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Axis Bank has launched several gold programmes to ensure enhancement in the security and quality of metal during purchase. There are several attractive features of this scheme. Some of them include increased liquidity and high returns. Are you also looking forward to investing in this scheme? Check out some crucial details to maximise your benefits.

Axis Bank Gold Loan Details

By pledging your gold jewellery or gold coins as security, you can get an Axis Bank gold loan to address an urgent monetary demand. Existing Axis Bank customers as well as new borrowers can apply for a gold loan, which is one of the fastest ways to borrow money. You can get a gold loan from Axis Bank instantly at a low interest rate of 12.50%.

  • Fulfil urgent fund needs: The credit amount can be utilised to address immediate financial necessities such as higher education, marriage, medical emergencies, or other pressing financial obligations.

  • Sumptuous loan amount: Axis Bank gold loan amounts range from a minimum of Rs. 25,001 to a maximum of Rs. 25 Lakhs based on the quantity and current gold rate.

  • Flexibility in Repaying Period: The repaying period begins at three months and can last up to 36 months. You can select any tenure as per your convenience.

  • Axis Bank gold loan per gramme rate: The rate for an Axis Bank gold loan per gram will be decided when a borrower is applying for a credit.

  • Gold rates: Gold ornaments and coins will be used as security for a gold loan. The gold accessories that have been pledged are maintained in a safe and secure area.

  • Axis Bank Gold Loan Interest Rates: The Gold Loan Interest rate offered by Axis Bank starts at 12.50% per annum. The MCLR is solely responsible for determining Axis Bank gold lending rates.

Features and Benefits of the Scheme

The features of this scheme available are as follows: 

1. Axis Bank Gold Loan Features

  • Sumptuous loan amount: The loan amount ranges from Rs. 25001 to Rs. 20 lakhs, with a repayment period of 6 to 36 months.

  • Instant access to funds: Once the required KYC documents have been authorised and validated, you will receive an immediate release of the loan amount.

  • No need of co-applicant: A co-applicant is not required during the gold loan application process.

  • No foreclosure charges needed: Only if you have made regular payments can you foreclose the loan with no additional fees.

  • No extra charge for partial payments: You can make a partial payment of at least Rs. 10,000 and up to three payments. Furthermore, there are no fees associated with it.

2. Axis Bank Gold Loan Benefits

  • Availability of loyalty points: Once the gold loan has been disbursed, all Axis Bank account holders who have opted for the Gold Mohour plan will receive an instant 150 eDGE loyalty point bonus.

  • Easy calculation of interests: Simple interest is used to compute the interest rate. The loan is paid back in EMIs, and the interest is calculated using the simple interest technique. You can also use a Gold Loan EMI calculator to estimate the EMI beforehand.

  • Two options for loan repayment: You can pay the interest upfront and the balance as principal on the maturity date, or pay the interest in monthly instalments and the balance as principal on the maturity day.

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Interest Payment of the Scheme

The interest and associated charges are as follows:



Interest Rate

12.50% p.a. onwards

Processing Charges

1% of the loan amount

Valuation Fee

Rs. 500 + Applicable Taxes

Part-prepayment Charges


Penal Interest

2% p.m. on the overdue amount

Foreclosure Charges

  • If closed within 3 months: 2%

  • If closed between 3 and 6 months: 1%

  • If closed between 6 and 11 months: 0.50%

  • If closed after 11 months: Nil

Disclaimer: The data in the above table is subject to change. Please confirm the interest rates from the official website before proceeding.

Eligibility for the Gold Scheme

You should fulfil the following criteria to stand eligible for this scheme:

  • Your age should be between 18 and 75 years.

  • You must be an existing Axis Bank customer with either a savings or current account.

  • Should have the required quantity of gold ornaments to serve as collateral.

  • The gold standards should fulfil the criteria set by the bank.

Documents Required for the Gold Scheme

To complete the loan, you must supply the following documents:

  • Form A

  • PAN card

  • KYC documents like address documents

  • Income proof documents

  • Post disbursement documents

Gold Mohurs Scheme

Gold investment has shown to be the best option that never goes out of style and only increases in value over time. Gold has always been a sought-after metal due to its allure, beauty, malleability, and long-lasting qualities. Gold has also been considered fortunate, and it has been exchanged in large quantities during festivals and special events. Gold investment does not require extensive monitoring or maintenance. 

This makes it an excellent choice for people looking for a straightforward investment.

1. Features of Gold Mohurs

The features of gold mohurs are as follows:

  • You can buy Gold Mohurs from any of the 1400 Axis Bank locations across India as a buyer.

  • The purity of the gold is guaranteed, as is the country of manufacture - Switzerland.

  • The gold is 99.99% pure and comes in tamper-proof packaging with a 24 karat grade and Assay certification.

  • Mohurs are available in the following weights: 2|5|8|10|20|50|100 grammes.

  • On the 5 gram Gold Mohur, a picture of Goddess Laxmi is engraved.

2. Benefits of Gold Mohurs

The benefits of gold mohurs are as follows:

  • Because there are no maintenance costs associated with Gold Mohurs, the danger of losing money on your investment is minimal.

  • You do not need to keep track of your investment or restructure it.

  • You have the choice of liquid assets in the event of an emergency.

  • Because it is a one-time payment, the value of this method increases over time.

3. Gold Mohurs: Important Information

Here are some crucial information that you should know before purchasing gold mohurs:

  • The buyer must provide PAN card data in order to acquire Gold Mohurs of Rs.50,000 or more.

  • Applicants must be current Axis Bank clients to acquire Gold Mohurs. They can submit an application, and the transaction will be completed by debiting the customer's bank account.

  • The price of Gold Mohur is set by gold market rates and varies on a daily basis.

  • Axis Bank is unable to repurchase the Gold Mohur as the Reserve Bank of India forbids them for the same.

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Silver Mohurs

On critical occasions, silver has been utilised as a good luck charm. A new job, a promotion, marriages and anniversaries, buying a house or a car, the birth of a child, birthdays, graduations, Valentine's Day, and other occasions are all regarded as auspicious occasions for silver.

1. Silver Mohurs' Characteristics

The characteristics of silver mohurs are as follows:

  • Axis Bank sells Silver Mohurs that are imported from Switzerland.

  • With Assay certification, the silver is 99.99 percent pure and 24 karat.

  • The Silver Mohurs are packaged in special tamper-proof packaging.

  • The Mohurs have a Banyan tree design on them.

2. Silver Mohurs' Advantages

The advantages of silver mohurs are as follows:

  • Silver is seen as a good luck charm rather than an investment.

  • Silver is an excellent gift that anyone would appreciate receiving on a special occasion.

  • The Silver Mohurs can be readily purchased by debiting the price from an existing Axis Bank account at any Axis Bank branch.

3. Silver Mohurs: Important Information

Here are some crucial information that you should know before purchasing silver mohurs:

  • The buyer must provide PAN card data in order to purchase Silver Mohurs worth Rs.50,000 or more.

  • Applicants must be current Axis Bank clients to stand eligible for purchasing Silver Mohurs. They can submit an application, and the transaction will be completed by debiting the customer's bank account.

  • Silver Mohurs do not have a set price. The daily worldwide silver market rates govern it.

  • Axis Bank is unable to repurchase the Silver Mohur. The Reserve Bank of India forbids banks from buying back silver or gold.

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Axis Bank Loan Against Gold

As per this scheme, individuals can opt for credit against their gold ornaments. If you plan to take this type of secured loan, check out its features and benefits.

1. Features & Benefits of Axis Bank Loan Against Gold

The features of Axis Bank Loan Against Gold are as follows:

  • The borrowing amount available under this scheme is between Rs. 25,001 and Rs. 20 Lakhs. 

  • You can be sure about the safety of your precious ornaments in the Axis Bank vault.

  • You have the flexibility of selecting a tenure between 6 months and 36 months as per your convenience.

  • The bank offers the flexibility of foreclosing your credit without charging extra.

  • You will not require a co-applicant to apply for this credit.

  • Borrowers can get the loan amount on the day of completion of application of loan itself.

  • You will not pay additional charges for prepayment. However, you will have to prepay a minimum of Rs. 10,000. Also, you can only prepay up to three times.


The benefits of Axis Bank Loan Against Gold are as follows:

  • You can enjoy 150 EDGE Loyalty points after the credit amount is deposited to your account.

  • The banks calculate the interest using the simple interest formula.

  • You have the option of paying the principal on the maturity date and interest in easy instalments or paying the principal on the maturity date and paying the interest upfront.  

2. Interest Rates and Charges

The interest rates and charges are as follows



Interest rate

14.50% to 17.00% p.a.

Penalty interest

2% on overdue amount per month

Processing fee


Valuation Charges


Part Payment and Foreclosure charges


3. Documents Required for the Loan Against Gold Scheme

The documents required for the Loan Against Gold Scheme are as follows:

  • KYC documents of applicant

  • PAN card or Form 60

  • Optional Post Disbursement Documents 

  • Signature proof documents


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Frequently Asked Questions on Axis Bank Gold Scheme

Is it possible to get a loan on gold coins from Axis Bank?

Axis Bank does not offer loans secured by gold coins.

What is the meaning of a Gold Mohur?

Axis Bank's official gold scheme, Gold Mohur, is available only to Axis Bank customers. There are two types of Gold Mohurs: one for purchasing gold and the other for taking out loans.

Is a PAN required to purchase a Gold Mohur?

No, the PAN is only necessary if you acquire a Gold Mohur valued at Rs. 50000 or more.

What is the smallest partial payment that a Gold Mohur Scheme will accept?

You can make a minimum partial payment of Rs. 10000 and a maximum of three instalments.

What are eDGE loyalty points, and how can I get them?

Axis Bank account holders can earn eDGE Loyalty points, which are reward points that are only available to those who have an Axis Bank account. Once the gold loan has been disbursed, all Axis Bank account holders who have opted for the Gold Mohour plan will receive an instant 150 eDGE loyalty point bonus.

Can any person purchase the gold or silver mohurs offered by the bank?

No, it is mandatory for a person to be an existing customer of the bank to stand eligible for purchasing silver mohurs or gold from Axis Bank.

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