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Project Completion Certificate

A Project Completion Certificate is a legal document that a builder needs to obtain after the completion of the construction work. This certificate declares that a housing project has been developed as per the initially prescribed plan and by abiding by all the applicable legislations.

Officials from the municipal body or any other state-government authority pay a physical visit and inspect the project before issuing a completion certificate. In case of non-compliance with the applicable construction by-laws and standards of safety, the authorities may impose hefty fines on the builder. 

Importance of Project Completion Certificate

If you are looking to purchase a home, a very crucial prerequisite is being aware of certain documents required by law. And the primary document is the completion certificate. 

But what makes this document so essential to a homeowner? Let’s understand more about the importance of this document here:

1. Contains All the Details Needed

Acquiring the certificate is a must as it includes all the key details related to the property and its construction.

2. Mandatory for Availing Utility Services

This document is also mandatorily required if you wish to get a connection for any utility service, like a gas cylinder, telephone, or electricity.

3. Proves Compliance with Construction By-Laws and Safety Procedures

Primarily, a completion certificate is a legal document that declares that a builder has followed all construction-related rules and safety measures during the construction. 

Officials from the concerned department physically visit and inspect the project to check if builders have complied with these rules and regulations.   

4. Essential to Apply for a Housing Loan 

In case you wish to apply for a housing loan by pledging your house as collateral, you would need a completion certificate for a home loan. Without a completion certificate, lenders do not accept a housing property as collateral.

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Documents Required for Completion Certificate

In order to get a completion certificate, you will be required to furnish copies of certain paperwork:

  • Lease deed or sale deed

  • Construction layout, its approval document, and the permission letter 

  • Latest receipt of the tax paid

  • Electricity cable and road-cutting charge receipts

  • Borewell permission fees receipt

  • Underground Drainage (UGD) connection charges receipt

Who Gives the Completion Certificate?

As per the rules, the developer or owner of a project needs to request a completion certificate from the local body authorities. 

The officials from the concerned department will visit the project site and examine if all the laws are followed in constructing the building. Upon satisfactory results, the officials issue a completion certificate. 

How To Obtain a Project Completion Certificate?

The primary responsibility to acquire a project completion certificate lies with the builder. However, homebuyers can also request a completion certificate from the municipal body office. 

While taking possession of the property, it is strictly advised not to do so without a possession certificate. If you purchase a property without this certificate, you could be breaking the law and can be charged a penalty for non-possession of the document.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Project Completion Certificate

You may be wondering how long it would actually take to acquire a Project Completion Certificate, as it sounds like a tedious process. But in reality, the process is quite straightforward. 

On submitting the application to the concerned local authorities, the executives will then be required to closely examine the property. They will make sure that all the rules and regulations have been respected. 

If the officials are convinced that the property is constructed within the set boundaries and procedures, they will sign and stamp the certificate and issue it within three to four weeks of the examination.

Details Provided in the Completion Certificate

A completion certificate contains some crucial details relating to the property, that include:

  • Land identification document

  • Location

  • Details about the builder or the property developer,

  • Particulars about the material used in the construction and its quality

  • Height of the building

Completion Certificate Format

Here is a sample format of a project completion certificate for your reference and understanding:


Reference No.

Owner’s Name:


Submitted on:

Received on:

To ……………………………………………… ………………………………………………


The building/s has/have been constructed according to the sanctioned plan.

The building/s has / have been constructed as per:

*The detailed structural drawings and structural specifications prepared by the Structural Engineer on Record

*The detailed Architectural drawings and Architectural specifications prepared by the Architect on Record.

*Detailed drawings and specifications of all services

All materials used in the construction have been tested as provided in specifications and a record of test reports has been kept.

Signature of the Owner

Signature of Construction Engineer on Record


Name in block letters: _____________________________ 

Name in block letters _________________________

Address: ______________________

Address ___________________

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Purchasing a home is a dream for many. However, you must note that when it comes to buying and selling a property, you must follow the due process. This means that you must necessarily obtain the project completion certificate. 

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FAQs for Completion Certificate

Who will issue the completion certificate to a contractor?

The contractor or builder is required to obtain the completion certificate on completion of the building project. 

In order to get a building permit, the builders need to apply to the local civic body, such as the Municipal Corporation or local development authority. Officials from these authorities issue the completion certificate to the contractor after a thorough evaluation of the building.

Is a completion certificate mandatory for a home loan?

Yes, a completion certificate for a housing loan is mandatory because lenders allow you to pledge a housing property only if you possess this document.

What happens if you don't get a completion certificate?

If you move into your home without a legal completion certificate, you might be penalised by municipal authorities on charges of violation. 

In addition, municipal authorities may issue eviction notices if they discover that your building is illegal or does not possess a completion certificate.

Can you get a copy of a completion certificate?

It is absolutely essential that you obtain a copy of a completion certificate while buying a home or moving into a new home from the developer.

Do you have to pay for a completion certificate?

While applying for a completion certificate, the builder is required to pay a certain amount as a security deposit. The amount is refunded if there is no violation of the standard. Security deposits, however, cannot be refunded if there is a deviation from the plan.

Can I sell a house without a completion certificate?

No, selling a house without a completion certificate is illegal.

How can a legal expert help you with a completion certificate?

Since the completion certificate is a legal document, it contains legal jargon that is difficult for a layman to understand. You can take help from a legal expert to better understand the details of this document.

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