RBL Bank Credit Card Statement

RBL Bank Credit Card Statement

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RBL Credit Card Statement

Credit cards had initially emerged as a premium payment method, but modern lifestyles have resulted in them evolving into the ideal tool that everybody needs to have. Credit cards enable consumers to purchase anything they require in the easiest and most convenient manner possible. With a credit card, you can buy things you may not be able to afford all at once. For your premium requirements, your credit card is the ideal tool of payment.

Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL) credit cards have long been established as the best in the market today for consumers looking for an easy way to make purchases and keep their financial affairs in order. From the time of payment to the RBL credit card statements, everything is available to customers without any hassles. 

Credit Card Statement

credit card statement is a summation of the financial activity that has been carried out via the credit card. It is a document shared with the credit card owner periodically, usually on a monthly basis, and includes details of the transactions that have occurred on the card as well as details such as the balance due, etc. 

RBL Bank Credit Card Statement

RBL card statements are issued to the cardholder on a periodic basis. It consists of details of all the transactions carried out by the card over the billing cycle. Composed of 1-2 sheets, it will also include details of the amount you have paid the previous month, the payments that are due for this month as well as the period of time within which that payment can be made. You can access your RBL Credit Card online statement, which allows you to view your RBL credit card statement online. 

If you have a co-branded credit card issued by RBL with Bajaj Finserv, you should also keep an eye out for the Bajaj credit card statement. The RBL credit card bill statement will clearly mention the date by which all dues need to be paid in order for you to continue using the card without any hassles. 

Benefits of RBL Credit Card Statement

There are several benefits to receiving a RBL bank credit card statement. Read on below to learn more about what they are.

  1. You can choose to access your RBL bank credit card statement online or have your RBL bank card statement sent to your home via post. The Bajaj Finserv credit card statement can also be downloaded off the website. Not only are you able to constantly keep an eye on your finances, but you can also save these statements for future reference. 

  2. The RBL bank credit card online statement, once downloaded, will allow you to analyse your financial habits and how finance charges are levied. The RBL bank credit card bill statement will show you in detail how much you are spending and how much is the interest that is being charged on your expenses and payments. This is important since after analysing the RBL card online statement, you can make an informed decision on the timeline that is available to you for repaying your dues. 

  3. Your RBL card statement online will be accessible to you free of cost. Even if you apply for a credit card monthly statement to be sent to you via post, it will be free. No charges will be levied on you to check your Bajaj Finance credit card statement either. 

  4. When you check the RBL credit card statement, you will be able to better understand your expenses, spending habits and as a result, be in a position to manage your personal finances better. 

  5. While RBL does send important messages via SMS regarding card activity, there is no better way to understand your spendings and dues than by choosing to view RBL credit card statements. Since you can view RBL credit card statements online, it is best to keep an eye on it and go through it at least once a month on a designated date.

How to Understand your RBL Credit Card Statement Better

Aside from the credit and debit transactions, your RBL credit card statement will have several details, some of which might be difficult to understand at first glance. Read on below to learn the common terms that are bound to be part of your RBL credit card statement.

  • Statement Period: 

This mentions the billing cycle that the statement is for, and thus, all the transactions made during that period will be part of the statement.

  • Interest-Free Period:

This is only applicable if you do not have any dues from the previous billing cycle. It mentions the grace period granted by your lender and is the period within which no interest is charged if you make your payment. Once this period has passed, an interest will be charged on your dues, making it all the more expensive. 

  • Due Date:

This is the date by when your lender expects you to pay off your dues.

  • Total Outstanding Amount:

This is the total amount due on your credit card. Paying this off at the earliest will ensure your credit score remains high.

  • Minimum Due Amount:

This is the amount you must compulsorily pay in order to keep using your card, even if you are unable to repay the entire due amount. 

How to Check RBL Credit Card Statement Online

Your RBL bank credit card e-statement can be accessed through your netbanking account. Your RBL credit card e-statement will be sent to you over mail if you have opted for it at the time of availing your card. From the website you can also choose to get your RBL credit card statement downloaded. If you choose to make the RBL card statement download, you will require your net banking User ID and password to access it. Through the mobile banking app, you can sign it with your 4-digit mPIN. 

How to Check RBL Credit Card Statement Offline

If you don’t want your RBL bank credit card statement online download, you can also choose to avail it through offline means. You can either visit the nearest branch or use the phone banking services. 

How to Switch to RBL Credit Card E-Statement

It’s best to avail the e-statement since it can be downloaded at any time and be accessible to you at all times. To be able to access the RBL credit card statement pdf, you simply need to send an SMS ‘GREEN’ to 5607011. All your future statements will be emailed to you.


  • ✔️How do I get my RBL Credit Card Statement?

    You can do this both online and offline. You can either log in to your netbanking account, or access mobile banking apps. Through offline means, you can either visit the nearest branch or avail the phone banking facilities.

  • ✔️How do I check my RBL Credit Card Balance?

    Your statement will contain your credit card balance, the minimum amount due and the date by which it is payable.

  • ✔️What is listed in the RBL Credit Card Statement?

    The RBL Credit Card Statement will include details on the payments made, the balance due, the billing cycle for all the mentioned transactions, the minimum amount due, the interest-free period and the interest that will be charged post that.