions provided by the bank.

  • In-person Reporting

Visit the bank in person and inform the staff at the customer service desk to block your credit card.


Remember to provide accurate details such as your card number, name, and any other required information to ensure a swift and secure blocking process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when my credit card gets blocked?

In case your credit card is blocked, the card will remain inactive. It will no longer allow any transactions. Due to the payment denial, the person who has stolen the card will not be able to make purchases against the funds on your card.

Can the bank/NBFC block my credit card?

Yes, the bank/NBFC can also block your credit card in some cases. The cases include some unusual purchase patterns, technical issues, changes in terms and conditions, incorrect data input multiple times, non-payment of your previous bills on time, etc. The credit card getting blocked by the bank/NBFC is a feature that is designed for your protection. It prevents fraudulent use of the card. It may cause a bit of inconvenience but protects your account.

How will I know if my credit card is blocked?

You can find out if your card has been blocked by calling the bank/NBFC customer care number. You can also check the same by logging into your net banking account.

Can I temporarily block my credit card?

Yes, it is possible to block your credit card temporarily. All you need to do is log in to your net banking account, click on ‘manage cards’, and go ahead and block your card.

For how long can a credit card be blocked?

The credit card can be blocked for as long as 7 days, after which it will get automatically unblocked. However, it is possible to block it temporarily once again, if needed. It is advisable to avoid repeating the process too many times. You can have the card replaced if there is some problem.

Why may one choose to block a credit card?

It is recommended that you raise a request to block your credit card the moment you get to know that your card is missing or stolen. Additionally, if there is a transaction reflected in your card statement that is not done by you, the card should be blocked.

Can a blocked credit card be reactivated?

Yes, it is possible to reactivate or unblock your blocked credit card. This process can be done online as well as offline. Here are some of the methods to reactivate/unblock your card:

  • By calling the customer care helpline number

  • By sending a message or SMS

  • By using internet banking

  • By using the mobile app of the respective bank/NBFC

  • By visiting the bank branch in person

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