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Under the Section 68 of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act, the government has made the issuance of e-way bills for the purpose of transporting goods mandatory. As per the mandate, the person who is in charge of the conveyance which is carrying a consignment worth over ₹50,000 must generate an e-way bill through the common GST Portal.


Large-sized business houses and/or logistic operators have several consignments moving all across the country on any given day. This has created the need for a simple, time-saving system through which they can generate or update vehicle details across all of the required e-way bills through a single file upload.


This can be made possible with the help of the eway bill bulk generation facility, which can be found on the e-way bills portal. A bulk eway bill generation option is used when an individual needs to generate and seamlessly update several such eway bills in a single shot. Through this article, we will cover the prescribed number of ways in which one can achieve the tasks mentioned above in depth.

Prerequisites of Bulk E way Bill Generation

In order to generate eway bills in bulk, one must ensure that they have taken care of a handful of prerequisites required. They are as follows:

  • Eway Bill registration on GST and E-Way Bill portal is mandatory for the person responsible for generating the e-way bill.

  • Documents such as invoices/bills/challans must be available with the transporter at all times.

  • A transporter ID or the registration number pertaining to the vehicle will also be required for generating an e-way bill.

  • The EWB JSON ( JavaScript Object Notation) template, which is also known as the EWB bulk converter excel template must also be periodically updated.

  • To generate eway bills in a consolidated manner, one must have e-way bill numbers of each and every individual consignment that needs to be transported.


Before we jump onto the actual method of generating eway bills in bulk, the individual must ensure that they have downloaded the relevant Excel files (.xslx) from the Eway bill portal. These Excel files, which have two variations, will help the individual collate the data pertaining to multiple Eway bills and upload them in one go on to the portal. The two different methods involving both of those types of Excel files, which are also known as bulk Eway bill generation templates, can be found below.

How To Prepare the Data Using Templates for Bulk E-Way Bill Generation?

Essentially, the templates which can be downloaded through the eway bill login portal help the user perform two critical and specific functions. Those two functions are:

  1. Bulk-generation of Eway Bills

  2. Bulk updation of vehicle details


In order to bulk-generate eway bills, one can use either of the two methods that have been mentioned below of preparing the required data file which then needs to be uploaded on the portal:

Data Preparation Methods for the Bulk Generation of Eway Bills

Method 1

  • Step 1: Through the online portal, one must download the JSON template which will become accessible after the user clicks on “e-way bill JSON format”/“Consolidated e-way bill JSON format”.
  • Step 2: Then, fill in the required details in the file which has been downloaded. Now, the file in question is ready to be uploaded on the portal.


How to Use Bulk Generation Facility on the E-way Bill Portal


How to Use Bulk Generation Facility on the E-way Bill Portal

Method 2

  • Step 1: Through the portal, download the excel template that can be found under “e-way bill JSON format.xlsx”/“Consolidated e-way bill JSON format.xlsx”.
  • Step 2: Post that, the user must download the converter tool that goes by the name of “e-way bill converter tool.xlsm” or “Consolidated e-way bill converter tool.xlsm”. This will convert the data pertaining to numerous e-way bills saved on the excel file into a single JSON file.
  • Step 3: Then, initiate the second part of the process by filling in the requisite details in the Excel (.xlsx) file.
  • Step 4: Lastly, use the .xlsm converter tool and convert the excel file into a JSON file. The JSON file is now ready for upload.

Which Among the Two Methods is Most Preferable?

The second method, in which the bulk converter tool is used to convert such excel files into a JSON template is considered to be the ideal option for uploading the data file on the portal. The reason behind the same is that the validation process takes place as and when the updated files are being converted from the excel template into the JSON template. So, in the event that any error arises, the user will be notified of the corrections before uploading the JSON file.

For Bulk Updation of Vehicle No./Other Vehicle Details

In order to download the Excel template which will have to be used for the bulk updation of vehicle numbers and other details, the following method will have to be adhered to:

  • Step 1: To update the vehicle numbers in bulk, select the ‘How to use’ option from the home page tab.
  • Step 2: Then, from the option that reads ‘Bulk Generation Tools’, the user will need to download the ‘Vehicle No. Updation JSON Preparation’ template.
  • Step 3: Once you’ve downloaded the template, fill in the details and validate the file by clicking on the ‘Validate’ button.
  • Step 4: After the validation of errors, the user will need to click on ‘Prepare JSON’. The JSON file in question will then become ready for upload.

Steps to Upload the Filled-in Template on the Portal?

For the purpose of bulk-generation of eway bills and uploading the filled-in template on the portal, the following steps will have to be adhered to:

Steps to Upload Filled-in Template for Bulk Eway Bill Generation

  • Step 1: Firstly, one must log in to the e-way bill portal with their username, password and the case-sensitive captcha code.

How to Use Bulk Generation Facility on the E-way Bill Portal

  • Step 2: Then, the user will be able to see two options, namely ‘Generate bulk’ under ‘e-waybill’ option and ‘Consolidated EWB’. One can go with the option that they seem most comfortable with.

How to Use Bulk Generation Facility on the E-way Bill Portal

Or, alternatively:

How to Use Bulk Generation Facility on the E-way Bill Portal

  • Step 3: Then, select the saved JSON file and then click on ‘Upload and Generate’.

How to Use Bulk Generation Facility on the E-way Bill Portal

  • Step 4: The system will then generate EWBs in the form of a list where one can copy the listed e-way bill numbers and the date of generation and keep this information saved on their system.

How to Use Bulk Generation Facility on the E-way Bill Portal

Note: In the event that the user finds any errors against an eway bill entry, they will be required to correct them and process it again.


We will now take a look at the ways in which one can upload the prepared data files on the eway bill portal for the purpose of updating vehicle numbers in bulk. 

Steps to Upload Filled-in Template for Vehicle Details in Bulk

One must follow the steps mentioned below in order to update the vehicle details in bulk with the prepared data:

  • Step 1: Under the ‘e-way bill’ option, one will find and must select the link that reads ‘Update Vehicle-Bulk’.

How to Use Bulk Generation Facility on the E-way Bill Portal

  • Step 2: Then, click on’ Choose File’ and then upload the JSON file in order to proceed.

How to Use Bulk Generation Facility on the E-way Bill Portal

  • Step 3: Then, click on the ‘Generate’ button in order to update the details pertaining to the vehicles in bulk for the e-way bills.

Steps to Download the EWB Excel File/Eway Bill JSON Template/EWB Bulk Converter Tool/Vehicle No Updation JSON Preparation

  • Step 1: Once the user has helped themselves to the official e-way bill portal, they must go to the ‘How To Use’ section on the home page. Then, they must select ‘Tools’, and then click on the ‘Bulk generation tools’ option.

How to Use Bulk Generation Facility on the E-way Bill Portal

  • Step 2: Then, the user will be able to see a list of formats that are ready to be downloaded. Then, they must select the desired file/format to download.

How to Use Bulk Generation Facility on the E-way Bill Portal

The concept of the online e-way bill under GST was to abolish the Border Commercial Tax Post to avoid tax evasion in India. Hence, it is crucial to know every aspect related to the e-way bill system under GST. The E-Way bill system is important for both the government as well as the business industry. Modern-day businesses are complex, complicated and maze-like structures. The latest developments in technology have created more challenges for a business owner, and simultaneously made some of the associated processes simpler. You can learn more about the concept of eway bills here on Bajaj Markets, one of India’s most trusted financial product online aggregator portals.

Bulk E-Way Bill Generation FAQs

How to print an e-way bill in bulk?

To print a bulk e-way bill the user has to log in to the online portal and click on 'Generate Bulk' option in the 'Consolidated EWB' menu. On clicking the 'Choose file' button, the system will request to select the JSON file. Here, you can upload the consolidated EWB request file.

What is a bulk generation facility for the e-way bill?

The bulk generation facility in the e-way bill is used to generate multiple e-way bills/ consolidated e-way bills/update multiple e-way bills by a single upload.

How to generate e-way bill from a different registered place of business?

A registered individual can generate e-way bill from any registered place of business. The individual needs to enter the address at the time of generating the e-way bill.

How to track the e-way bill on the GST portal?

The following are the steps to track your e-way bill on the GST portal

  • Log in with your user id and password on the online e-way bill portal

  • On the left side of the page in the blue panel select “Reports” and click on “Generated by others” after selecting the “Other EWB Reports”

  • Now, select the date.

  • Click on “Go”, and your e-way bill on the GST portal will be created.

Can we generate two e-way bills for a single invoice?

No, as per the current e-way bill system, multiple invoices/delivery challans will be considered as one consignment. Hence, for each invoice, only one e-way bill has to be generated.

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