Credit Card Block

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How to Block Credit Card

As much as it is important to own a credit card, it is equally essential that you know how to block a credit card. The process to block your credit card is swift and should be done immediately when the card is lost, stolen or damaged. By quickly blocking the credit card, you can be saved from any fraudulent activity or fund misuse by any unauthorised person.

There are several easy ways to block Credit cards online and offline. Most banks and NBFCs allow you to block credit cards through these methods:


  • By calling the customer care helpline number

  • By sending a message or SMS to the bank/NBFC

  • By using internet banking

  • By using the mobile app of the bank/NBFC

  • By visiting the bank or NBFC’s branch in person

How to Block Credit Cards Online

It is easy for you to block your credit card online in case it is stolen or lost. Any bank or NBFC recommends that you immediately raise a request to  block your credit card the moment you get to know that your card is missing or stolen. Some people find out about their missing card when they receive any transaction alert that they have not done. In case you get such an alert, you should be quick in blocking your card.

If you have your net banking account active, then you can instantly block your credit card. Let us find out how you can block your credit card online.


  • Login to your credit card net banking account.

  • Look at the menu carefully and find the section ‘Requests’

  • Now, you will find a tab mentioning ‘Report a lost or a stolen card’

  • Select the card you want to block

  • Submit the details of the credit card.

  • The moment you submit these details, your card will be blocked.

At the same time, you can also raise a request for a new card by clicking on the ‘Reissue card’ tab. Soon a new card will be dispatched to your registered address.

How to Block Credit Cards offline

If you are not comfortable using the online methods to block your credit card, you can resort to offline methods. Using the offline method means that you can raise a request to  block your credit card without using the internet. 

If you want to know how to block a credit card by using the offline methods, there are three types of offline modes.


1. Calling the customer care number


To use this method, here are the steps to follow:


  • Call the credit card customer care helpline number.

  • Speak to the representative and ask them to block your credit card

  • You will have to mention your credit card number to the customer care representative. So, make sure to keep it handy.

  • The executive may ask you for other essential details for checking the authenticity too.

  • Call the credit card customer care from your registered mobile number. This will allow you quick identification and authentication.

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to instantly block your credit card. Just prefix your local STD code and then dial the helpline number. This way, you can raise the request to  block your credit card within a few minutes.


2. Sending an SMS to the bank/NBFC


In case you cannot call the customer care helpline or you find them too busy, then you can also block the card by sending an SMS to the bank/NBFC. You will need to send an SMS in a certain format to the number of the bank/NBFC. On receipt of the message, the bank/NBFC will send you a confirmation message. However, you must note that you can opt for the SMS option only when you are using your registered mobile number. Else, you can choose a different method to initiate the request to  block your credit card.


3. Visiting the nearest bank/NBFC branch


You can visit the bank/NBFC branch closest to you, speak to a representative/official, and raise a request to block the credit card.


  • Ensure to carry the credit card number along.

  • You may have to submit or show the other identification details to process your request.

FAQs on Credit Card Block

  • ✔️What happens when my credit card gets blocked?

    In case your credit card is blocked, the card will remain inactive. It will no longer allow any transactions. Due to the payment denial, the person who has stolen the card will not be able to make purchases against the funds on your card.

  • ✔️Can the bank/NBFC block my credit card?

    Yes, the bank/NBFC can also block your credit card in some cases. The cases include some unusual purchase patterns, technical issues, changes in terms and conditions, incorrect data input multiple times, non-payment of your previous bills on time, etc. The credit card getting blocked by the bank/NBFC is a feature that is designed for your protection. It prevents fraudulent use of the card. It may cause a bit of inconvenience but protects your account.

  • ✔️How will I know if my credit card is blocked?

    You can find out if your card has been blocked by calling the bank/NBFC customer care number. You can also check the same by logging into your net banking account.