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What are the Prerequisites for e-Way Bill Generation?

Here is a list of certain documents and credentials that you need to generate an e-Way bill. 

  • You must register on the e-Way bill portal

  • The invoices, bills, and challans related to the consignment

  • Transporter ID or the number of the vehicle in case the goods are being transported through roadways

  • The transporter ID, document number, and the date on the document if the goods are being moved with a train, aircraft, or ship

How to Generate e-Way Bill

Here is a step-by-step guide to e-Way bill generation:

  • Log in to the e-Way bill portal (

  • Enter your username, password, and captcha code and click on ‘Login’

  • Click on the ‘Generate New’ option from the ‘e-Waybill’ section in the dashboard

  • Under ‘Transaction Type’, select ‘Outward’ if you are the sender or ‘Inward’ if you are the receiver

  • Select ‘Inward’ as a transaction type; these will be your subtypes:

  1. Document Type: It can either be an invoice, a bill, a challan, a credit note, a bill of entry, or ‘Others’
  2. Document Number: Enter the document/invoice number
  3. Document Date: Enter the document date printed on the same

Note: Once the document details have been submitted, you cannot change them.

  • Enter your destination and origin details in the text boxes next to the words ‘To’ and ‘From’.


Note: Enter ‘URP’ i.e., 'Unregistered Person’ in the GSTIN filed if either the supplier or receiver is unregistered.

  • Fill in these details of the consignment (HSN code-wise) in the section that will follow:

  1. Name of the product

  2. Product description

  3. Harmonised System of Nomenclature (HSN) Code

  4. Quantity

  5. Unit

  6. Taxable value

  7. Applicable tax rates of CGST and SGST or IGST (To be expressed in %)

  8. Tax rate of Cess (if any) in percentage terms.

  • Enter the mode of transportation, and the distance travelled or any of the following details:

  1. Transporter name, transporter ID, transporter document number and date

  2. Vehicle number in which consignment is being transported

  • Fill in the Format: AB12AB1234 or AB12A1234 or AB121234 or ABC1234


Note: You need to update the ‘My Master’ section first to proceed in case the products are used regularly. The section is present on the dashboard itself.

  • Finally, click on the ‘Submit’ button


The system will then validate the data entered or show an error message if there is any. In case there are no errors, your e-way bill will be generated, which will have a 12-digit unique number.

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How to Generate Bulk e-Way Bills

You should have an EWB bulk converter or an MS Excel file to convert the multiple files of e-Way bills into one JSON file. Then, follow the below steps:

  • Go to ‘Generate Bulk’ under the ‘e-Waybill’ option

  • Select the file and the JSON and upload them on the e-Way bill portal to generate the bulk bill

  • The JSON file will be uploaded if the system finds no errors

How to Print Your e-Way Bill Through the e-Way Bill Portal

To print your e-Way bill, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to the official e-Way bill portal with your credentials 

  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Print EWB’ option under the ‘e-Waybill’ section

  • Step 3: Enter the relevant e-Way bill 12-digit number and click on ‘Go’

  • Step 4: You will be able to see your e-Way bill and an option to ‘Print’ or ‘Detailed Print’ buttons 

  • Step 5: Click on the option that suits you best

Blocking and Unblocking of e-Way Bill

If a taxpayer has not filed his or her returns for two consecutive tax periods in a row, their e-Way bill ID will be blocked. As a result of the same, they will not be able to generate new e-Way bills. 


The taxpayer’s ID will be unblocked only when a taxpayer files the GSTR-3B form. Then, all they will have to do is wait for 24 hours. You can learn more about e-Way Bill blocking and unblocking on Bajaj Markets.

FAQs on e-Way Bill

No, you cannot generate an e-Way bill without a valid transport ID or vehicle number.

You cannot generate a backdated e-Way bill. While the dates of tax invoice generation and the e-Way bill generation can be different, the e-Way bills always have to be present-dated.

No, you cannot club multiple invoices for one e-Way bill. However, you can generate one consolidated E-Way bill if all the goods are being transported through a single vehicle.

Although recommended, the transporter doesn't need to carry a printout of the E-way bill, as you can also carry these documents digitally. If the tax invoice mentions the e-Way bill number, that would be sufficient.

You do not require an e-way bill when you supply goods from a customs port/air cargo complex to an inland container depot or freight station. You also don’t need this bill for a distance less than 10 km or through a non-motorized conveyance.

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