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HSBC Credit Card Status

A credit card, especially one from HSBC, can be a wonderful financial tool. HSBC offers many features and deals to card holders. For those who have applied for an HSBC credit card, we will talk about the HSBC credit card application status, approval status, and how to check the application in the best possible ways, both online and offline.

How to Check Application Status for HSBC Credit Card after Applying?

Once you visit the HSBC website and apply for credit card, the bank takes close to 14 working days to process the same as per your eligibility. Unlike some of the other financial institutions, HSBC does one better by sending out constant SMS updates to notify you about the application and approval status.

However, there is always an option to view the credit card application status for HSBC using a wide range of online and offline strategies.

  • Check HSBC Credit Card Application Status Online

The easiest way to get the HSBC credit card status is online. You can simply head over to the official website, access the ‘credit card’ section, and feed in your application reference ID when asked for. Since this is sensitive information, you would need to provide the form number, or DOB, or even the mobile number to validate your credentials.

  • Check HSBC Credit Card Application Status Offline

If you do not have access to the internet, you can check your HSBC credit card application status offline too. Simply visit any branch with your application reference number and ask for a representative to help you with the HSBC credit card application status.

  • Check HSBC Credit Card Status via Air Waybill

Here is yet another offline method to track the HSBC credit card approval status.

Once the application gets approved and the card is dispatched, you get an airway bill number that can help you track the status of your card. If you have received the airway number, you can be assured that the credit card will come to you in no time.

Other Ways to Track HSBC Credit Card Status

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, you can also use the HSBC credit card toll-free helpline number to get acquainted with the credit card status. For this you would need to call the HSBC credit card customer care on 1800 267 3456 / 1800 121 2208 (within India) or +91 40 6126 8002 / +91 80 7189 8002 (overseas). After verifying your identity, the IVR or the executive will notify you about the card’s status. Do note that for all general credit card queries, such as for credit card application status, the bank representatives are available between 6:30 AM and 8:30 PM.

Understanding Your HSBC Credit Card Application Statuses

There is a lot more to your credit card application than a simple approval or rejection. Here is the status to watch out for:

  • In-Progress

If you get this status message on your computer or mobile screen, you can know that the bank is still evaluating the application against its eligibility parameters.

  • Approved

Once approval is given, it is only a matter of time until the HSBC credit card is dispatched to you.

  • Dispatched

This status reveals that your HSBC credit card is en route with a service provider. You should also receive a tracking number to locate the courier in real-time.

  • On-Hold

Although this status is rarely encountered, it might show up if the bank cannot access every aspect of your credit card application. In this case, a bank executive will call you for additional details.

  • Rejected

If for some reason the bank identifies you as a misfit, your credit card status might show up as rejected. Applications are usually rejected if you fail to meet a few important eligibility factors.

How to Increase the Chances of Getting an HSBC CC Approved?

You can get the credit card approved in no time by keeping the mentioned strategies in mind:

  • Always check your credit history before applying

  • Only consider applying for credit cards that are pre-approved by HSBC

  • Reduce overall debt

  • Lower credit utilisation

  • Have an account with the bank

Is it Possible to Reapply After Getting Rejected?

Yes, you can always reapply once the HSBC credit card application is rejected. However, you must be mindful of the following criteria:

  • Wait for a minimum of 3 months before reapplying

  • Work towards improving your credit score

  • Avoid initiating other credit-specific applications around the same time

Getting an HSBC credit card is quite exciting, owing to the deals and offers that come along. However, you shouldn’t apply unless the following queries are resolved at once.


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FAQs on HSBC Credit Card Status

How can I check my HSBC credit card status?

You can check the HSBC credit card status by tracking the package number. Simply head over to the website and authenticate yourself or connect with the customer care team to know your HSBC credit card status.

How long does it take to get an HSBC credit card approved?

It usually takes close to 10 days for the bank to determine eligibility and approve the credit card application after you meet each eligibility criterion.

How can I track HSBC bank card application status through customer care?

You can simply connect with an HSBC customer care representative by calling the toll-free number at 1800 267 3456 / 1800 121 2208 (within India) or +91 40 6126 8002 / +91 80 7189 8002 (overseas). However, you must use your registered mobile number for quick authentication.

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