Conversion Certificate

Conversion Certificate

Know All about Conversion Certificate

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It is the dream of many to not just own a home, but to get an opportunity to build their own homes as per their taste, style, and preferences. The process of building your own home, however, takes not just effort but also know-how, such as knowing what documents go into making it a possibility. One such essential document that might be required if you hope to build your own home on agricultural land is the conversion certificate.

Here’s what you need to know about conversion certificates as well as the documents and process by which you can procure one by contacting the concerned authorities.

What is a Conversion Certificate?

A conversion certificate is a document that quite simply grants the approval for land conversion. For context, land conversion refers to the process by which agricultural land is converted to non-agricultural land for the purpose of construction, such as to build a house.
The document of conversion certificate is a vital one since, by law, a piece of agricultural land cannot be converted to or used for residential or other purposes without express permission from specific authorities.

The process of procuring a conversion certificate can vary across the states in the country. In some states, the process of land conversion can be known by a different term - namely, the DC conversion, referring to the title of ‘Deputy Commissioner’ who is responsible for granting the approval.

What are the Documents Required for a Conversion Certificate?

If you are looking to procure a conversion certificate in order to start the construction of your house, there are a few documents that would be useful to keep handy. Here are a few documents that are typically required to get a conversion certificate:

  • Title deed of the property

  • Mutation letter of the property

  • Original sale deed of the property

  • Registration certificate of the property

  • No Objection Certificate, or NOC, from the concerned authorities

  • Copies of land map

  • Copies of land records

  • Copies of building plan and site plan

  • Receipts of latest tax payments

  • Zonal certificate from the Urban Development Authority

  • Certified copy of Form 10 as proof for occupancy rights

  • Certified copy of Survey Map

  • Certified copy of Land Tribunal Order

How Do You Get a Conversion Certificate?

As mentioned before, the procedure for conversion certificate can vary from state to state. However, there are a few processes that tend to be common across the board. Here are a few common steps required to procure a conversion certificate:

  • Seeking Approval from Authorities: 

For this step, you will be required to send an application for land conversion approval to the concerned authority (which could be the Deputy Commissioner or the Collector) with the aforementioned documents.

  • Getting Verified by the Concerned Authorities: 

After the submission of the application, the details of this application will be verified by a site officer. The officer will inspect whether the site is vacant, whether it is in dispute as well as various other features such as the presence of any existing structures or high-intensity electricity lines. Based on this part of the process, your application may or may not get approved.

  • Checking for Objections: 

Next, a sub-divisional officer or collector will inspect the master plan of the property with the concerned Planning and Development Authority. He will also check to see if there are any land-related objections such as the height or overall expanse of the property exceeding the given limit, and report the same to the concerned authorities.

  • Final Approval:

Upon the completion of the steps above, the Change of Land Use, or CLU application will get approved. You will then be required to pay the applicable charges. Moreover, you will be required to inform the Tehsildar about the land conversion within 30 days so that the necessary changes can reflect in your land record details.


With the conversion certificate, the dream of building your very own home can be one monumental step closer. Make sure to keep the documents required for the process handy for the application, and exercise patience as the process takes time. However, it is important to note that the conversion certificate is, after all, just one part of the process of constructing your home.

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