The E-way bill is a document introduced under the GST regime. This bill is generated before transporting or shipping goods worth more than INR 50,000 within state or interstate. A physical copy of the e-way invoice must be present with the transporter or the person in charge of the conveyance of goods. It should include information such as goods, recipient, consignor and transporter. The e-way bill was introduced nationwide on 1st April 2018. This bill portal can be used to eway bill generate (single and consolidated options), change vehicle number on an existing EWB, cancellation of generated EWBs.


Either of the two methods can be used to generate eway bills in EWB-01-

  • On the Web
  • Via SMS

How to Generate Eway Bill Through E-way Bill portal

Step 1: Login to eway bill portal, Enter your Username, password and Captcha code and Click on ‘Login’

Eway Bill Portal Homepage

Step 2: Click on ‘E-waybill’ option from ‘Generate New’ section in the dashboard.

Eway Bil Portal Dropdown Menu

Step 3: Next, enter details in the fields:

Transaction Type:

  • Select ‘Outward’ if you are the sender
  • Select ‘Inward’ if you are the receiver
  • Sub-type: Select the relevant sub-type applicable to you:

If transaction type selected is Outward, following subtypes appear:

 If you select the option ‘Inward’, you will find these subtypes:

Note: SKD/CKD stand for Semi knocked down condition/ Complete knocked down condition

  1. Document type: Select the type of the document. It can be Invoice / Bill/ challan/ credit note/ Bill of entry or others if not Listed
  2. Document No. : Enter the document/invoice number
  3. Document Date: Select the Invoice date or challan date

Note: Once submitted the system will not allow the user to enter the future date.

Enter the To / From section details whether you are a supplier or a recipient, 

Note: Enter ‘URP’ i.e. Unregistered Person’ in the GSTIN filed, if either of the supplier or receiver is unregistered.

Item Details: Fill in the details of the consignment (HSN code-wise) in this section:

  1. Product name
  2. Description
  3. HSN Code
  4. Quantity,
  5. Unit,
  6. Value/Taxable value
  7. Tax rates of CGST and SGST or IGST (in %)
  8. Tax rate of Cess, if any charged (in %)

Note: Once the eway bills are implemented, yours inputs can be automatically entered while you file GST return on the portal.

8) Transporter details: It is mandatory to enter the mode of transportation & the distance travelled.

Apart from above, Either of the details can be mentioned:

  1. Transporter name, transporter ID, transporter Doc. No. & Date. OR
  1. Vehicle number in which consignment is being transported.

Format: AB12AB1234 or AB12A1234 or AB121234 or ABC1234

Note: You need to update ‘My Master’ section first to proceed in case the products are used on regular basis.” The section is present on the dashboard itself.

Step 4: Click on ‘Submit’. The system validates data entered and throws up an error if any.

In case of no errors, your eway bill will be generated. It will have a 12-digit unique number.

Once the eway bill is generated it will look like this:

Generate Eway bill Image

Please take the print out of the bill and keep it handy during the transportation of goods.

How to Print Your Eway Bill On Eway Bill Portal

Step1:Click on ‘Print EWB’ sub-option under ‘e-Waybill’ option

Step2: Enter the relevant eway bill number -12 digit number and click on ‘Go’

Step3:Click on ‘Print’ or ‘detailed print’ button on the EWB that appears:

Who should Generate an eWay Bill?

  • Registered Individual:

 E-way bill is generated when the value of the movement of goods is more than Rs 50,000 to or from a Transporter. A Registered transporter may choose to create and carry the eway bill even if the value is below Rs 50,000.

  • Unregistered Individual:

Unregistered persons are required to e way bill generate. However, when an unregistered person makes a supply to a registered person, the receiver will have to ensure the fulfilment of compliances as if they were the supplier.

  • Transporters:

 Transporters carrying goods by road, air, rail, etc. are required to generate e-Way Bill if the supplier has not generated the same.

Requirements for eway bill generation

There are some prerequisites for eway bill generation. They are as follows:

  • Registration on the e-Way Bill portal

  • A physical copy of the Invoice/ Bill/ Challan related to the consignment of goods must be in hand.

  • For Roadway Transportation a Transporter ID or the Vehicle number is required

  • For Transportation by rail, air, or ship a Transporter ID, Transport document number, and date is to be mentioned on the document.

VAHAN-e-Way Bill Integration

In February 2020, the e-way bill portal got linked to the VAHAN system. A pilot run of the VAHAN-e-Way Bill began in the state of Karnataka. Now, the vehicle registration number will be validated when generating new e-way bills.

Blocking and Unblocking of E-way Bill

Taxpayers who have failed to file returns for the previous two consecutive months/quarters, then he/she will be blocked and not be able to generate e-way bills.

Only when a taxpayer files GSTR-3B, the e-way statements will get unblocked on the next day. The system of e-way bill blocking got implemented from the 2nd of December 2019.

An E-way bill is mandatory for businesses that deal in the movement of goods from one place to another. Hence business owners must know the importance of generating an eway bill for smooth operations. The same way at Finserv MARKETS, we understand businesses and their requirements. Download the Finserv MARKETS App to apply for a business loan of up to Rs 30 lakhs. You can get the required financial assistance wherein you don’t have to pledge any security. The loan application requires minimal documentation with quick approval and disbursal of loan.

Transaction Type:

  •  If you are the sender, select the option ‘Outward’
  •  If you are the receiver, select the option ‘Inward’

Sub-type: Select the relevant sub-type applicable to you:

 If you select the option ‘Outward’, you will find these subtypes:

FAQ’s on Eway Bill Generate

  • ✔️I am not getting OTP on my mobile, what should I do?

    Check whether the ‘Do Not Disturb (DND)’ facility is activated on your mobile, or the other reason may be that your service provider network is busy. You might also have received the OTP on your registered email-id.

  • ✔️How to generate e-way bills from Part-A Slip?

    The Part-A Slip contains the document details on the e-way bill system temporarily. Once the goods are ready to move from the business premises and transportation details are known, the user can enter the Part-B details and generate the e-way bill for movement of goods. Hence, entering of Part-B details converts the Part-A slip into an e-way bill.

  • ✔️How to generate the e-way bill from different registered places of business?

    A registered person can generate e-way bills from any registered place of business. However, the individual needs to enter the address accordingly in the e-way bill.

  • ✔️How does a taxpayer enter Part-A details and generate an e-way bill, when he is transporting goods himself?

    The E-way bill Portal expects the taxpayer to enter transporter ID or vehicle number. So if he/she wants to move the goods himself/herself, he can enter his/her GSTIN in the transporter Id field and generate Part-A Slip. This indicates to the system that he/she is a transporter and he/she can enter details in Part-B later when transportation details are available.

  • ✔️How to generate e-way bills for multiple invoices belonging to the same consignor and Consignee?

    Suppose the consignor has issued multiple invoices to the consignee for delivery of goods. In that case, numerous E-way bills shall be generated, i.e. One E-way bill shall be generated for each invoice. Keep in mind that one E-way bill cannot be generated for multiple invoices. However, once all the e way bills are generated, one consolidated waybill can be generated which will contain the details of all the way bills, provided the single-vehicle is used for transportation of all the goods.

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