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With the self-attested photocopies of the aforementioned documents, you can proceed with the Aadhaar card Mudra loan application process. Here are the steps that must be followed for the offline Mudra loan application with Aadhaar card.

  1. Find the nearest bank/financial institution that dispenses Mudra loans: Only a select group of banks and financial institutions are authorised to give Mudra loans. Find an authorised banks/financial institution that will grant you the same.

  2. Fill the Mudra loan application form: Ask for the Mudra loan application form and make sure that you fill the form properly and in the prescribed manner. After filling the form, all the necessary paper documents, especially the Aadhaar card, will have to be attached and submitted to the bank/financial company.

  3. Keep track of your Mudra loan application status: Post the submission of the Aadhaar card Mudra loan form, you can stay in touch with the lender to check the status of your Mudra loan. You will be assigned identification credentials that you can use to check the status of your Mudra loan.


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